Christmas Gift Ideas: Top 10 Travel Gifts for Her


Looking for the best travel gifts for her? Read this post now find out some of the best gifts you can give her that she'll actually use and like!

Are you looking for the best travel gifts for her or other loved ones who enjoy going about and exploring the world? We have written the best gifts for women that not only useful while they are traveling but also practical as they don’t take a lot of space and you can guarantee that it is something they will bring to a holiday with them.

Tips and criteria on what are the best travel gifts for women

  • It should be useful for her during her travels
  • It should be something she’ll need in the duration of her travels
  • It ensures her safety if she’s traveling alone
  • It is something that will keep her entertained during long hours of travels (i.e., long flights, etc.)
  • Something that can be used in different ways
  • Depending on her personality, it should be something that aligns to what she either need or want
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable

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Here are the top travel gifts for her that she’ll really use during her travels

Travel gift card

Tingly gift ideas

Does she like unique experiences and is heading somewhere for a holiday? A gift card is perhaps not the most exciting gift to give but bear in mind that if it leads to something exciting – it makes up for it! Tinggly is a really good place to look for something that can make her vacation unforgettable.

Check it out some of the good stuff over at Tinggly – experience gift.

Interchangeable sarong


Sarongs are useful while traveling. Not only it can be used as a cover-up during beach holidays, but it can also be used as a personal towel or beach towel.

Another way she can use sarongs is as cover up on chilly nights or as a lightweight blanket on planes. Also, it can easily be used as a dress on humid days or nights by the beach.

The best sarong usually is just a piece of square or rectangular decorative fabric made out of lightweight material such as cotton. Make sure that it is made out of good materials so she would feel comfortable wearing it during hot days!

Portable power bank


In today’s world, it is rather important to stay connected, and if she’s traveling alone, it is imperial to be so she can update family and friends regarding her whereabouts.

A portable power bank is a useful gift for her so she can keep all her electronics full in battery so, in case of emergency, she can easily connect online.

On top of that, during long haul flights, it is always Nice to have extra power sources as not all international flights nowadays have an entertainment system.

For more information about what power banks to buy, please read our detailed post about it.

Lightweight travel jacket with pockets


Depending on where she’s deading, a multi-purpose travel jacket is always one of the good travel presents for her as she can wear it even if she’s not traveling.

Also, getting her a lightweight jacket ensures that it won’t add weight to her luggage, and the pockets will help her go through security checks easily as she can stuff all her important belongings such as passport, phones, etc. in it.

For more information about what lightweight travel jacket to buy, read our review about itAlso, read our top winter destination recommendations and what to pack for the cold weather!

Kindle Paperwhite


Is she an avid reader? If so, getting a Kindle is always one of the fantastic Christmas gift ideas for her! You can even buy the travel guide ebooks of whatever destination she’s heading from Amazon and download it to her Kindle, so it is a double surprise!

Also, a book is always a wonderful idea to bring with her during long haul travel journeys as sometimes there are only enough movies in the entertainment choices in planes you can watch.

If you’re interested in what books to download in her Kindle, please refer to our travel novel guides.

Travel electric adapter


Needless to say, a travel adapter is always a travel essential regardless of where you go. Not only some adapters also have USB ports, but they are still useful in countries you have no idea what plugs they use.

She will truly appreciate this small gift as it is a reminder that you’ve thoroughly thought about her needs and aligned it with her personality.

For more info about travel adapters, please read our guide on what to buy.

Travel toiletry bag


This is yet another essential thing one can bring with them on their journey. Do not underestimate organized luggage because the last thing you want is having to go through your stuff and not finding it in a matter of minutes.

That said, you don’t want her to be in the same situation either, so giving her a travel toiletry bag so she can keep her belongings in order will certainly help her during her travels.

Here’s our buying guide on what are the best travel toiletry bags.

Packing cubes


Just like a toiletry bag, packing cubes fall under proper travel organization. It keeps her belongings tight and organized. Also, this will give her luggage an extra space for other things she might need during her travels.

Surely, this one of the Christmas gifts for her, especially is she enjoys traveling. Not to mention, we also have a good buying guide for packing cubes, read it here.



Does she like to listen to music? Then perhaps a good quality noise-canceling headphone would be one of the best travel gifts for her. It is useful for long flights, long land journeys, or noisy hostels where she might stay. Nonetheless, it is also something she can use even if she’s not traveling.

Read our headphones buying guide, read it here.

Travel camera


One of the best ways to cherish old travels is through photographs. Yes, we all have smartphones, which also take photos. However, an excellent small compact camera is also all that it takes to create amazing memories from her travels.

If you’re interested in buying nice travel gifts for her, then a nice travel camera is a good idea. Read our camera reviews here.

Stylish camera bag


If you end up buying her a nice camera, why not have it in a cute bag, as well? Now, this might be something she might not need, but it is always a good idea to invest in a sturdy camera bag to protect the camera as the weather can be unpredictable in some countries she might visit.

Read our camera bag reviews here.

Reusable collapsible water bottle


Remember the note after the introduction regarding eco-friendly and sustainable products? There are a lot of countries, especially in Asia, that struggles with landmasses filled with non-biodegradable plastic that will remain there for hundreds of years. As a traveler, we need to be aware of this and take small parts to reduce it.

Giving and educating people with knowledge about this issue will slowly help the world recover from this problem. So, to take part in this, why not gift people with something they can use over and over again without leaving a lot of waste along the way?

There are plenty of ways to get clean water. For example, most European countries have drinkable tap water, and in Asia, there are refill centers, and most hotels will fill it up for them for a small fee.

They don’t have to always buy drinking water in disposable water bottles. If you give this type of gift, it encourages people to be more eco-friendly and sustainable not only during travels but at all times.

We have reviewed some of the best water bottles there are, and some even have a filtration system, read it here.

Reusable cutleries


Just like the water bottle, a lot of countries around the world like those in Asia still use plastic cutleries when you order food. If you get her gifts like this one, it will encourage her to refuse using these plastic cutleries as she has one she can use all the time.

Again, little effort helps, and this is something she can use even if she’s not traveling. Read our minimalist travel packing list.

Comfortable, lightweight shoes


Traveling means you walk a lot. By a lot, we meant hours on end. So, one of the best travel gifts for her would be lightweight travel shoes that can take her everywhere without blisters.

Read our reviews here.

Quick-dry microfibre travel towel


This is, yet again, another useful and essential travel gear you can give her as a present. Quite a lot of travelers, especially those who travel frequently or long term, tend to stay more in hostels and guesthouses where amenities are limited.

Bringing a quick-dry towel with them enables them to stay at cheaper accommodation comfortably. A lot of cheap destination hostels and guesthouses around the world don’t offer towels, or they can rent one for a fee, so having their towel is essentially more hygienic.

Read our quick-dry towel guide here.

Travel wallet organizer


Airport security checks can sometimes (or most of the time) be a hassle to many, and having all your important belonging in one wallet (i.e., passport, driving license, money, credit cards, etc.) is handy during at this time.

Again, proper organization during travels is essential. You can find our travel wallet buying guide in this post.

Safety alarm


As a solo female traveler, we always have to stay safe and rely on our instinct a lot. A safety alarm is something small but can give a tremendous impact of she’s feeling like she’s under some sort of attack. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

She can easily attach this with her keys or keep it in her pocket, as long as it is easily accessible, she should be able to press this safety alarm whenever she’s not feeling safe.

Security door stop alarm


This is useful if she’s alone in a guest house, hostel, or homestay. A security door stop alarm is something she can up under the door, and in case someone tries to break or go in, it will set off and wake her up from her sleep.

Passport holder


Give her a personalized or cute little going away gift in the form of a passport holder, which she can use to also stash her boarding pass and other essentials such as credit cards, and so on. Also, this protects her passport from possible damage.

Travel diary


Does she like to write? Give her something to write her thoughts on! It is always nice to read back what cool things you’re done during your travels, and honestly, a travel diary doesn’t necessarily need to take up so much space. There are cool travel diaries that are the size of your palm. As long as it is something she can write her memories on, that’s what’s important.

A plane ticket to somewhere

If this list still didn’t help much, the one thing you can get her that she will love you for eternity – a trip to somewhere. Done and dusted, you don’t even have to think about it. Learn how to find cheap flights using our handy guide! Also, don’t forget to remind her to get travel insurance.


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