Pro Tip: How to Pack a Useful Travel Medical Kit


Do you want to know what the pros have in their travel medical kit when they travel? Here's an overview of what you should have in your own kit!

When going on a foreign trip for business or leisure, you may want to carry your medications with your travel medical kit.

If you forget basic travel essentials like a bathing suit or toothpaste, you can easily buy them when you land into your destination. But you may not want to risk buying the wrong alternative for your medications. You may not want to travel without medications, either.

We recommend you to prepare yourself before traveling. Be sure to do your own research on what to do in case of an emergency.

There are different things to do in case you lose track of your medication while traveling. But you may always want to be ready for this situation and stay up to date while knowing what to do to stay fit and safe.

Unless you plan to climb Mount Everest alone where you may not get supplies easily, be sure to carry light travel medical kits. Don’t pack your kit overly and make it expand without any control.

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What to consider when packing travel first aid kit?

Consider the typical challenges and what might happen when making travel medical kit list:

  • Blisters are very common if you are going to walk more than expected
  • Stomach problems may occur if you are going to try a new food every now and then
  • You might be seriously jet-lagged if you are traveling to Asia in the first week
  • You may get infected due to insect bites and small scrapes in humid conditions
  • There are chances that you might want to help your travel partner or any other traveler along the journey
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Travel medical kit checklist must-have essentials


A digital thermometer is a must-have accessory in travel medical kits. You can use it to monitor the fever and know when you need medical help. It comes handy in tropical places where dengue fever is very common.


Be it Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, or Panadol, the key here is to carry some of the painkillers in your travel medical kit list. Try some natural remedies and water. Be sure to carry painkillers for your kids too.

Tablets for vomiting and diarrhea

They are one of the best travel medical kit essentials to keep food poisoning at bay. Pack some electrolytes and black tea with salt to end this horror.

Surgical tape

Admit it – surgical tape comes in handy in most situations than you expect.

Plasters or band-aids

They come super handy items for travel emergency medical kit. You may not want your wound to spread infection with air exposure and bleeding. If you get cuts or scars, humid and polluted air can do more harm than good. You should carry band-aids if you are traveling with kids.

Steep tweezers

You may want to use them to get rid of ticks, splinters, or any other irritation. At least, don’t keep them up on the flight.

Hand sanitizers

They really come handy after using toilets where you cannot find soap. Instead of a bottle, you can use paper soaps or wipes that come in packets. You can also use them before treating an injury.

Gauze pads

These sterile pads are vital to cover and clean injuries or scrapes, which are very large for the plaster. Be sure to carry a few of them of different sizes.

Alcohol wipes

You may definitely want to carry them in a mini travel medical kit for disinfecting thermometers, wounds, tweezers, and other items. They can dry out after a year. So, be sure to check them if they are still wet before packing.

Antibacterial cream or ointment

It is highly recommended to curing minor inspections before they get worse.

Some Smart Additions

You can also carry some of these items in your medical kit travel pack:

Electrolyte blends

They are especially vital to carry when you are traveling to destinations having tropical climates. Don’t use them every time. They contain a high amount of sodium. So, use them only when you have lost plenty of sweat.

Latex gloves

They truly come in handy if you will be using first aid to other people or touch body fluids.

Benadryl (Antihistamine tablets)

These anti-allergic tablets are very vital to avoid rashes and reactions from plants and foods you come in contact with.

Pills for motion sickness

They are very helpful, especially when you are going for boat rides and rough bus rides. In case your bag is inaccessible, keep some pills in your pocket. Even if there is less risk of motion sickness, the other person around you might suffer the same. Proper sleep can help after traveling for the long term.

Pills for cold relief

Because of being vulnerable to outside microbes, the chances of getting cold are very high while traveling. So, you may want to carry some cold relief pills. It would be better if they can cure drowsiness also.

Preparing Your Own First Aid Kit for Travel

You may want to pack soft or zippered cases. It really comes in handy to carry a waterproof case to prevent leakage. Don’t pack heavy liquids or glass bottles that might leak. Choose travel-size essentials or wipes for single use. Just like your toiletries, your first aid liquids can also leak in case temperature changes or pop due to pressure. Be sure to carry enough of all items.

As a general tip, you may also prepare a customized first aid kit for travel that can make a practical or unique gift for someone who travels a lot.

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How to Pack Pills in Travel Kit?

You may want to carry a few over-the-counter pills in your waterproof bottle. But you might find it hard to know what is for what, and you will end up with a mismatch of pills of different colors and sizes after months. Due to this reason, you can make a small cheat sheet to help you identify pills by color or markings. Store the tablets in a pill bottle or first aid kits.

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How to Keep Prescription Medicines with you while traveling?

It happens most of the time when we don’t prepare our prescription medicines for travel. If possible, keep your prescription handy and your medicine in its original bottle, especially when you are also carrying a lot of pills on a week-long trip.

Have a proper supply of medicines that can last several days on the flight, especially when your luggage is delayed. You may not be able to carry your first aid kit on the plane because pointy objects and gels may cause suspicion.

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Do you need to buy travel first aid supplies?

Pharmacists are skilled enough in some countries to diagnose mild illnesses like cold and offer the right medications to recover. Sometimes, you won’t need a prescription from the doctor. Especially if you are traveling to Asia, you may walk to the pharmacy and buy medications you need. But we would still recommend avoiding diagnosing your problems on your own.

You may buy some common medications like aspirin at pharmacies without prescription across Southeast Asia. However, you should beware of pharmacists who seek opportunities from buyers who are looking for prescription medicines. They may recommend some that are not actually needed, especially antibiotics. So, you need to be aware.

Most pharmacists still don’t have any idea about the similarities of American brand names with first aid items and drugs. European brands are very common, as they are a lot cheaper as compared to American medicines. Therefore, it is better to ask for paracetamol rather than Tylenol and plaster instead of Band-Aid.

Some pharmacies also carry ice packs, gauze, and all heavy items you cannot carry in your light first aid kit across Asia. To deal with the situation, you can pack only those items you need and buy other supplies when you get to the destination.

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Look for Travel Insurance

Apart from getting the right vaccinations and travel first aid kit, you can choose the right insurance cover when going on a foreign trip. Choose the right travel insurance plan before leaving. Be sure to cover the basic emergencies to avoid extra costs on your foreign travel. But be sure to read the terms and conditions properly. Insurance coverage for adventure sports might be expensive. Most policies don’t cover motorbike rentals.

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Some helpful tips for packing first aid kit

You can also buy some customized and ready-made first aid kits for travel from online shopping sites like Amazon. Choose the one, which consists of most essentials which are recommended for adventurers and families:

  • Choose tablets over gels or liquids because you cannot carry them in ziplock bags.
  • You may choose the travel size packages. You can ask your doctor to carry some sample size products.
  • It is true that bottles take ample space. Be sure to look for flat-pack products or sachets. If possible, go with boxed packages to save up space. Also, label them with important details to keep things organized.
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