Top 10 BEST Tours in Sweden


Choose from various Sweden tours to plan a wholesome itinerary to see jaw-dropping attractions. There are plenty of tours in Sweden for the different travel experience.

Sweden is a breathtakingly beautiful country made up of equally stunning archipelagos. Most tourists visiting Sweden stick to the usual few places, but Sweden has a lot more to offer than you might think.

From the picture-perfect islands that make the Stockholm archipelago, the pristine white snow-capped mountains, medieval cities, to jaw-dropping cathedrals, there is something for everyone.

There are plenty of tours in Sweden during mild summers and icy cold winters. If you are someone that is into partying and experiencing the nightlife, then summer would be an ideal time to visit. Sweden tours during winter months starting from November through March is the time when the landscape turns into a truly magical winter wonderland.

During these winter months, if you can brave the extreme cold, you can visit the northern part and enjoy the spectacular northern lights. The country is not at all cheap, but being a witness to all the truly mesmerizing things that it has to offer is just worth it all.

Let us look at some of the famous tour itineraries that contain, in essence, the places worth visiting while you are there.

Top 10 BEST Tours in Sweden

Old Town Stockholm Sweden
via Wikimedia Commons|Bengt Nyman

Stockholm Old Town Walking Tour

While in Stockholm, exploring the city on foot is a fun way to really know about its historical pasts and its monuments. The walking tour of Stockholm’s old town or Gamla Stan, as it is called in Swedish, is one of the most famous tours.

You can leisurely meander through winding streets walking on the century-old cobblestone alleyways. While strolling around, you can visit the Riddarholm Church, which was inaugurated in the year 1300.

The public square of Birger Jarls Torg is where you can see the statue of the founder of Stockholm ”Birger Jarl” erected in the year 1858. The square is dotted with six palaces dating back to the 1600s. Numerous government officials now inhabit these palaces.

While on this tour you also get a view of the beautiful Lake Mälaren and the nearby countryside. You can embark on this tour on your own or opt for a guided one. This a fairly doable tour and takes about 90 minutes to finish.

Check the tour here

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Skansen Open Air Museum

Stockholm: Skansen Open-Air Museum Admission Ticket

First opened on October 11, 1891, Skansen is the oldest open-air museum in Stockholm. It is located on the island of Djurgården. If you really want to time travel (not literally), this is one museum that you cannot miss. This museum is not your regular cookie cutter of a museum. It is, as the title suggests, an open-air museum that represents every known part of Sweden.

From the Sami people’s camps in the northern part of Sweden to the lush farms in the Skåne region of southern Sweden, it has it all covered. This museum has a huge collection of historical monuments, churches, and much more. These monuments and buildings exhibited date back to the 18th,19th, and 20th centuries.

Besides monuments, it also has some shops, pretty cafes, an aquarium and a zoo with almost 75 different species of animals. Visiting this museum is a great way to get familiar with the traditions and ways of living of the Swedish people. For entry, you need a ticket.

Check the tour here

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Stockholm Winter Tour by Boat

If you do not mind the super chilly Swedish cold weather, you should definitely hop on a ferry boat and enjoy a tour of the city. The cruise takes you on a trip around the island of Fjäderholmarna and along the city’s docks. You can enjoy the journey while listening to the guide explain it all.

If you feel yourself shivering in the middle, you can always go for a hot and steaming bowl of Sweden’s famous pea soup. And if that doesn’t help much, you can also sip on a mug of traditional mulled wine, Glögg, which is served hot.

Check the tour here

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Half-Day Viking Culture Tour from Stockholm

If you are a movie fanatic and want to learn about the Vikings (made oh so popular by Hollywood) from an expert Swedish guide, this is the right tour for you. This Viking Sweden tour is for 5 to 6 hours.

The visitors are picked up from their hotels or the central station of Stockholm in a minivan. While on the way you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Sweden’s countryside. The tour has several stops, the first one being at Broby Bro.

Here you can visit a Viking grave field. The tour will showcase you the process of how people were buried at that time and also enlighten you about the female Viking- Estrid.

The next stop is at Jarlabanki’s causeway. Here you can visit the 150-meter long causeway built in the 11th century by the earl Jarlabanki.

You can also visit the Viking council where you can learn about how the Vikings ran the society, their culture, and state of mind. Further on, you can visit the medieval Vallentuna church, which is home to Sweden’s oldest book- the Vallentuna Calendar.

The next halt would be at Sigtuna. This little town has around 8000 inhabitants. It is the oldest town in Sweden. Here you can visit the Sigtuna museum and take a leisurely walk around town.

You can see some 18th-century houses made of wood, church ruins dating back to the 12th century, all the while enjoying the beautiful views of the Sigtuna bay. The tour ends here, and all the visitors head back to Stockholm after this. This is one of the most exciting and interesting tours in Sweden for all Viking enthusiasts.

Check the tour here

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Stockholm Archipelago
Image by Edutainment from Pixabay

Stockholm Archipelago Cruise with Guide

If you do not have much time to spend but want to enjoy the best of Stockholm’s archipelago, this is the perfect tour for you. The duration is not that long- about 2-3 hours.

A boat takes you cruising to see the most beautiful parts of the city. The guided tour will have an experienced guide sharing interesting anecdotes about the various historical places that you pass by. The boat has an in-house cafeteria that serves hot beverages and snacks to munch on while enjoying the scenic view.

Check the tour here

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top day trips from stockholm sweden featured

Royal Canal Tour – Explore Stockholm by Boat

The Royal Tour takes you through the lush green parts of Stockholm. Hop on a canal boat that will take you sailing along the Djurgården Canal. This canal separates the island of Djurgården from the mainland in the northern part.

You get some breathtaking views of the greener areas as well as some historical monuments and museums. At the end of this 50-minute cruise, you will have experienced a different side of Stockholm.

Check the tour here

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stockholm guide things to do in stockholm swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam

Stockholm Culinary Tour

If gastronomy is what excites you, the Stockholm Culinary Tour is your best bet. The main aim of this tour is to familiarize visitors with the restaurants that greatly impacted Sweden’s culinary domain.

The tour starts from the Östermalm area, here you can sample some delicious cheeses, meats, and ”The Gold of The North” beer. Further on, in the city’s heart, you can learn about the famous nordic meatballs, what really goes into its making and what is served along with it.

Passing through the King’s garden, the tour ends at the 13th-century old town, which comprises of winding alleyways. Here you can end your journey on a sweet note with a taste of some traditional candies.

Check the tour here

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Lund & Malmö: Guided Tour of 2 Countries in One Day

This tour takes you on a memorable journey and sightseeing of two famous Swedish cities – Lund & Malmö. The tour starts with a stopover visit to Hamlet’s castle.

Hamlet’s castle is one of the most important places to visit. From there, head on a drive along Strandvejen and reach the quaint town of Helsingør.

While you are here, you can browse through the alluring old town streets before hopping on a boat that will head you to Sweden. The boat will then take you sailing across Øresund, the strait that divides Denmark from Sweden.

Sailing along the shores, you will be taken to the beautiful city of Lund. At Lund, you can visit 1145 built Lund cathedral. After you are done exploring Lund, you will then be taken to the city of Malmö, which is also the third-largest city of Sweden.

At Malmö, you can relax and engage in some retail therapy as you can buy things at surprisingly low prices due to Sweden’s low purchase tax that is applicable here. The tour then ends at Copenhagen with some stunning views of the Øresund Bridge.

Check the tour here

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Old Town architecture in Stockholm Sweden

Welcome to Stockholm: Private Tour with a Local

If you are someone that does not like traveling in groups and would rather get a personalized first-hand experience of the city on your own, then a private tour accompanied by an amiable local is your best bet. You can arrange to meet anywhere close to where you are staying or a familiar landmark.

While on this tour you can get learn a lot and get familiar with all the famous places nearby. You can also find out about the best places to buy your groceries from or have your morning cup of coffee at.

At the end of the tour, you will find yourself more sure about going about and exploring the city on your own. This is usually an on-foot Sweden tour, but you can also prearrange for a private taxi or better take the local transport.

Check the tour here

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Tours in Sweden: Things to do in Malmö

Malmö: Small-Group Bike Tour

Sightseeing while riding a bike gives you a whole new stance, and is without a doubt, the most pleasurable way to go exploring a city. The Malmö small-group tour is a short duration (3 hrs) tour in which you get to pedal around soaking up the grandeur of this fantastic city.

You can pass by some classic and famous landmarks, including the Turning Torso tower and the Malmö Castle built in the 15th century. This bike tour is suitable for small groups and one of the most pleasurable small tours in Sweden.

Check the tour here

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