How to Keep Hold of the Travel Mantra


Are you wondering how to keep track of your travel mantra? Read this post and learn about it.

If you love traveling, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you’re not traveling. Whilst you might jet off on a trip whenever you can, work-life, family life, or financial restrictions may mean that you don’t get to travel as much as you might like.

However, if you’re a traveler at heart, there are ways of making every day seem more exciting when you’re in between trips. So, how can you keep hold of the travel mantra?

How to Keep Hold of the Travel Mantra

travel photos
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As a keen traveler, you probably take pictures wherever your adventure takes you. Your phone might be full of photos of beautiful landscapes, delicious foreign food and the friends you’ve met along the way. So, display them.

Whilst it’s Nice to scroll through your phone and remember the great times you’ve had, it can be even better to put those pictures on display in your home or office.

Whether you opt for photo frames, albums, or prints like those from Hello Canvas, putting your memories on display can remind you of the best trips and inspire you to go on more.

Travel mementos
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Alongside photos, you’ve probably picked up lots of mementos from your travels. Artwork, clothes, and pottery from different cultures can be so unique, and you may like to collect memories from different places.

If so, like photos, it will remind you of your love of traveling if you display your mementos in your house or office. It could inspire interesting travel conversations when you have guests round and may inspire gifts, too.

Likeminded people

If you’re someone who’s used to traveling solo, you may be great at meeting likeminded people on your travels. But why restrict that to traveling? If you live in a big city, it may be difficult to connect with people in the same way – everyone knows how awkward it can be when you get eye contact with someone on the Subway. But if your love of traveling boils down to a love of meeting new people, you can definitely recreate this in your hometown.

There are plenty of friendly meet-up apps that get people together based on their interests, or why don’t you invite some new friends round to your place for a travel-based trivia night? Fellow travelers will love to meet you, and you can exchange travel stories for hours. You might even find your next travel buddy.

How to Keep Hold of the Travel Mantra adventure
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Putting adventure in the everyday

The travel mantra is exactly that: a mantra. So, even if you’re at your boring day job, you can bring adventure to the everyday. Traveling is all about being free-spirited and not restricting yourself to a schedule – so if this is what your personality is suited to, try to find a job that allows you to be flexible and creative.

Work with flexible hours will allow you to regularly meet new people, and you may even be able to travel. If this isn’t feasible, you can put adventure into your every day with little acts like taking a different route to work, starting a new hobby, or learning about a new culture. Your next adventure could be around the corner.

Travel mementos


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