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Top 10 AWESOME Day Trips from Berlin (Germany)

Berlin is an uber-cool, cosmopolitan capital, with modern tourist attractions and Medieval sites at the same place. The epic street art at the Berlin Wall makes it one of the most elusive and exclusive clubs in Europe. The Checkpoint Charlie and Reichstag have a glance at the history of World War II, with spectacular art galleries and modern art.

Berlin is the best city to spend some enjoyable time on European feel if you are behind the diverse appeal, exciting nightlife, and delicious food. If your trip is still not complete, you can find a lot of things to do around Berlin.

The more days you spend in Berlin, the more likely you will fall in love with this unique, gritty city. The capital is one of the best destinations for you to base yourself to explore various destinations in the country, along with different things to explore in Berlin only.

There is no specific category for day trips from Berlin by train. Whether it is a picturesque setting in Germany or exploring the urban atmosphere, or almost everything in between, you will surely find something to get the best experience of weekend trips from Berlin.

So, here are some of the best day trips from Berlin to get some incredible digs. Choose your best time, and you are ready to go.

Best Day Trips from Berlin: Top 10 Weekend Trips from Berlin (Germany)

top day trips from berlin germany rudersdorf bei berlin


You can quickly make your way to Rüdersdorf with your short trips from Berlin and explore the well-known Museum Park. You can also stop off at the scenic, historic towns of Friedrichshafen and Köpenick en route, where laid-back lifestyle and rustic complexes are genuinely appealing.

It is always great to get more insight into the rural side of Germany with your Riverside trip from the extensive Müggelsee waterways to the quaint surroundings which fringe the water. Keep your camera handy as you will surely find something picture-worthy on your cruise.

top day trips from berlin germany leipzig


Leipzig would be the hip little brother of East Berlin if East Germany were considered as a family. The biggest city of Saxony has become one of the best cities in Germany, which attracts young tourists who are looking for an affordable and sleep alternative to the capital city.

The visitors also brush Leipzig. It is one of the best trade fair destinations in Germany, which attracts corporate tourists from different parts of the world. You can also explore an aspect of Leipzig, which most people often ignore on day trips out of Berlin.

You can start your day trips from Berlin in winter to explore Leipzig Altstadt. It is around a 10-minute walk from Hauptbahnhof to the Markt, the Market Square located here. In and around the square on the way, you will find a lot of inspiring examples of Saxon architecture from the 19th to the 20th century.

You can find Post Modernist, Art Nouveau, and other art styles. For art and music lovers, Leipzig is one of the better attractions to dig in Germany. Some of the great attractions here are the Bach Museum, GRASSI, and the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts, three museums positioned in one.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Leipzig

top day trips from berlin germany pfaueninsel


If you also love the nearest Wannsee, drive a bit ahead to the west of River Havel and have a captivating day trip to Peacock Island, Pfaueninsel. It is a quaint and small island of natural reserves. It is so tiny that it stretches just 0.5 km in width and 1.5 km in length. It is dotted with medieval architecture, lush greens, and wildlife, along with the vivid peacocks for which this island is named.

Pamper yourself off the Havel in the fresh air and wander along the winding lanes to the chirping of birds. Along with watching birds and spotting peacocks, sniff off the Peacock Island Castle, the Schloss auf der Pfaueninsel.

The castle was built in the late 18th century by Fredrick William II. The Kavaliershaus was built in the 19th century in the heart of the island.

top day trips from berlin germany dresden cathedral


For a mesmerizing touring experience in Dresden, just one day is not enough. To appreciate it to the fullest, you should spend at least a few days to cover all the city outings. After the Second World War, there was not much to see and do in Dresden.

Most of the Saxon city was leveled in the firebombing, leaving only a bit of magnificent Baroque behind for the onlookers. Luckily Altstadt has been restored since then. It is such a great sight to behold.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Dresden

top day trips from berlin germany potsdam dutch quarter


No getaway is more attractive than day trips from Berlin in winter to Potsdam. You will reach the metropolis within 25 to 60 minutes for a day strolling among the palaces and gardens of this Prussian royal village.

Start your day trip here while wandering through the Old Dutch Quarter. The Dutch-style red-bricked architecture is genuinely different in Potsdam’s Dutch Quarter than the one across Europe. You can’t even find the buildings in the Netherlands that can match the charm of the 18th-century creations of Jan Bouman in Potsdam.

Nurture the knight within you on the fringes of Old Dutch Quarter by clopping around the beautiful historical Nauener Tor. The fairytale-worthy façade gives a glimpse of Nauener Tor, an epitome of Gothic Revival architecture from the 18th century instead of the exact relic of the Middle Ages.

Apart from Hunters’ Gate of Jägertor and Brandenburg Gate in Potsdam, Nauener Tor is the accurate illustration of the original city gates of Potsdam along the city wall, which is now defunct.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Postdam

top day trips from berlin germany wandlitzsee lake


The lido here has a bit of a hidden spot, but it is very close to Berlin. It is a place where you can spend your day out while lazing yourself: pack a picnic and soak in the serenity of the lakeside area.

If you love to do something lively, you can also hire rowing boats, and there is no lack of options for swimming and diving boards. You can quickly set up your camp in various areas. So, if you want something more for a getaway, you can head along the lake for more calmness and peace.

top day trips from berlin germany hamburg


Hamburg is easily accessible from the capital by train. If you want something different in the natural scene but want to stay connected to urban life, Hamburg is probably the best choice for you. Being a port city, it is different from Berlin. To start an entertaining trip, it has got more than enough.

Hamburg has a lively environment to soak in when you wander around the boats tied in the harbor or witness the famous fish market. It is the second-largest city in Germany in 2015, which is well deserved to earn the status of UNESCO World Heritage. To enjoy something more exciting, you can explore the Heide Park to feel the thrill of steel and a wooden rollercoaster ride.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Hamburg

top day trips from berlin germany brandenburg

Brandenburg a der Havel

If you are a true outdoor lover, you shouldn’t miss the peaceful nature, exotic lakes, and a lot of tourist attractions at Brandenburg a der Havel. You must look around the town center for an exciting ride on the tram to hurtle along the busy streets.

Marvel at the stilt developments on the riverfront, hop around the old market square and visit Belmondo, the local wine shop if you want something crazier to do. Capture the breathtaking view of the lush greens along the red roofs at the highest point of the city.

top day trips from berlin germany spreewald


There is a no better option to skip the hustles and bustles of Berlin, especially when you start a road trip during summer and slip away on a journey to Spreewald or Spree Forest. It is a natural reserve protected by UNESCO through which Spree River passes. Brushed with rustic farmhouses and lush greens, the tranquil waterways here will lead you to the natural attractions which win over everyone who visits Spreewald.

You can get the best touring experience in Spreewald by boat, bike, or foot. There is no other public transport to explore the neck of the woods than a tourist boat.

You can start your boat trip off in the most popular tourist destination in Spreewald, Lübbenau. Then, walk along with a traditional lagoon village Lehde through the well-marked trails, or a small fishing village named Leipe.

You can even rent a canoe or kayak in Burg or Lübbenau (it is recommended to book in advance during summer) if you want to visit the Spreewald from the river and spend your day trip floating leisurely through the waterways along with the age-old bridges, typical wooden houses, and dense greens.

top day trips from berlin germany wannsee lake


It is very relaxing when you soak up the sunshine on the shores of the most serene beaches of Berlin. Similarly, the day trip to Wannsee from Berlin can be the perfect escape to the lakeside you have always desired.

Usually, summer at the most extensive inland outdoor beach in Europe, Wannsee’s Strandbad is exciting as many tourists prefer to escape the urban crowd of Berlin. Nothing can beat the energy and thrill here for the pleasure of swimming and sunbathing. You can swing to the other side of Wannsee after relaxing at its waters and have a walk through Am Großen Wannsee to have a sight of some of the exciting historical homes of Berlin.

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