Road Trip in South Korea: From Seoul to Busan

Asia is an amazing place for exploration and South Korea is no different. What is the best way to see some of this country's attractions? Go on a road trip in South Korea. Read this post now!

Visiting South Korea at least once in your life is a must – the rich and unique variety of culture, history, cities, and nature views are undoubtedly unique and fascinating. One of the best ways to see as much as possible while visiting is a road trip through the country. A common route people choose is Seoul to Busan, as it covers the South East to the North West of South Korea.

However, as easy as it sounds, jumping in the car and driving away to explore is not exactly the only thing you need to do. There are some necessary preparations and things to be aware of before heading on this unforgettable journey. Here are some of the main things to remember before going on a road trip to South Korea: 

Road Trip in South Korea: Preparations for the road trip

Gyeongbokgung Palace Seoul Korea
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Health and safety 

Before going to any faraway country, it is important to make sure there is nothing to know in terms of health and well-being. There is a recommended vaccine for travelers to South Korea, as you might come across some contaminated food or water in smaller villages. In addition, bringing your necessary medications is essential, as you might not be able to purchase what you need when you arrive. 

Getting a visa

For many travelers, a visa for Korea is a must. Starting early with visa preparations may be a good idea, as it might take up more time than expected or something could go wrong at the last minute. Besides the visa, make sure all your documents are not expired throughout the whole time of visiting and that you have at least six months left on your passport.

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Research the country

Many people might easily overlook this step as we think that the visit will teach us about the culture. Although that is true, researching the primary information about South Korean culture and mentality is important before even entering the country. Different countries have different understandings of politeness, and normal public behavior, which is why knowing them will prevent the embarrassing situation of being rude in the eyes of Koreans. 

Plan your journey well

Leaving some room for spontaneous decisions is what makes the vacation even more memorable and adventurous. However, planning out a basis of which roads you will take and which cities you will visit on the way Seoul to Busan is recommended, so you’re not wasting time or getting lost. There may be some toll gates on your way that will ask you for some documents, or you might get unexpected fees in one of the roads.

In addition to that, by planning out your journey, you can make sure that there will be time to visit everything you want, and you will not run out of time. As a bonus, more often than not, booking tourist attractions online and ahead of time is cheaper, which will save you valuable money and time on vacation.

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Ready for the road trip 

After getting all the necessary preparations done the only thing left to do is get on the road and explore the country. There are countless beautiful cities to visit on the way from Seoul to Busan, such as Daejeon, Gyeongju, Woraksan, Suanbo, and many more. Each of them will provide a unique city culture, architecture, street food, and breathtaking views.


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  1. Thank you for warning us about how to behave in Korea, it would be very good if you made a basic guide not to seem rude, good guide!


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