Top 10 Things to do in Tirana (Albania)


Looking for the top things to do in Tirana? Here are the top 10 tourist attractions you can visit!

If you’re looking for the top things to do in Tirana, you’re in the right place!

Albania, a Balkan country that may not be as famous as Greece, Croatia, or Romania regarding tourism. But who would have thought that in this small country lies lots of natural and historical wonders waiting to be explored?

And what city can be more than perfect to start your journey to Albania than the country’s capital city itself, Tirana?

Is Tirana worth visiting?

Many of you may have that question in your head. If you have not been to Albania, or have not read much about the country and its cities, you will ask if there are a lot of places to visit in Tirana.

You are wondering just what to do in Tirana. Guess what? There are a lot of exciting things to do in Tirana.

Born from a long list of history dated back from the ancient Greek period, Tirana owns fascinating stories to tell through Tirana landmarks and culture.

And after the fall of the Soviet Union regime, Albania has strived into a democratic country with a middle-upper economy society, resulting in significant development in the capital city. This development has created a sophisticated modern side of Tirana.

Go for sightseeing in Tirana will be an excellent experience since there are plenty of unique modern Tirana points of interest to see. And also, there have been many facilities added to stimulate Tirana tourism.

If you want to know more things to do in Tirana, this travel guide will help you to plan for your trip to Tirana.

Top 10 Things to do in Tirana (Albania)

top tourist attractions in tirana albania downtown taiwan complex

Explore The Chic Tirana Downtown

If you want to feel what many Tirana travel guides describe as old-fashioned Europe, you should head to Tirana downtown and merely chill there. Tirana downtown, packed with many posh cafes and hype bars, is one of the most popular Tirana tourist attractions that deserve your visit during your trip to Tirana.

No need to worry about running out of the budget, Tirana offers low prices in just almost anything, including the costs for food and drink in Tirana cafes and bars. Order a drink here, sit back, and relax. In Tirana downtown, you can witness the hustle and bustle of Tirana in an elegant setting.

One of the most prominent Tirana tourist attractions located in Tirana Downtown is the Taiwan Complex. This Tirana point of interest is packed with restaurants, clubs, bars, casinos, and many more, making it the perfect Tirana holiday spot for people of all ages.

If you visit Tirana with your kids, take them to enjoy gourmet ice cream sold in this Taiwan Complex. At night, the view of Taiwan Complex is more stunning as you can see the glowing big water fountain and bridge installed surrounding the complex, making Taiwan Complex one of the most breathtaking things to see in Tirana.

top tourist attractions in tirana albania skanderbeg square

Witness The Historical Skanderbeg Square

Posing as one of the most prominent Tirana points of interest, Skanderbeg Square is indeed the center of this Albania capital city. All the roads in Tirana lead to this gracious square.

The name of this Tirana square is taken from the name of Albania’s most beloved hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu, or better known as Skanderbeg. He led a fight against the Ottoman Empire, setting Albania and Macedonia free from the massive empire.

The square covers a vast area of 40,000 square meters, with the highest proportion of the square is dedicated to the Skanderbeg Monument. The main point of this monument is the statue of Skanderbeg riding a horse.

This statue was made by the sculptor Odhise Paskali, and it was inaugurated in 1968 during the commemoration of Skanderbeg death 500 years before that date. The figure is 11 meters tall.

top tourist attractions in tirana albania national historical museum

Go to Museum Hopping

Rich with history and culture, Tirana is also dotted with plenty of impressive museums to visit. That is why exploring museums in Tirana are one of the great ideas of what to see in Tirana.

One of the best museums in Tirana is the National Historical Museum. National Historical Museum in Tirana is Albania’s most prominent museum.

First opened in 1981, the museum stands on a vast area of 27,000 square meters. If you visit Tirana, and you go to this museum, you will be greeted by this striking mural at the top of the entrance, presenting the history of Albania from the ancient era to modern days.

This impressive mural is called The Albanians. Inside the museum, there are several pavilions, made according to the eras in Albania history. This museum at Sheshi Skënderbej 1 opens every day from 9 AM to 7.30 PM.

Some other museums worth visiting in Tirana are the National Gallery of Art, Museum of Natural Sciences, Bektashi World Center, National Archaeological Museum, and the House of Leaves.

top tourist attractions in tirana albania bunk art

Get A Closer Look at The Modern History of Albania

Built inside old bunkers, Bunk’Art is one of the extraordinary things to see in Tirana. Located in Rruga Teki Selenica, Bunk’Art showcases the history of modern Albania, starting from the Italian invasion at the beginning of World War II up to the fall of the communist regime.

Bunk’Art is one of the places to visit in Tirana because the journey you have to go through to enter the museum itself is unique. You have to walk along this long dark tunnel located under the hill before you can get to the bunker.

Not only displaying the history of the country, but Bunk’Art also displays some furnished rooms that were designated for the Soviet elites had they ever needed to protect themselves inside the shelter during the Cold War.

top tourist attractions in tirana albania mount dajti

Embrace Mother Nature

For those of you who appreciate the beauty of nature, one of the most exciting things to do in Tirana for you will be a visit to Mount Dajti National Park. Situated east of Tirana, it is not that difficult to reach this Albania national park.

It only takes a short bus ride to get to Mount Dajti National Park since it is only 25 km away from the capital city of Albania. To get to the top of this majestic mountain of Albania, you can ride a cable car called Dajti Express.

Riding this cable car is one of the most exciting things to do in Tirana according to many Tirana travel guides because you will be entertained by the beautiful Tirana scenery during this ride.

Once you are in the national park, you will find many enjoyable activities to do. You can go for a laid-back picnic, or you can go for a challenging hiking trip.

top tourist attractions in tirana albania grand park artificial lake

Relax in The Lush Greenery

If you want to have a casual stroll in a serene natural setting, why don’t you head to one of the most popular places to visit in Tirana, The Grand Park. Set on a 230-hectare piece of land, Grand Park can be found in the south of Tirana.

There is a beautiful human-made lake inside this massive park. Locally known as Parku i Madh, the Grand Park is the locals’ favorite place in Tirana for a picnic and relaxing.

In case you travel to Tirana with your children, you can take them to visit the zoo located at the southern end of Grand Park. Besides the zoo, in this part of the park, you will also find a fascinating botanical park filled with plants and flowers originated from Albania.

top tourist attractions in tirana albania tours durres

Enlist in One of The Amazing Tours in Tirana

Tirana tourism offers a lot of exciting things to see in Tirana. One of the wisest ways to experience the best of Tirana is of course by joining the exciting tours in Tirana.

There are a lot of exciting tours in Tirana that are being offered, starting from the short trips around the city to several days tours from Tirana to surrounding towns in Albania; All of which are worth to join.

If you wish to feel the sea breeze from the Mediterranean Sea, you can join the full day tours from Tirana to Durres, a city situated in the Albania Riviera.

top tourist attractions in tirana albania modern buildings

Be Blown Away by Unique Buildings

Other than by its classic beauty, Tirana is also decorated by some of its modern uniquely designed buildings, making sightseeing in Tirana one of the must-do things in Tirana.

Thanks to the city former mayor, Edi Rama, who has now become the prime minister of Albania, has this idea to reform the face of Albania capital city into a bright city. With his art background, he turned the dull city into this impressive work of art.

You will find a lot of buildings wrapped in bright-colored paint. Some are painted in rainbow patterns, while some are covered in one-of-a-kind geometric patterns.

top tourist attractions in tirana albania restaurant

Indulge Yourself with Tasty Tirana Cuisine

According to many Tirana travel guides, you will find a lot of enjoyable places to eat while you visit Tirana. The most famous and unique place to eat in Tirana would be The Sky Club Panoramic Bar & Restaurant, located on the top floor of the Sky Tower.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of food, including delicious Albanian food and vegetarian food. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tirana as you dine here, as the restaurant rotates continuously. Sky Tower also houses one of the most popular hotels in Tirana, Sky Tower Hotel.

Besides Tirana’s rotating restaurants, you will find many other restaurants and cafes selling international and Tirana food. Beside Sky Club Panoramic Bar & Restaurant, you can eat in one of the restaurants located along the side of the artificial lakes in Grand Park if you wish to have splendid Tirana scenery while enjoying your tasty meals.

Have Fun at Night

If you are looking for a buzzing place to spend your nights in Tirana, you should head to the Blloku district. It is the center of Tirana night scenes as there are a lot of hype clubs and cool bars located in this district.

Order some drinks, relax, make new friends or dance to the music; there are so many fun things to do in Blloku, Tirana. It turns out that Tirana has a vibrant nightlife since there are so many young people from Albania who move to the capital city to study in universities established in Tirana.

Enjoying the nights in this city and hanging out with the locals are some of the most exciting things to do in Tirana.

top tourist attractions in tirana albania featured


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