Andorra Vacation Ideas

Quick Facts & Travel Tips

  • Capital City? Andorra la Vella
  • Currency? Euro
  • Language(s)? Catalan
  • Where is this country located? Western Europe
  • What is Andorra famous for? For being small, tobacco, sceneries, and skiing
  • Best time to visit Andorra and seasons? All-year-round is a good time to visit! However, Summer (June to August) is the peak season and so is Winter (November to March) is the best time for winter activities while Spring (April to May) and Autumn (September to October) are the shoulder seasons
  • Transportation in Andorra? Buses are the best ways to get around Andorra
  • International Airport(s)? Andorra does not have an international airport but you can land in Nice, Barcelona, and Girona – the three biggest cities closest to Andorra.
  • Which side of the road do they drive? Right-hand side
  • What is the electricity plug type? Types C and F. 230V. Check out our electric plug adapter reviews!
  • Neighboring countries? France and Spain

Do you need a visa for Andorra?

Most countries don’t need a visa to enter Andorra granted you’re staying less than 90 days.

However, it gets tricky because it is a landlocked country and in order to enter it, you’ll need to go through its neighboring countries which you might need to apply visa for.

Both Spain and France require a valid Schengen Visa before entry, for more information on how to retrieve one, read our easy to follow guide on how to apply for one – read it here!

Where to book your flights to Andorra?

Check our handy-dandy guide on how to find the cheapest flights around the world – read it here.

Do you need travel insurance for Andorra?

Remember this: anything can happen! Read our take on why you need travel insurance and how it can save you money when things go unplanned – read it here.


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