Quick facts and USA travel tips

  • Capital City? Washington, D.C
  • Currency? US dollars
  • Languages? English, Spanish
  • Where is this place? North America
  • What is the USA famous for? National parks, road trips, beautiful beaches, mountains, technology, theme parks, Hollywood, sports, and music
  • How to get there? You can easily fly to many State capital from around the world. You can also cross the border by land from Canada and Mexico. There are also loads of cruises that go from Europe to the States.
  • Transportation in the USA? Buses, trains, renting your own car, and flying
  • Which side of the road do they drive? Right-hand side
  • What is the electricity plug type? Type A and B. Read our electric adapter review!
  • Neighboring countries? Canada and Mexico

Do you need a visa for the USA?

There are a different type of visas if you want to enter the USA:

  • Non-immigrant visa – tourism, business, work, visiting family members, or for studies
  • Immigrant visa – for those who would like to immigrate to the USA

To make things a bit more interesting when it comes to applying for a non-immigrant visa, there are also different types of visas and waivers depending on your citizenship:

SSTA waiver visa for USA countries who can apply

  • If you belong to one of the countries above, you do not need to apply for a non-immigrant visa but you would need to apply for a Waiver Program also called ESTA. Here’s our step-by-step guide, click here.
  • If you, however, are from the Republic of China then you need to apply for the EVUS visa.
  • If you don’t belong in one of the countries above nor is a citizen of the Republic of China, you would need to apply for a B1 or B2 non-immigrant tourist visa.

Where to book your flights to the USA?

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Do you need travel insurance for the USA?

Remember this: anything can happen! Read our take on why you need travel insurance and how it can save you money when things go unplanned – read it here.

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