Top 8 EPIC Things to Do in Szentendre (Hungary)


The wide array of things to do in Szentendre may not match its small size, but no one’s complaining. Here’s to give you an idea of what to do in Szentendre.

Szentendre is a small town by the river Danube. With only 30 kilometers separating it from Budapest, a city is a popular place for both tourists and locals to explore. The charm of Szentendre comes from its strong roots that include history, culture, and art. When joined together, it makes up a winsome destination not only to enthusiasts but to curious ones alike.

The unassuming beauty of Szentendre gives you a feeling as if you’ve just traveled in time, and we don’t know which is to blame. It may be the cobblestone streets that welcome you into the town; it may as well be the community that calls the riverfront their homes.

Whichever the reason for this feeling is, we are but glad partakers – and we can’t wait to share with you all the things you can do in the lovely town of Szentendre.

If you’re coming from Budapest, here’s a really good tour that takes you on a half-day tour from Budapest to Szentendre.

Top 8 EPIC Things to Do in Szentendre (Hungary)

Look for Princess Diana at the Szamos Marzipan Museum

Visit this one-of-a-kind food museum located at Dumtsa Jenöutca and see intricate busts of royalties and iconic buildings shaped out of marzipan. Two of the most famous installations here are the food replica of the Hungarian parliament building in Budapest and the confectionery version of Princess Diana.

The Szamos Marzipan Museum is founded in the 1930s by pastry master Mátyás Szamos who developed an excellent skill in molding marzipan and making delectable confectionery items over the years. Today, you can find a cafe in the same location. They are most famous for their tempting choices of cakes and ice creams.

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Things to Do in Szentendre Skanzen Village Museum
via Wikimedia Commons| Christo

See traditional homes at the Szentendre Skanzen Village Museum

Also known as the Hungarian Open Air Museum, the Skanzen was established in 1967 with an aim to introduce everyone to live in Hungary. It derived inspiration from Swedish scientist Arthur Haselius who established an open-air museum in Stockholm in 1891.

The Skanzen museum in Szentendre was made possible by the dedication of Hungarian ethnographers and other lobbyists for cultural and historic preservation. To date, here is a list of the permanent exhibitions that can be found in the village museum:

  • Upper-Tisza Region
  • Great Plains
  • Kisalföld
  • Western-Transdanubia
  • Bakony-Balaton-Uplands
  • Southern-Transdanubia
  • Upland Market Town
  • North-Hungarian Village

Bringing your kids with you? Skanzen is a perfect place for them to learn the ways of Hungarian life. They can participate in small interactive areas like the Little Shop and the Photographer’s Studio, where they can role-play according to what the venue calls for.

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Annunciation Church in Szentendre
via Wikimedia Commons| Макс Вальтер

Pay a visit to the Annunciation Church in Szentendre

The Annunciation Church, also called the Greek Church or the Blagovestenska Church, was made by Hungarian architect András Mayerhoffer in the 18th century.

It replaced an old wooden church erected in the same spot and was made to honor the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. You can easily find it in the town center with its stone gate and oak finishings.

The focal point of the Annunciation Church is the Rococo iconostasis. Made early in the 19th century, this wall was created by painter Michael Zivkovic. The church is Serbian Orthodox, and the parish is under the Eparchy of Buda’s jurisdiction.

The church is open to visitors daily from April to September.

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Kovács Margit Ceramic Museum
via Wikimedia Commons|KovacsDaniel

Marvel at the art pieces in Kovács Margit Ceramic Museum

This museum is exclusively dedicated to the life and works of Kovács Margit, a prominent Hungarian ceramic artist. In 1972, he donated his works to form the museum that reaches up to 300 masterpieces. Considered as one of the most popular tourist spots in town, visiting the Kovács Margit Ceramic Museum should be on your list of things to do in Szentendre.

The entrance to this museum can be found along Görög street. Housed in a 17th-century Baroque building, the ceramic museum once served as a post station before it turned into a trading house. It was inhabited too, at a time, by the Vastaghs. Today, it is one of the many museums that make up the Ferenczy Museum Center.

In the first few rooms, you can find the earliest works of Kovács. Be sure to visit the second floor where a remake of Kovács’s home on Pozsonyi Road can be found.

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Ferenczy Museum
via Wikimedia Commons|Bjoertvedt

See the famous Ferenczy Museum

The Ferenczy Museum is located inside a historic building in Pajor Mansion in Kossuth Lajos Street. It primarily features the works of Károli Ferenczy and his family, with artworks dating back to the 19th century.

Ferenczy was considered as the greatest living Hungarian painter of his time. Later on, as more prominent Hungarians in the art scene are being acclaimed, small museums and exhibition spaces come to life. This gave birth to the institution called Ferenczy Museum Center.

Museum educators coming from prestigious backgrounds in the world of art, history, and culture are ready to teach you how to appreciate the displays in the museum, as surely there is more to them than meets the eye. Even the youngest of kids can take part in workshops and exhibitions happening in the museum.

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Appreciate art at the Szentendre Art Mill

Another museum, which is part of the Ferenczy Museum Center, the Szentendre Art Mill, is a unique place to exhibit art. This was the brainchild of Dezső Korniss and Pál Deim, two painters who were thinking of a way on how to have a modernized way of presenting art. How a former sawmill could have seemed a perfect venue, surely only visionaries can see the potential.

The Art Millhouses temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. Local and international artists use this place as a venue to showcase their works to the thriving art community in Szentendre.

There are four wings inside the Art Mill. Three floors are dedicated to exhibitions, while a closed spacious courtyard acts as a venue for special events.

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Lajos forrás
via Wikimedia Commons|Derzsi Elekes Andor

Taste the water from the Lajos Source

Szentendre, when translated, means “good water.” That is why it does not come as a surprise that there are many springs in the area.

Lajos Source, Louis Source, or Lajos Forrás is a spring located near Szentendre. From here, you can enter the Visegrád Mountains from the east. The abundant water in Lajos Forrás that feeds from the Jóvíz stream is of high quality, making it safe to drink.

There are many cycling and hiking trails leading to Lajos Forrás. There is a spring pool in the area that was made in 1908 and can still be seen until today. A tourist hut stands nearby.

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Climb up the Castle Hill

History aficionados will never have a hard time thinking about what to do in Szentendre. Castle Hill is one of the most popular history-centered destinations in town. It was once a fortress in the Middle Ages, but only the St. John the Baptist Church remains onsite.

Castle Hill can be accessed via Váralja lépcső. It is close to the main square where several of Szentendre’s tourist spots are located. The area going here may be steep, but the scenery from the top is worth the effort. The views of the Danube River and the Danube Bend are breathtaking from this point.

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Where to stay: Best hotels in Szentendre

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Szentendre Skanzen Village Museum


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