Points of Interest: What to See and Places to Visit in Canada

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Being the second largest country in the world, Canada has countless attractions in the store which will definitely make you fall for its charm. As the country stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, there are numerous places to visit in Canada, all possessing great uniqueness- from their unspoiled nature housing vibrant lakes, majestic waterfalls and breathtaking valleys, to their aesthetic architectures built from the old times to modernized buildings making every visitor feel like the old meets new.

As the country owns a huge land mass, Canada also holds a rich culture with affable citizens. Travelers flock to maple country to explore the longest shoreline, catch the picturesque lakes and the spectacular valleys, meet the past through its old, but well-maintained cities from the past, get an access to ski resorts almost all-year round, and to encounter adorable polar bears, which half of the population resides in Canada.

Known for providing free health care for its citizens, people who travel to Canada is as safe as Canucks’ well-being as the place made it to the list of the safest countries in the world. People who visit Canada often devour its delightful cuisines, along with the secured trip and enchanting destinations. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the destinations in Canada that you should add to your bucket list.

Top Places to Visit in Canada (From Busy Cities, Islands to the Canadian Rockies)

Top Places To Visit In Canada Ottawa


Situated beside the prominent Ottawa River, Ottawa is a historically-rich city which is a home for several Canada’s points of interest. Through its Victorian-inspired architectures and museums built with labyrinthine façades and interiors such as the Canadian Museum of History, National Gallery of Canada, Canadian War Museum, and Bytown Museum, it is easy to be dazzled with the country’s culture and relate to Canuck’s traditions. Visiting Canada became more exciting as travelers visit the all-year-round Rideau Canal- transforming from a romantic boating spot every summer to a thrilling ice skating location during winter.

Whimsical city of Toronto


Amidst Lake Ontario’s lighthouses on the northwestern shore lies the whimsical city of Toronto. City lights, skyscrapers, and of course the revolving restaurant of the CN Tower—which is not just an observatory but is also perfect for panoramic views – composes and enliven the Toronto nightlife. Besides being famous because of the skyscrapers, the town is also known for conserving and spreading awareness regarding the marine life through Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. The town’s flourishing arts, culture, and history can also be apprehended and appreciated in the Royal Ontario Museum which is prominent for their architecture firms. Hailed as one of the major cities in the country, a Canada travel would be incomplete without checking in the vibrant city life Toronto has to offer. Also, if you’re interested in visiting, book your flight to Toronto now!

Top Places To Visit In Canada Vancouver

Vancouver Aquarium


Being known for having a diverse culture and great filming locations, Vancouver arises from the west coast seaport in British Columbia. Aside from being surrounded by mountains, this town is also known for the scenic seawall – put together by the waters of Vancouver Harbor and English Bay – of Stanley Park, bordering its downtown. Inside the Stanley Park is the Vancouver Aquarium, popular with showcasing exotic marine life to kids, and of course, the adults. Prominent for its seasonal gardens, conservatory, sculptures, is the urban landmark, Queen Elizabeth Park in British Columbia; inside it resides over two hundred exotic bird species and over five hundred unique plants set in the eccentric Bloedel Floral Conservatory, high above the park.

Top Places To Visit In Canada Old Quebec

Old Quebec

Sitting on the Saint Lawrence River with its colonial core, Vieux-Québec, and Place Royale, and its narrow streets are the city of Quebec. On the boundary between the borough of Beauport and Boischatel is the town’s pride, the ginormous Montmorency Falls are known for its suspension bridge. Aside from nature’s gifts, this town also has Sanctuary of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, widely known and recognized by the Catholic Church for its miracles and the people for its neo-romanesque wood-carvings and religious shop. Travelers who visit Canada adores Old Quebec as it gives a glimpse of the country’s colorful history. This town has many wonderful museums but the Morrin Centre – located at Chaussée des Écossais – dominated them all because of being a former prison in 1808 and restored to host English-language culture and arts program and tours.

Places To Visit In Canada Victoria Island

Victoria & Vancouver Island

As stunning as the heart of the ocean, the home of the old world beauty and new world adventure, Victoria is known as the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest. It is a great sanctuary for tourists in search of an amazing adventure or those on the run to escape from the past-faced life in the city. On Victoria, tourists can choose to relax and lay their back under the sun or spice up their vacation with a little adventure. They will also find fun in the water through the long list of activities the island offers. These activities include whale watching, kayaking, fishing, and sailing.

If you’re interested on Kayaking and would like to cruise around Victoria, you can read some inflatable Kayak reviews in that link and check out which one suits your need best!

Travelers in search of the island’s cultural scenery can devote a day wandering around in Victoria’s scenic Harbor. From a relaxing harbor stroll, tourists must visit historical sites that spectacularly surpassed centuries like the oldest Chinatown in Canada. Visiting these attractions is a gateway to memory lane that will show the rich and diverse culture of Victoria Island. Besides visiting attractions like Canada’s finest mansion, the Craigdarroch Castle, tourists will also find famous sites like the Royal British Columbia Museum that houses a grand mammoth exhibit and powerful dioramas.

After a tiring journey in central Victoria, experience the natural side of British Columbia by spending time in the Butchart Gardens or in the Cowichan Valley which is a great place to devour a variety of seafood different restaurants offer. This kind of vacation is best during the month of March and May to ensure comfortable weather. However, the fun and adventure will never change.

Visiting Banff National Park

Banff National Park

Surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, visiting Banff National Park is one of the things to do while staying in the charismatic province of Alberta. It is the oldest and most visited park which boasts the various wildlife roaming in its dense coniferous forests, the inconceivable mountain scenery, several river systems, magical lakes, alpine landscapes and numerous glaciers and icefields which offers a whole awesome range of fun and exciting activities like skiing, hiking, trekking, biking, camping, mountain climbing, and many more. It is truly one of the best and most enjoyable places to visit in Canada during the summer.

With the natural beauty of Banff and the fascinating ancient Canadian Rockies, it will surely make your mind and body feel refreshed as you create unforgettable memories in the park.

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British Columbia in Canada, Whistler


A snow-filled resort town situated in British Columbia in Canada, Whistler makes the travelers feel as cool as its weather during their stay. It is a picturesque town visited annually, primarily for the fun activities they offer: alpine skiing, snowboarding plus biking during the summer. The pedestrian town also has multiple parks to visit, outdoor activities to liven up one’s body, appetizing foods to eat from various restaurants and much more. If tourists will plan a travel to Canada, not just for the landscapes but also for the culture, then Whistler town is undoubtedly the place.

Top Places To Visit In Canada Montreal


Set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, lies within Quebec, and named after the triple-peaked Mt. Royal is the marvelous city of Montreal. With one hundred eighty-five acres and exotic flora, ten themed greenhouses, and a Chinese lantern garden, Montreal Biodome of Olympic Park in Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve allows its guests to walk through and experience A-class imitations of the four ecosystems in America.

Canada’s largest church and the world’s twenty-seventh, Saint Joseph’s Oratory, a basilica containing an art museum and organ concerts, resides in Westmount Summit. Rekindling and designated as world heritage site in January 1964 and located in the borough of Ville-Marie, Old Montreal, reminisces the old France, from its architectural designs to the culture making the travel to Canada exceptional.

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Places To Visit In Canada, Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill, Manitoba

With a strong reputation known for being a polar bear paradise and a birder’s hotspot, Churchill is located far north from Manitoba. It has a serene environment where one can behold so much beauty from wildlife and nature especially its divine northern lights. Canada’s country points of interest include the Prince of Wales Fort, Eskimo Museum, Cape Merry, and other national parks

Seasonal bird watching, beluga whale encounters, and wildlife expeditions are only some of the things to do in this snowy paradise. Canada’s destinations in this fine town can be mostly found near the Churchill River and Hudson Bay. The best time to travel to Churchill, Canada actually depends, since there are different peak seasons. If one is interested in the polar bear season, then they should visit from July to November and if in whale season, then they should visit in late June and August.

Visit Prince Edward Island in Canada

Prince Edward Island

Enveloping the north shore area of Canada is the breathtaking coastline of Prince Edward Island. Traveling along the coast drive, tourist will uncover the majestic beauty of the landscape framed with red stone cliffs, lighthouses and white sand beaches. Tourists seek out the island’s beauty spots as some of the most historical places to visit in Canada is found here, including the historic Acadian Museum, St. Dunstan’s Basilica, Confederation Bridge and the most popular beach destination, the Singing Sands.

Aside from these scenic landscapes and stunning attractions, the island also offers unending activities. Found in the large city of Charlottetown, the province’s capital is the Green Gables golf course. A haven for all golf players as it houses golf courses considered the best among Canada so if you’re keen and would like to play here, you can check this out to find out where to get equipment before your visit!

Thrill-seeking tourists enjoy activities like deep sea fishing, trailing, cycling and harness racing. The adventure will not be complete without the taste of the amazing local cuisine. The province serves the freshest seafood, including their mouth-watering giant lobsters that will satisfy any foodie’s cravings. Wondering around the island’s exquisite destinations is best with the good weather of summer. Nonetheless, a quick escape in the Prince Edward Island would be a one of a kind experience.

Visit Halifax in Canada


Located in the lush green provincial capital of Nova Scotia in eastern Canada, Halifax maintains its fame for its maritime history. This island is almost surrounded by ocean that will help gain peace and get in sync with the rhythm of the sea. You can embrace the vibe of the island through road trips. A car is optional as one journey along the island because hiking, biking, paddling, or sailing are also ways to spur-of-the-moment findings.

There are different places that one can visit. What to see in Halifax is their famous Halifax’s. These are waterfront warehouses that are considered as historical landmarks. These were once used as a trading hub for privateers during the war of 1812. Travel to Canada and view Halifax’s landmarks this October to experience the pleasant weather brought by fall season and enjoy numerous festivals.

Calgary's Marvelous Historic Attractions


Calgary’s attractions are unique and known as the famous Cowtown in Canada. Situated in the romantic city of Alberta, Calgary offers marvelous historic attractions, great parks, scenic view of two rivers, and museums. There are also cool eateries, music-filled nightlife, steam train ride, a chance to visit penguins and other family-friendly attractions that offer spectacular discovery and entertainment.

Calgary’s tourism is one of the sources of development, especially every month of July where the massive rodeo festival is celebrated, and a rodeo exhibition is held. This attracts a huge number of tourists and the thrill of watching live exhibitions will not fail to make your vacation in this city a memorable one. If not into rodeo exhibitions, one can visit a lot of attractions. Some of them are Dinosaur Provincial Park, Calgary Tower, Glenbow Museum, Devonian Gardens, and The Grain academy and museum.


Tourist Attraction in Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Surrounded by ample green sceneries and open spaces, Winnipeg stands as the vibrant capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. There are different things to do in Winnipeg- from mall shopping, food tripping, to arts and music appreciation.

With its heart beating at the crossroads of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, The Forks, one of Canada points of interest, acts as a repository for shops, festivals, galleries and especially restaurants making multitudes of opportunities for tourists to spend their time in this wonderful destination. The town is actually famous for being the culinary capital of the country offering flavorful multi-ethnic cuisines.

It is also known in the Exchange District, another tourist attraction in Canada, where you can enjoy its lovely, well-preserved 20th-century architecture. The best time to visit Winnipeg is in August where tourists can join festival hypes such as Folkorama which showcases many ethnic communities in the country.

Newfoundland and Labrador-Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador

Everybody loves a boundless find and one can surely discover this at Newfoundland and Labrador-Canada. There will be no required of any Newfoundland and Labrador’s travel guide as one journey along this Canadian province because the vibe of the breeze and the beauty of the horizon will make one feel like home. This province is an archaeological area so there will be a high chance of encountering breath-taking landmarks and unique infrastructures.

To have a great Newfoundland and Labrador travel, getting a Canada travel guide will make a traveler enjoy their stay to the fullest as this will help them to maximize their time and navigate through the country better while being aware of the possible expenses. Some of these famous attractions are Gros Morne Park, St. John’s, Corner Brook, and Western Brook Pond.

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The Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy

An overwhelming scenery will make anyone swoon once they go sightseeing Canada’s seven wonders. The Bay of Fundy lies on the Atlantic coast of North America and made it to the list of the seven wonders of America. In this bay, where the highest tides on earth are formed is also where the rarest whales in the world reside that one can possibly encounter. Endless chance of wandering in this place is the opportunity no one should miss.

Some of these places are Hopewell Cape, Fundy National Park, St. Martins and the Fundy Trail Parkway, and Grand Manan Island. Also, entertaining activities such as hiking, paddling, sightseeing scenic viewpoints, and tradition lighthouses await tourists making it one of the mesmerizing places to visit in Canada.

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#CANADA #NORTHAMERICA #TRAVEL | Places to visit in Canada | Canada travel | Canada holidays | What to do in Canada | Visit Canada | Canada destinations | Trip to Canada | Holidays in Canada | Places to see in Canada
#CANADA #NORTHAMERICA #TRAVEL | Places to visit in Canada | Canada travel | Canada holidays | What to do in Canada | Visit Canada | Canada destinations | Trip to Canada | Holidays in Canada | Places to see in Canada


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