Top 9 BEST Things to do in Skagen (Denmark)


Looking for things to do in Skagen? Read further to learn more about the top attractions and activities you can do in this lovely Danish town!

Skagen is the port town located at the northernmost of the Jutland peninsula in Denmark. It is an ideal destination to escape mundane life and go for Skagen sightseeing. It is located in the region where Kattegat and Skagerrak Seas meet. Skagen is a tourist town in Denmark, which is well known across the world.

The sun shines in Skagen for more hours than any other place in Denmark. It combines stunning scenery and unique light with plenty of sandy and white beaches for added ambiance towards the town.

Skagen is a bit small town as compared to other European cities. Both scope and quality of experience are very impressive in Skagen landmarks. You can find a range of cafes, bistros, and restaurants with a lot of things to see in Skagen.

No matter when you visit, there is almost something going on somewhere. The town is full of life and has plenty of things to do in Skagen.


Top 9 BEST Things to do in Skagen ( Denmark)

Things to do in Skagen: Skagens Museum

Explore the Skagens Museum

Learning history from Skagen Museum is one of the best things to do in Skagen. This beautiful art gallery presents the unmatched exhibits produced from 1870 to 1930 in Skagen. It is an amazing tourist attraction in Skagen for art lovers, Artists discovered luminous light of Skagen and its heath-and-dune wind-blasting landmark in the middle of 19th century.

It is fixed on the serene imagery of the fishing life of the area, which has earned a hard-living for the people for centuries. They have built a peaceful figurative painting, which became world-renowned as ‘Skagen School.’

Here, the paintings evoke a feeling of belonging and showcase a real community of artists who played and worked together here. It also houses Brondums Hotel’s former dining room, which was once a hangout place for many artists.

The room was filled with portrait and moved completely in 1946 from the hotel in the road. You may buy a combination ticket for 180kr for entry to Skagens Museum along with nearby Drachmanns Hus and Anchers Hus. It also houses a gift shop and a café.

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Grenen Skagen Denmark

Visit the Grenen

For such a well-organized and neat country, Denmark, it is quiet enough that it does not end clearly at its northernmost part. Exploring the Grenen is another fun things to do in Skagen. You can paddle towards its tip where waters of Skagerrak (a part of North Sea) and Kattegat (a part of Baltic Sea) meet. They are so close that you can tap on each sea.

The ferocious tidal currents are not making it ideal for bathing. The tip is the combination of curving and the long sweep of sand, which is around 3km of Skagen. There is also a car park where the road ends, which charges 12kr per hour for parking.

Along with it, there is also a small art gallery and restaurant. Walk up for 20 minutes from the car park and reach the sweeping stretch of sand, which passes through the grave of Holger Drachmann, a famous writer.

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Gammel Skagen

You may find an authentic touch of Cape Cod in the refined version of ‘Old Skagen’ or Hojen in Gammel Skagen, which is well known for its upmarket hotels, stunning sunsets, and summer residents.

Before sandstorms hit this windswept area, it was a fishing hamlet, and it forced most of its residents to get to Skagen on the well covered east coast.

It is located only 4km west of the pleasant bike ride of Skagen. Then head to Frederikshavn and take a right turn to Hojensveg, which leads to the waterfront.


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Visit Museumscaféen

Get to the Garden House Café for a cuppa or lunch at Skagens Museum in a serene setting, this is one of the It serves lunch dishes with a big spread of tarts and home-baked cakes for 35kr. You can visit the café without paying the entry fee for the museum. Get the opposite of the Brondums Hotel to enter through the garden.

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Råbjerg Mile Skagen

Råbjerg Mile

Being the largest expanse of dunes in Denmark, Råbjerg Mile is such a magical beauty of nature. Those 40m high, undulating hills are great to hike and large enough to explore. In the 16th century, the dunes were formed on the great sand drift on the west coast and had been left in a migratory state (when it was moving towards the forest @ 15m per year).

A moist layer of sand is left behind by the dunes across the westwards to Skagerrak. It is located 16km southwest of Skagen and signposted away from Rte 40 on the way to Kandestederne. And situated on the Frederikshavn-Skagen train line and is around 4km from Hulsig station. It is also the stop for summer bus 99.

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Den Tilsandede Kirke

Den Tilsandede Kirke

Built-in the late 14th century, the sand-capped church was once the biggest in the region. It was hit by sand drift started in the 17th century, and it became worse eventually so much that people had to dig their path to get in the church.

The endless sand-drift broke the will of the congregation in 1795, and the church was closed. In 1810, the central part was torn down, but the beautiful white tower still survived.

The nearby area and the tower are the part of a nature reserve, Skagen Klitplantage. It is well signposted from Rte 40 and is around 5km south of Skagen. Take Gamle Landeveg to get there from Skagen.

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 Skagen Anchers Hus

Visit Anchers Hus

It is the windy former home to the well-known artists in Skagen, Michael Ancher, and Anna where you can get back in time. Its interiors still survived since 1935 when Anna Ancher passed away.

You can check out the personal belongings of the family and over 250 artworks of artists from Germany, Scandinavia, Britain, and Dutch artists. It also has a small shop, a café, and a gallery for short-term exhibitions. You can buy a combination ticket to get to Drachmanns Hus and Skagens Museum.

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Jorgens Spisehus

You may not remember the ambiance and décor here, but Jorgens is entirely down to earth and relies entirely on cheerful service and no-stress traditional dishes. The takeaway is also available here, and the kitchen opens till 7 pm.

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Skagen Odde Naturcenter

You can get insights into the natural aspects covering Skagen in this stunning complex designed on Utzon architecture in the north of the town. There are also family exhibitions and art exhibitions, which are constantly changing.

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Grenen Skagen Denmark


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