Top 14 Things to do in Bohol, Philippines


Looking into visiting the Philippines and explore its vast islands and epic sceneries? Check out this post about the top things to do in Bohol and find out what amazing things it have to offer!

Ah, summertime is on our doorsteps again. It’s time to leave the super thick jackets and hit the beaches with your favorite bikinis on! Moreover, if we’re talking about summer, Bohol, the Philippines is the right choice for you.

Among the 7, 641 islands in the Philippines, Bohol claims the 10th spot in the largest islands while holding a treasure of 75 more islets to cover in your Bohol travel. We’re not just talking about the beaches and beyond the water adventures- there is ziplining, river cruising, cave exploring, waterfall climbing, paddle boarding, and even soul searching! Just kidding about the last words.

But certainly, there are loads of places to visit in Bohol Whether you’re looking for a laid-back or thrilling experience and from exploring the greens of the forest and sanctuaries, beating the blues underwater, trekking while being sun-kissed, to filling not just your eyes with the scenic Bohol points of interest but also your stomach with scrumptious delicacies such as the sweet calamay, buttery bibingkas, crispy hill chocolate, and even the love-filled peanut kisses!

It can even drag you back to the past, allowing you to witness its amusing history from before the colonization of the Spaniards to the coming of the US troops during the Second World War.

So, if you’re planning to hop on a plane and go to Bohol, allow us to help you scratch that itchy feet with our top 14 things to do in Bohol.

Experiences and top things to do in Bohol

Chocolate Hills Bohol

Catch a glimpse of the Chocolate Hills

Whenever Bohol slides in a travel advertisement, Chocolate Hills is its sweetest attraction calling in tourists as if they were kids rushing towards an ice-cream parlor.

With more than 1,300 hills sprinkled over the place, it has become a must-visit Bohol destination that even nth time visitors would never dare to snub this captivating sight and this is one of the best things to do in Bohol.

Chocolate Hills is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the country’s 3rd official National Geographic Monument. No wonder tourists flock to this Bohol attraction to personally witness its unwavering beauty.

Just a friendly tip: if you wish to see the hills as brown as chocolates, be sure to drop by during summer- and don’t forget to bring your sunnies with you!

Blood Compact Monument Tagbilaran Bohol

Witness the old times at the Blood Compact Monument

Located at Tagbilaran City, Bohol, the Blood Compact Monument commemorates the long history between Spaniards and the Filipinos. Locals refer to this scene as the “Sanduguan” where Datu Sikatuna made a blood compact with Miguel Lopez de Legazpi to mark the start of an amicable relationship for the two different nations.

Aside from being sculpted by Napoleon Abueva, a Philippine National Artist, the monument is also available 24/7 to all visitors without any fees.

Once you get there, recharge yourself with current knowledge by reading through the historical marker. You can also go shopping around the Blood Compact Monument where lots of souvenir shops define the road.

Chocolate Hills Baclayon Church Baclayon Bohol

Pay homage to Baclayon Church

Known as the heart of Catholicism in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is home to a hundred years old churches. Luckily, Bohol has one of its oldest yet finest stone churches- the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church in a small town in Baclayon.

Built back in 1717 by approximately 200 forced workers, the construction now functions not only as a church but also a museum preserving religious relics and statues. Although you can freely roam around the church, you’ll be required to pay a minimal fee should you wish to enter the museum.

Philippine Tarsier Bohol

Engage in a staring competition with Philippine Tarsiers

Are you in search of something unique in Bohol? This tiny little creature has come to save you! With their small physique and frog-like fingers, how could you resist them? The moment you notice them hanging around those trees, trying to play hide and seek behind those leaves, there’s no turning back- you’ll never get your eyes off of them.

You can meet them at the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Conservatory. However, don’t get too excited! Follow the rules all the time so you wouldn’t stress these little fellas.

Put in mind that they’re endangered species so extra measures should always be carried upon, let alone their massive contribution to Bohol tourism. To get there, rent a motorcycle or take the bus heading to Corella.

Loboc River Carmen Bohol

Have a feast while on a river cruise at Loboc River

If you don’t want to miss a single Bohol tourist attraction, yet you also want to try out all possible local cuisines at the same time, you might fancy dining under a native house with the thatched roof while cruising down Loboc River.

There will also be locals wearing traditional clothing who will serenade you with some Filipino songs. The combination of their sweet voice, delicious food, and lush surrounding create a tranquil atmosphere that you’ll never wish to get off of the boat.

Paddle boarding at Loboc River Bohol

Go paddleboarding at Loboc River

Wondering what to do in Bohol after dining while on a river cruise at Loboc River? Hit the paddleboards up! Because in Bohol, you can navigate your river journey with a paddleboard.

If you’re a fearless traveler, grab this chance to appreciate nature’s beauty and traverse the river as you paddle your way through it. And this is one of the best things to do in Bohol that you will find it more exciting.

Does paddleboarding in a river shake your feet? Fret not. There are tour agencies servicing tourists so they can hop onto their boards successfully.

Here’s a quick tip for you: although paddleboarding, while the sun is up, will let you cherish the greens surrounding you, some tourists prefer paddleboarding at night as fireflies appear to guide their way and the moon gleams over the serenity of the river.

Bilar manmade Forest bohol

Stroll in a man-made forest at Bilar

Nestled in a two-kilometer town in Bilar, the enchanting forest of Mahogany trees sways the heart of every traveler. What makes this mahogany forest exceptional is the fact that it didn’t just sprout in the forest naturally- students from the Holy Name University planted these mahogany trees several years ago. You can meander around the forest by foot or rent a motorbike if you want to add thrill to your adventure.

Don’t worry about locating these mahogany trees! It’s a known tourist destination in Bohol. That’s why you can easily seek assistance, should there be any problem with your Bohol travel.

butterfly sanctuary bohol

Appreciate diversity in the butterfly sanctuary

With those proximities to other Bohol tourist spots such as the man-made forest in Bilar and the Chocolate Hills, the Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory is another go-to among your places to visit in Bohol which will quench your thirst for nature’s beauty.

Although the name hails the diversity of butterflies within the area, there’s a lot more you can explore in the sanctuary. You can also freshen yourself up with flowers, birds, caterpillars, spiders, and centipedes. Since the tour would only take around 30 minutes, it’s a piece of cake to add this to your Bohol itinerary.

Take a snap at the Coral Garden

Back in 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake left Bohol devastated. Churches were crumbling down to pieces, roads splitting apart, no tourist coming by- it wasn’t the sight you’ll wish to see.

Although the calamity brought havoc to Bohol, that even locals were asking themselves where to go in Bohol, it brings new hope for the tourism in Bohol- the Coral Garden. It’s a 137-hectare coastal area in Loon, Bohol which was lifted by the earthquake.

Although it’s called the “Coral Garden” doesn’t mean it’s covered with corals. Instead, the latest Bohol destination is blanketed with a red-orange plant, which is said to be a part of the Aizoaceae family.

Since then, the Coral Garden has become the hottest, a growing tourist attraction in Bohol. Better bring your drones with you! Photos captured from above captures vibrant moments at its best.

Lay your eyes on Cebu from Sagbayan Peak

Wondering what to see in Bohol? Sagbayan Peak has it all for you. Sitting atop of the whimsical town of Sagbayan, Sagbayan Peak is a recreation center and mountain resort which offers spectacular scenery of the Chocolate Hills, the Bohol Sea, and the Cebu Island- all at the same time. While the view itself is enough to satisfy your travel bug, Sagbayan Peak holds more aside from Bohol sightseeing. It has full-size cartoon figures, butterfly dome, zip line, and restaurant.

To get there, you can take the bus going to Sagbayan. Then, take a motorcycle going to the resort entrance. Also, you’ll be required to pay a minimal entrance fee.

Bamboo Hanging Bridge Bohol

Cross the magnificent Bohol Bamboo Hanging Bridge

Set above the Loboc River, the Bohol Hanging Bridge is a 40m bridge roughly made of steel wires and of course, bamboos. Initially, the locals built the bridge so they can easily reach the other side. However, as time passes by, it gained attraction from local and foreign tourists alike.

Several thrill-seeking travelers reach out for this bridge because its shaky, making travelers hold on tightly to the rails. While for some, the sight of the lush greens of the river is more than enough to sway their minds and add this wobbly bridge to their places to go in Bohol. The bamboo bridge earned its spot at CNN’s top 13 “Most Spectacular Foot Bridges” around the world back in 2014.

If you’re coming in large groups, bear in mind that they only allow up to 10 people to cross the bridge- for safety measures.

Tawala Panglao Bohol

Take a refreshing dip at Panglao

Situated on the northern Bohol Sea, Panglao Island is a laid-back island sprinkled with refined white sand you can easily reach for your beach getaway. It was renowned as one of the best beaches in Bohol- both by the locals and travelers who have visited the island.

Getting into Bohol beaches can sometimes be rough. However, you can reach the shores of Panglao with a short bridge. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a paradise- sip on a cocktail of your choice, get a massage, and indulge in seafood dishes. Dive centers are also available if you wish to get an underwater experience of Bohol. Never agonize where to stay in Bohol! There are lots of accommodation you can choose from in Panglao depending on your preference.

Balicasag Marine Sanctuary in Balicasag Bohol

Go snorkeling at Balicasag Island

Even though Panglao Island boasts with its pure white sand beach, Balicasag is your go-to destination to witness the rich marine life in Bohol. It houses plenty of snorkeling and diving spots. You can meet sea turtles, colorful fishes, barracudas, coral species, and eels that will add color to your Bohol staycation.

To get there, ride a tricycle or van from Tagbilaran going to Alona Beach. Afterward, take a motorized boat heading to the island of Balicasag. Don’t get worked up if you don’t have any underwater gear with you. There are lots of rental shops around. You can rent snorkeling gears and even an underwater camera- they have it all for you.

Enjoy the sea of clouds in Danao

Because of the splendid scenery of sea of clouds, Danao’s mountains are another to-die-for getaway destination for everyone. It’s a natural phenomenon where the clouds envelop the upper portion of the mountain- which is available for you to trek.

Since it occurs naturally, you should make the adjustments and beat the sun from rising as the clouds get thinner the later it gets.

Take note of the weather as well since typhoons scare the clouds and you won’t get to see why this has become of one of the most sought-after places to visit in Bohol. Never forget to take some snaps and be your wanderer above the sea of clouds!

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