Top 10 BEST Things to do in Yerevan (Armenia)


Find out all the best things to do in Yerevan for first-time visitors! We have compiled the top tourist attractions in Yerevan you must not miss when you visit. Plan your trip now and read this post for more information!

Is Yerevan worth visiting? Are there a lot of exciting things to do in Yerevan? Those are probably the questions that pop up in your mind before planning your trip to Yerevan, Armenia. Let this Yerevan travel guide help you to decide whether you should visit Armenia or not.

Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia, a former Soviet Union country located in the Armenian Highlands, in West Asia. It is a country in the Eurasia region, in which you can experience its unique culture. The culture here, just like in any other Eurasian countries, is a beautiful merger of European and Asian cultures.

As one of the oldest cities in the world, Yerevan is rich in history. The story of Yerevan started in the 8th century BC.

In 782 BC, King Argishti I built the fortress of Erebuni. Yerevan has had its ups and downs ever since. During the ancient Armenian Kingdom, other capital cities were established, and Yerevan became less significant.

When World War I ended, Yerevan was declared as the capital city of the Republic of Armenia. With its long dynamic history, no wonder that there are a lot of fascinating places to visit in Yerevan.

The significant economic growth the country has been accomplishing since the early 2000s also has made a considerable impact on the city’s face. Not only historical landmarks, but you will also be presented with plenty of present-day Yerevan points of interest; Skyscrapers, boutiques, cafes, you name them all.

The perfect balance between preserving the ancient legacy and striving for modernity has made sightseeing in Yerevan enjoyable. New facilities, such as hip restaurants and sophisticated hotels in Yerevan, has improved Yerevan tourism significantly.

If you are still wondering what to see in Yerevan, hopefully, this Yerevan travel guide about Yerevan things to do will help you out.


Experiences and top things to do in Yerevan, Armenia

top tourist attractions in yerevan armenia erebuni museum

Get Carried Away by Fascinating History

As mentioned earlier, Yerevan is a city full of history since it was established centuries ago. To see where it all started, you can go to one of the oldest Yerevan tourist attractions, the Erebuni Museum.

Located on the foot of Arin Berd hill, Erebuni museum stands in the historical Erebuni Fortress. The fortress was restored and turned into an open-air museum, displaying some of the most exciting things to see in Yerevan. The museum was first opened in 1968.

The darkest moment the people of Armenia have experienced is the Armenian Genocide. This horrible incident took place under the rule of the Ottoman empire.

More than two thousand people were exterminated from 1915 to 1917. To honor these victims, Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Museum was founded. Situated in Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex, this museum was built as a reminder of the cruelty of genocide, in the hope that there will never be such thing happening again to anyone anywhere.

While the memorial was established in 1967, the museum was not opened until 1995. Every year, on April 24, people of Armenia gather in this Yerevan Landmark to pay their respect and pray for the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Museum has a very distinctive design that shapes almost like a cone. At the top of this Yerevan museum, there is an eternal fire. Besides this building, you will find a 100-meter monument.

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top tourist attractions in yerevan armenia national gallery

Stimulate Your Brain with Impressive Pieces of Art

You need something to cheer you up after witnessing one of the darkest moments in humanity? Then the next thing to do in Yerevan is browsing Yerevan fabulous artwork.

One of Yerevan’s points of interest that is loaded with artistic displays is the National Gallery of Armenia. Established in 1921, the National Gallery of Armenia has massive collections of not only Armenian art, but it also has plenty of Western European and Russian artwork in displays.

In summers, the National Gallery of Armenia has an exciting summer program for kids. Situated at 1 Aram Street, on Yerevan’s Republic Square, the museum opens from 11 PM to 5.40 PM. On Sundays, it closes 40 minutes earlier.

You should not go here on Mondays because the gallery is closed every Monday.

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top tourist attractions in yerevan armenia tashir mall

Shop Till You Drop

If shopping excites you, do not worry, you have your share in what to do in Yerevan list. With the thriving economy and tourism, more and more upscale boutiques have been established in this capital city of Armenia. There are several fascinating shopping malls that you can visit.

Yerevan Mall in Arshakunyats Avenue is one of them. Just opened in 2014, Yerevan Mall has this very sophisticated architectural design, making it one of the most favorite Yerevan tourist attractions.

When you visit Yerevan, and you need to buy some clothes, you can go here. There are a lot of international brands, such as ZARA, Pull&Bear, Bershka, and Stradivarius, that opened their stores in this mall. The mall’s giant 10-meter screen has also become the reason why many football fans gather in this place to watch their favorite football clubs’ matches.

In Tsitsernakaberd Highway, you will find another impressive shopping mall to visit. It is called the Dalma Mall. The two-story building consists of a shopping mall and entertainment spot.

It means, other than appealing shops; you will also find the cinema, bowling place, and children’s playground here. So, if you are looking for a place suitable for everyone, you can go here.

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top tourist attractions in yerevan armenia aquatek hotel

Have Some Fun in The Pool

What is summer without dipping yourself in the cooling, refreshing water and have some fun? Luckily, one of the best places to visit in Yerevan is the Yerevan Water World.

With a massive 3 hectare of land, Yerevan Water World offers a lot of fun things to do in Yerevan. 2.5 hectares of the property is dedicated to the outdoor pool, and the rest is for the indoor pool.

The outdoor area consists of two big pools, one smaller pool for the kids, and one VIP pool. There are three pools available with water slide attractions in them. While the indoor area includes two big swimming pools and one kid’s pool, complete with the slides and jets.

You will also find one of the most famous hotels in Yerevan inside this waterpark. It is called the Aquatek Hotel Spa.

It lies at 40 Myasnikyan Avenue, many tourists who take a trip to Yerevan spend some of their time swimming in this water park.

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top tourist attractions in yerevan armenia lovers park

Go for a Picnic in The Garden

If you enjoy being outdoors, but you do not want to do anything too tiring, and you want to sit and relax while enjoying some tasty treats, why don’t you go for a picnic at the park? Yerevan is dotted with many picturesque parks. These fantastic parks are some of the marvelous things to see in Yerevan.

One of the most popular Yerevan points of interest for many people who visit Yerevan is the Lovers Park. As one of the oldest parks in Yerevan, Lovers Park is an excellent spot for sightseeing in Yerevan.

Its Japanese garden landscape has given this park a modest but beautiful look that has attracted many visitors. Not only great for group activities, but Lovers Park with its Japanese philosophy also provides some tranquil localities where you can clear your mind or even meditate.

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top tourist attractions in yerevan armenia skates

Glide on The Smooth Icy Surface

You are planning to visit Yerevan during the winter and wondering what to do in Yerevan? Do not worry, Yerevan tourism also offers entertaining activities to do during this cold season.

One of the most fun things to do during winter in Yerevan is skating. There are several skating rinks that you can visit in Yerevan. One of the most popular skating rinks in Yerevan is located in Yerevan Water World.

Yes, this Yerevan pride is also a favorite Yerevan winter destination. The two large outdoor pools are turned into the skating arena every winter, providing 500 square meters of an icy surface for people to slide on them.

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top tourist attractions in yerevan armenia market

Explore The Buzzing Traditional Market

What is a better way to experience the locals’ charm and humble way of life than going to one of their traditional markets? The good news is several Yerevan points of interest serve as regular markets.

GUM, located in the joint of Mashtots and Khorenatsi streets, is one of the best traditional or local markets in Yerevan that you must visit during your trip to Yerevan.

Decorated by the colorful fresh produce and herbs and spices, GUM offers you a down-to-earth, but a full-of-life side of Yerevan. Not only pristine produce and cooking ingredients, but you can also taste some of the best Yerevan delicacies here.

If you are looking for some Armenian crafts or arts for souvenirs or to only add them to your collection, you should head to Vernissage. Expanding along Khanjian Street to Republic Square metro, Vernissage is like an enormous treasure chest in which there will always be something beautiful and unique to see or to buy.

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top tourist attractions in yerevan armenia blue mosque

Join Guided Tours in Yerevan

With so many impressive Yerevan landmarks to see, it might be overwhelming to go exploring all of them by yourselves. Lucky for Yerevan tourists, there are some guided tours available for them.

These tours in Yerevan will take you to extraordinary Yerevan tourist attractions, such as The Republic Square, The Blue Mosque, The Opera House, and Yerevan Cascade. The Yerevan tour guides will bring you on foot to take a closer look at Yerevan’s fascinating history, culture, and art.

There are also some other guided tours available in Yerevan that will take you to the surrounding sites just outside the capital city.

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top tourist attractions in yerevan armenia traditional bread

Impress Your Tongue with Yerevan Cuisine

As a country sandwiched between Europe and Asia, Armenia has a very intense culture. Both European and Asian cultures have strong influences in the country, including the Yerevan culinary scene.

As mentioned previously, one of the best places to get some Yerevan delicacies is at the GUM. Here, you can buy some traditional pastries, chuchela, halva, and many more.

You can also go to Grand Candy Ponchikanots to buy their famous ponchik, which is a traditional donut filled with custard. Here, you can also buy a lot of mouth-watering chocolate and candies. Grand Candy Ponchikanots is located on Mashtots Street.

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top tourist attractions in yerevan armenia ararat brandy factory

See How Brandy Is Made

Do you know that one of the most famous brandy brands is made in Yerevan, Armenia? Yup, Ararat, an iconic brand of brandy, is made here.

First established in 1887, Ararat has become a favorite brand of brandy among prominent people all over the world. So, it will be just the right thing to do if you put visiting Ararat factory as one of the most entertaining things to do in Yerevan, Armenia.

Located in Admiral Isakov Avenue, the well-known Yerevan brandy factory offers one of the unique guided tours in Yerevan, during which you can see the process of the brandy making and packaging here. At the end of the visits, you will be given a chance to taste their variety of products.

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