Top 10 BEST Tours in Helsinki (Finland)


Looking for the best tours in Finland? Check this post out now and explore the country with a local!

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, and among the most beautiful European cities, the city is famous for its architectural beauty, due to its strategic location on the Gulf of Finland, shore offers a panoramic scenic beauty of the coastal areas and shorelines.

Be it exploring the historical heritage sites, tasting the Finnish delights, experiencing the Finnish Sauna, exploring the gorgeous national parks, or cruising through the Canal route.

Helsinki never fails to amaze its visitors with extraordinary charm. The city, with its contemporary beauty and laid-back attitude, is enjoyed by millions of travelers across the world.

The following guidelines give you an idea about the top tours in Helsinki.

Top 10 BEST Tours in Helsinki (Finland) 

Helsinki Tour with Local Guide

Helsinki in Finland is famous for its architectural heritage sites and numerous other beautiful attractions. Though you can explore all the travel destinations on your own, the story remains wrapped under the sheets.

That’s why you need a private tour with the local guide who will not only help you explore the heritage sites, museums, coastal areas and other important structures of the city, but also help you know about the history of Finland, its culture, traditions and the mystery behind the famous historical structures.

You have several options to choose from, like City walk tour with the local guide, Normal day tour, Group walking tour, Museum Tour, Cruises and Water Tours, Shore Excursion tours, All activity tour and so on as per your time limit and budget.

They generally pick you from hotels or any famous landmark. Each package comes with different rates, like for a regular walking tour.

The local guide covers the city localities, sightseeing locations on the way, neighborhoods, while if you want to opt for heritage sites, fees for the guide needs to be endorsed by you as it is not included in the package.

As for the general prices, children under 3 years are free of cost while the ones from 3 to 12 get a 50 percent discount. The packaged tours, however, have different rates as per the destinations and transportation. Tipping for tours in Finland is not also included in the packages but highly encouraged. 


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Nuuksio National Park

If you are traveling in Helsinki, don’t miss the day tour from Helsinki to Nuuksio National Park. It is among the 40 national parks of Helsinki and a very popular tourist destination away from the city crowds.

You can board any train from Helsinki to Espoo of the region S, U, L, or E. After reaching Espoo, you have to take the 85 or 85A bus followed by a 2km walk to reach the destination.

The Park was built in 1994 and is extremely beautiful, covering the forest areas and lakes of Espoo. The Park sprawls across an area of 45 square kilometers and comprises different types of lakes, ponds, swamps, and forest vegetation. It is an ideal place for nature lovers to seek peace and serenity in the lap of Mother Nature.

There is a total of 43 lakes in the National Park offering breathtaking scenic beauty intercepted by gorgeous landscapes, pine vegetation, and barren rocky hills.

Flying Squirrels are very common in the Park with a variety of plant species like Hazel, Little leaf Linden, Liverleafs, Wood anemones, and many more. The Park is also home to various migratory birds and an excellent destination for forest hiking.


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wooden houses in porvoo


Porvoo is a beautiful old town in Finland, having high historical importance and also the oldest city in Finland. It is famous for its beautiful riverside warehouses, local poets and artists, shopping, river cruising, dining, and taking casual strolls on the riverside area.

It takes approximately 1 and a half hours to reach Porvoo from Helsinki and can be traveled by bus, private cars, boats, trains, and even by cycling.

The best attractions of the town are its 15th-century cathedrals and buildings from the 18th to 19th century. The city is named after its famous cathedral, known as Porvoo Cathedral, which is one of the oldest churches in Finland. The beauty of the destination is enchanting and gives the best shore view lined with numerous red houses.

The cruise trip from Helsinki to Porvoo gives you the best exposure to the city and its panoramic beauty. Before you move on to the city attractions, take a walking tour exploring the beautiful streets, lanes, and, most importantly, Porvoo Cathedral.

Other famous attractions include Old Town Hall, red warehouse buildings, shopping destinations on the Jokikatu and valikatu area, Museums like Doll and Toy Museum, Albert edelfelt Studio Museum, The Art Factory, and many others.

You can also fulfill your desired culinary delights at Meat District, Petris Chocolate Room, and have a warm sip of tea at the Halmi tea and coffee house.


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Helsinki Small-Group Walking Tour

A small-group walking tour in Helsinki will help you feel the city with enough time to know about the places and its culture in detail.

Though it will not cover too many destinations like packaged tours, it’s the best way to learn about city culture. The group walking tours are generally conducted for approximately 2.5 to 3 hours, picking you from the City Hall.

It starts from the Helsinki harbors giving you an opportunity to see the ships, ferries sailing across the sea, view the beautiful islands, and walk through the harbor breathing the fresh air in the gorgeous settings of the city.

From the harbor, the tour continues to Upenski Cathedral, which is the largest and famous orthodox cathedral in entire Northern Europe.

Close to the cathedral is the Senate Square area, which is a beautiful vibrant open market. After a walk through the colorful market, the tour continues to Parliament House of Helsinki in the famous Mannerheim Street.

In the way, you pass across popular destinations like the National Museum, Finlandia Hall, Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Arts, and Kiasma.

The tour concludes by visiting the Temppeliaukio Church, which is famous in Helsinki being constructed of Solid Rock.

It is also popularly called the Rock church. While traveling in Helsinki, don’t forget to spend a few hours of the day taking this small-group walking tour before covering its numerous heritage locations.


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Helsinki Half Day City Tour

If you are having a very short trip to Helsinki, you can opt for the Helsinki Half day City tour package as it is the best way to cover the remarkable attractions of the city in a small-time. The tour is private and conducted by a local guide for approximately 4 hours to uncover the hidden stories of the city.

There are different packages for half-day tours, and you can opt for a minivan tour to explore the city attractions or go for a walking tour.

The tour starts from the coastal areas of Helsinki, exploring the city harbors and beautiful islands to the famous Upenski Cathedral of Northern Europe and follows the same routes as the above-mentioned group walking city tour.

It covers Helsinki University, the open Market area of Market Square featuring various shopping destinations with local cuisines, Esplanade Park, the Helsinki parliament building at Mannerheimintie Street, to ends at Helsinki Rock Church in the Töölö district.


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Private Food and Beer Tour

This tour lets you explore the traditional delights of Helsinki at its best. Being a foreigner, most travelers are quite unaware of what to eat in Helsinki, so a local guide conducting the food and beer tour will help you taste the best delights which otherwise you might be missing.

The tour is held for approximately 2 hours, where the guide takes you to the authentic food destinations and helps you taste the fresh seasonal vegetables, berries, and other Finnish delights.

The tour starts from the Old market hall housing the Finnish delights and ingredients. The foods suggested by the local guide are included in the package. However, you can also taste the ones of your choice, but that will be excluded from the package.

From Old Market Hall, the tour proceeds to the brewery where you can taste the authentic Finnish beers. After spending a good time at the brewery and exploring the various beer options, the tour concludes with traditional Finnish cuisine at a good Finnish restaurant and few candies to end the trip on a sweet note. It is an entertaining short tour for all travelers, especially the foodies.


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Helsinki City Card

Helsinki offers a fantastic opportunity for the tourists to save money in their Helsinki trip by issuing the Helsinki City Card.

If you purchase this card, it is valid for a maximum period of 72 hours, giving you free access to more than 20+ biggest attractions of the city like Canal route exploration, Suomenlinna Fortress, Rock Church, plenty of museums and other top attractions in the city.

It also offers free transportation in the city of local transports, and even Suomenlinna Ferries, no matter how many times you ride and wherever you go within three days.

All you need to show is the city card everywhere, and there you go without paying the ticket and transportation fares. Apart from the 20+ city attractions, there are also discounts on Helsinki sky wheel ride, sea rides, and Helsinki Zoo entry.

Updating the card will even give you free transportation access along with airport pick up and drop to the areas outside Helsinki like Vantaa, Espoo, and Kauniainen.

Other popular discounted tours include Cruise Tour to Tallinn, Shopping, and up to 20% off in restaurants. It even comes with a guide brochure to help you plan the trip and save money accordingly.


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Top Tours in Helsinki Sipoonkorpi National Park
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Half-Day Hike at Sipoonkorpi National Park

Sipoonkorpi National Park is one of the beautiful natural wonders and it has some of the best hiking trails in Finland located at a distance of 25kms from Helsinki. You can reach the Park easily with any local transport or private cars from Helsinki within 45 minutes.

For all nature admirers, don’t miss this amazing day trip and also for the adventure enthusiasts as you will be having the best time hiking through the forest trails of the National Park with the help of a local guide, of course.

The Park has a stunning scenic beauty being vibrant green with wilderness in the air. The Park consists of varieties of flora and fauna along with the huge rock pieces formed from the glaciers of Ice Age.

The hiking trails start from Byabacken and Kalkinpolttajan nature trail for 3.5 hours approximately. The local guide takes you through the rugged terrains to several rock formations, rocky shores, and enchanting lakes, see the Giant’s Kettles, and many other exciting attractions. Half-Day hiking at Sipoonkorpi National Park is also an amazing eco-friendly tour discovering the wonders of nature.


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Helsinki Stopover Tour with Round Trip airport transfers

Helsinki Stopover tour is for those travelers who are having a layover at Helsinki for longer hours, say, for example, 8 to 9 hours. It often happens to travelers going from Western Europe to Asia or vice versa.

Instead of getting bored for long hours waiting at the airport, you can opt for the Stopover tour to travel the beautiful attractions of the city within 3 to 4 hours.

The stopover tour packages come with the airport pick up and drop off with free transportation and local guide to help you explore the city.

You can get trains, trams, and buses directly near the Airport area, that goes to the city center, and from there you can avail of the local transports to see the city attractions.

It lets you explore the Senate Square area, National Library, University of Helsinki, Lutheran cathedral, with other 12 top city attractions. If you have 24hours waiting, you can even opt for the long stopover tours for 7 to 12 hours exploring almost all highlighted areas of the city and returning to the airport in time.


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90 Helsinki Boat sightseeing On Beautiful Canal Route

Helsinki Canal roué is one of the breathtaking sightseeing destinations of the city, and taking a boat trip through the Canal route is beyond beautiful. The 90 minutes cruise tour departs from Market square.

It covers all gorgeous shorelines, and islands dotted by the beautiful locations like Suomenlinna Fortress, Korkeasaari Island, Helsinki Zoo, Degero canal, etc. covering many interesting stories about the archipelago, spotting the fleet of Icebreakers, and accompanying the tourists with refreshing wines, coffees, and beverages from the cruise cafeteria.

The cruising tour offers stunning views of the famous city attractions across the canal route, and the surrounding scenic beauty is heavenly. No matter how many draws you cover, do miss this beautiful tour at any cost while in Helsinki.


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Top Tours in Helsinki Helsinki Finland


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