There Are Actually Things to Do in Tahiti

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Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia, the South Pacific archipelago. A small but beautiful Island and on this list you’ll find out that there are actually things to do in Tahiti despite its size!

Fantasizing about distant islands like Tahiti usually involves fantasizing about rocking in a hammock with a cocktail in your hand, observing the turquoise waters and contemplating life and beauty. You can find that at any corner of Tahiti. However, this is far from the only thing you can do at these magical islands. There are many activities that await you on this journey and here are some suggestions on how to spend your vacation there.

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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

The next thing that comes to everybody’s mind when observing the waters is to dive in. You can hardly go wrong when it comes to choosing the spot for snorkeling or diving, but if you want to spice up your experience go and take a dive at one of the best Tahiti’s scuba diving spots. Just a little bit to the east from the Papeete there is a Les Trois Epaves diving spot. There are some plane and ship wreckages there that make the whole diving trip even more exciting. You can hope to see a lot of anemones, butterflyfish, and triggerfish.

things to do in tahiti

Learn Other Fun Sports

The wonderful waters and a nice breeze make Tahiti a great place for all those water sports that you always wanted to try. Besides surfing, this is a perfect place to try windsurfing. Moreover, if you want something really fun and daring, try skysurfing, water skiing, barefoot skiing or fog or some serious fishing trips. You can go underwater spear fishing or enjoy the traditional way of fishing for Mahi Mahi or even try to stand up paddle boards.

things to do in tahitiPhoto by Makia Minich | CC 2.0

Explore the Cuisine

You have not been to Tahiti if you have not tried the three great dishes: Maa Tahiti, Poisson Cru and Farfaru. Maa Tahiti is prepared in an earth oven, and it includes root vegetables and pork or chicken. However, baked bananas and papaya, along with some other fruit find their way in this dish. Poisson Cru is a light and delicious fish salad, seasoned with lime and served with the coconut milk. Farfaru is marinated raw fish, and it is not for everybody. While there, you can go for some cooking classes and learn to prepare these things yourself.

things to do in tahiti

Island Hopping

It is a good idea to choose something like Paul Gauguin cruises because it is essential that the ships are luxurious, but also made to be able to go into shallow waters of Tahiti and reach many islands. Naturally, you would want to see Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, and Huihine; but also, ask to check out the smaller and uninhabited islands for a better and more wholesome experience. Marquesas is where Paul Gauguin spent the last days of his life, and Ra’iatea is of the utmost importance for the religion of the local people.

things to do in tahiti

Explore the Culture

Tahiti is a place where two cultures collide in the most sensational way. The people are friendly and happy like nowhere else (no wonder considering the beauty they see every day) and are over the top beautiful. The French influence is present everywhere from food to museums such as Paul Gauguin museum. If you have the chance, make sure you see some Tahitian dancing or if you are a daredevil maybe even get a traditional Tahitian tattoo.

things to do in tahitiPhoto by Marc CARAVEO | CC 2.0

Visit the Temples

These amazing islands are known for the happy people and their optimistic spirituality. There are many temples and spots of spiritual importance on these islands. There is a Kanti Chinese temple in Mamao on the Tahiti. Pape’ete has a Protestant church that holds Sunday services. Make sure to dress in white and wear a nice hat for that occasion. The last, but definitely not the least are the Marae. Those are the sacred sites of the ancient, pagan religion of Tahiti. They are magnificent and they are definitely something to explore and learn about.


  • It is a well-known fact Paul Gauguin sought for exotic settings to make his art. That is how he ended up living and creating on Tahiti for a while. Once you reach this place, you will understand the inspiration that lasted for a lifetime.
  • They speak French, Tahitian, and English! Quite a bit for a small Island.
  • You can visit Tahiti 12-months a year, it is a tropical Island! However, weather depends on.. well, the weather.



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