Top 10 Best Fleece Jacket for Travel to Keep You Warm (2020)


Looking for the best fleece jacket for travel to keep you warm during winter? We have compiled the top jackets you might like!

Fleece jackets have always been used for decades to provide improved warmth and an ideal wardrobe staple for outdoor lovers. There is no other clothing that is as light, practical, and affordable as fleece.

We have listed the best fleece jackets that can keep you warm. But it is not so easy to choose the best fleece jackets for travel with so many styles, prices, and brands to choose from.


The Best Fleece Jacket for Travel Comparison Chart

Travel Guide: How to Choose Best Fleece Jacket for Travel and What to Consider


Why Should You Get a Fleece Jacket?

Stashing a fleece jacket in a travel bag or suitcase is not a good idea. Since it has excellent warmth and is lightweight, this modest staple for your closet can keep you cozy and warm whether you are going to jog early morning or having a great night-out around the city.

Do you need a Fleece jacket?

It is not easy to choose the best fleece jacket for travel, especially when there are so many of them available. Along with warmth, you also have to consider packability, size, and weight. You need the best fleece jacket for travel which can fit you well and in your suitcase. You need a fleece jacket that can be worn with or without the shell and in any weather.

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How to Choose the Best Fleece Jacket?

Design and Style

The best fleece jacket for hikers comes in different styles and designs. For example, men’s, women’s, hooded, unhooded, partial zip, full zip, vest, long-sleeve, ¼ zip, athletic cut, and even more.

Be sure to look in the product description to know the purpose of using the particular fleece. In order to choose the best fleece jackets for hikers, consider what you are looking for to narrow down your search.


Also, consider the size when choosing the best budget fleece jacket. Do you want something more sleek and form-fitting so you can wear it and feel stylish? Do you want a fleece that feels more casual and relaxed? It is up to your choice.


Well, it is not so easy to decide because the best budget fleece jacket is made of similar material. Some of the branded fleece jackets are made of top quality materials. We have listed all the fleeces made of the best content.

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Customer ratings

In this day and age, shoppers have become smarter and more aware. So, you may find hundreds of people who bought the best fleece jackets and may recommend one. So, you can get most of their reviews and experiences. It can save you from a lot of stress on the way.

Warranty/Return Policy

These days, a lot of products you find on top websites are available with excellent warranties and good return policies. With increasing competition, there are high chances to find easy return policies. So, read the fine print to know what to expect before buying.


Fleeces come with different features that you may or may not like, such as internal/external pockets, full-zip or tall collars, elastic at the sleeves and waist for barriers, with or without zippers, and drawstrings at the neck. According to where you are heading and what you are going to do, you need to consider these features.


You can opt for ultra-premium fleeces or budget ones and the fleeces at all price ranges. There is often a direct interconnection between quality and price.

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Different Types of Fleece Jackets

Casual vs. Performance

A lot of people prefer fleece jackets because of their unmatched combination of warmth or comfort. When it comes to wearing them around the cabin, under the ski jacket or layer on chilly mornings, they are great. In the same way, a lot of fleeces are known for being casual, from cardigan-style hard-weave ones who dress up well to the primary varieties, which are more than just a fabric. Casual fleeces are found most commonly, and they are suitable for layering.

For serious or performance outdoor purposes as an outer layer, you may want to buy a synthetic or down jacket which overpowers fleece in different cases. Both of them are packable, lighter, and provide better protection. Fleeces are breathable on the upper hand. But most of them prevent wind at some point.

Pullover vs. Full Zip

A lot of fleece jackets in this list are full-zip ones. It is because they provide added versatility and can easily slip on and off. Full-zip models come with different features like stretchable side panels and hand pockets. On the other side, pullovers serve as a sweatshirt. The best thing is that they are a bit lighter and easy to pack.

Half Zip vs. Full Zip

Half-zip and full zip are some of the most common types of fleeces. Full zips add more versatility and are easier to manage. Full-zip fleece jackets are also useful for women as they don’t stick around their hair. On the other side, half-zip fleeces are used to keep you warm and lacks in features.

What You Will Learn From This Product Review?

We have listed some of the best fleece jackets available, i.e., from budget ranges to jackets with 29 pockets to keep your bag at home. So, read on the best fleece jacket review to get better ideas.

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Best Fleece Jacket for Travel reviews and product descriptions


We have listed some of the best fleece jackets available, i.e., from budget ranges to jackets with 29 pockets to keep your bag at home. So, read on the best fleece jacket review to get better ideas.

For Women

Columbia Women’s Benton Fast Trek II Full-Zip Fleece Classic-Fit Jacket

Are you looking for the best partner on your daily adventure sports, Fast Trek II is the best Columbia fleece jacket for women. It is well known to offer superior comfort, warmth, and versatility.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket

This mid-weight fleece from the leading Amazon brand is the best fleece hoodie jacket with side seam pockets, full-zip front, and high collar. It adds a great touch with a cozy base layer or cool-weather look.

Terracea Women’s Crossing Fleece | Anti-Pilling | DWR | Wind-Resistant

Terracea Women’s Crossing is the Best Fleece Jacket for travel for Women’s, which stretches, breathes, and resists moisture well. It is 4x more wind-resistant as compared to other fleeces. It can also perform in extreme conditions and keep you comfortable and warm.

Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Full-Zip Jacket, Soft Fleece with Classic Fit

This cozy fleece is an ultimate Columbia classic that provides quick insulation for daily use. You can easily layer it underneath or on top. It is a soft, winter-ready fleece for regular style pieces. It is made of very soft 100% polyester filament MTR fleece.

Columbia Women’s Fuller Ridge Fleece Jacket

This fuller ridge fleece jacket from Columbia is made with 100% polyester microfiber for genuine warmth. It has 2-sided zippered pockets to keep your gadgets secure and hands warm. It is a comfort-stretch jacket with zippered closure and a collared neck.

For Men

Amazon Essentials Men’s Full-Zip Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

This wardrobe staple from Amazon Essentials is the best Fleece Jacket Men’s, which features a zip-up front with warmth-locking ribbed cuffs and split kangaroo pocket. Amazon Essentials is well known for offering top quality, affordable, and long-lasting clothing.

Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0, Soft Fleece with Classic Fit

It is the best affordable fleece jacket from Columbia, which has a well-tuned fit and rugged and soft filament-fleece fabric that can keep temperature-controlled and body warm.

Pioneer Camp Men’s Fleece Jackets with Full Zipper Stand Collar Soft Lightweight Zip Up Polar Fleece Casual Outwear

This fleece jacket from Pioneer Camp is made of 100% polyester, which is a light and soft fabric. For added convenience, it has got two large inside pockets to take all your goodies around and keep your hands warm.


Trailside Supply Co. Men’s Windproof Softshell Zip-Front Fleece-Lined Jacket Winter Outerwear

If you love to stay outdoors and you are into any adventure sport, this fleece-lined jacket is the best winter outerwear for you. It comes in different sizes and fits to withstand all seasons. It is a cozy and soft fleece with moisture-absorbing base layers.

Amazon Essentials Boys’ Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket

This full-zip polar fleece jacket from Amazon Essentials is ultra-comfortable for your little one, and its base layer has on-seam side pockets for added convenience. Amazon Essentials is well known for making top quality and comfortable fabrics with attention to detail.

Fleece Jacket for Travel


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