Awesome Eats: Travelers Share Their Favorite Food From Around The Globe

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Travelers share their favorite food from around the globe! Discover some of the world's delicious local dishes through these amazing people.

Hmm… Food! Isn’t something we all can agree to? Or is it just me? Please tell me I’m not alone on this! Because I do believe that when most travelers explore a new place, they always become adventurous when it comes to the destination’s food culture, as well.

In fact, food is something that unites most people, whether it be a gathering or a simple dinner at home, but one way or another, food is one thing that people cannot live without (the obvious).

In this article, I posted a call out again across my social media channels (and Facebook groups) and asked fellow travelers to share their most excellent food experience from their adventures!

Would you be surprised if I say I got heaps of responses? Why, yes! I sure did! I’m so stoked to share with you guys some traveler’s favorite food from around the globe! You’ll never know, perhaps it is your favorite food too!

I don’t know if you have wondered around my website yet, but if not, then I’ll share with you a little secret – I work in the food industry. Why, yes, I’m a chef! So don’t be too flabbergasted why I post tons of food photos on my Instagram or speak about food like it is my lover.

Food has been a huge part of my life – wait, that’s an understatement, food is my life. Apart from travel and art, I’ve been working full-time as a chef for about eight years or so.

Although I lost a bit of passion when it comes to being a chef, I never lost interest in cuisine; In fact, I take pleasure in foods with good flavor, and I’m not ashamed to say that butter is my everything.

That being said, one of the many reasons why I enjoy traveling is because it is an excellent opportunity to taste and savor every new place’s local cuisine and as well learn about the long history of food culture in that particular space. It is cool, right?

Anyway, with no further ado, I would love to present to you all a collection of food from around the world in collaboration with fellow travel bloggers who are ever so kind to share with Pretty Wild World their favorite foods from around the globe!



Awesome Eats: Travelers Share Their Favorite Food From Around The Globe

travelers favorite food melcocha
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Melcocha – Ecuador

What are Cristina of Visit Ecuador and South America‘s thoughts? In a country with 4 very different regions, with wide biodiversity, there is a wide range of traditional snacks and food that you should taste. As an Ecuadorian, I have to say that the best handmade candy or snack there is in Ecuador is melcocha.

This is a thick, very sweet candy which has as the main ingredient: sugar cane. Though you can find melcocha in most of the country, it is traditional in the province of Tungurahua. You can stroll down the streets of the town ofBaños and find stores selling this delicious candy.

travelers favorite food samosa
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Samosas – Penang, Malaysia

What is Katie of Feathery Travels‘ thoughts? Some years have passed since I was there; I’m more than half a decade older now, but whenever I’m asked about the best food I’ve found around the world, Malaysia is the country which always springs to mind.

Now, having somewhat glazed over numerous intricate temples, a busy seafront, and rows of sparkling, sari-lined shop windows, my most prominent memory of Penang is the street food. Crunchy pastry casings stuffed with spiced potato, soft onions, vegetables, and a hint of coconut, folded into triangles and stacked in steaming mountains, I couldn’t resist returning time and time again for these samosas.

Following the deliciously fatty snacks with sugary coconut ice, all impossibly cheap and served in brown paper bags that turned oily as I touched them, I came every day for more until I was forced to choose between leaving the island and imminent heart attack.

travelers favorite food okonomiyaki
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Okonomiyaki – Osaka, Japan

What is Anne-Sophie of City Cookie‘s thoughts? Osaka is known as being Japan’s kitchen, so if you’re in town, you have to try a few of the local specialties. Takoyaki and okonomiyaki are the top two must-try foods for the region.

Takoyaki is those dough balls filled with an octopus that you see being cooked in Dotombori street, and okonomiyaki looks more like savory pancakes made with all sorts of ingredients. Head over to Creo-or if you want to try some of the best that the city has to offer.

I had the mixed meat and seafood kind with the classic brown and slightly sweet otafuku sauce. Delicious! It’s also worth trying Negiyaki, which is a type of okonomiyaki that is made with green onions.

travelers favorite food nasi goreng
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Nasi Goreng– Indonesia

What is Jyotsna of Wander with Jo‘s thoughts? During my 11 months in Indonesia, I pretty much lived off Nasi Goreng. So, it is no surprise that it is one of my favorite foods. Nasi goreng, or Indonesian fried rice, is one of the most requested dishes in restaurants or Indonesia.

A truly authentic nasi goreng is the Javanese version, which is simple and plain and consists of leftover rice, stir-fried with ingredients, like shrimp, meat, and vegetables (only rarely needed) are added to it.

The Indonesian version, however, is topped up with a fried egg and makes for a more than a satisfying meal, reminding me of my fond memories of traveling in that country earlier, usually served with crisps and spicy sauce.

While nasi goreng is available in Malaysia and Singapore as well, the Indonesian recipe remains an all-time favorite and speaks highly of the distinctive and colorful culinary traditions of a country, which I intend to visit again in the future.

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travelers favorite food poisson cru
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Poisson Cru– French Polynesia

What is Erika of Erika’s Travel’s thoughts? Travel to the tropical paradise islands of French Polynesia, and you are certain to run across Poisson cru, a popular dish that is found everywhere in the country—from roadside hole-in-the-wall fish shacks to grocery stores and from food stalls to fine restaurants.

Poisson cru is the Polynesian national dish, though similar dishes are found throughout the Pacific Islands. A variant of Hawaiian poke, Poisson cru (or e’ia ota in native Tahitian), literally translates into “raw fish.”

The recipe consists of raw fish marinated in lime juice and mixed with a delicious blend of diced vegetables and coconut milk. The mixture of fish, vegetables, lime, and coconut milk is then served over a bed of rice.

Similar in some ways to Latin ceviche, the acid from the lime juice in the dish partially cooks the surface of the fish, while the coconut milk adds a sweetness to balance out the tang of the lime. The result is a tantalizing dish that is at once tangy and sweet, healthy, and refreshing.

travelers favorite food pavlova
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Pavlova– New Zealand

What is Céline of Wild Side‘s thoughts? They’re not so many local dishes in New Zealand. But there’s one thing you’ll read about even before getting there: the famous Pavlova. It doesn’t sound English at all, and for a good reason, because this delicious dessert is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.

It was created in honor of this ballerina while she was traveling in Australia and New Zealand. Since then, the Pavlova nationality has been a source of fighting and private jokes between both countries. However, it seems that New Zealand was the first country to publish the Pavlova recipe.

In New Zealand, Pavlova is a big deal. It a very popular dish served for celebrations and holidays such as Christmas. While I was thinking about foie gras, salmon, and yule log (I’m so typically French, I know), the Pavlova was the obvious dessert for kiwi people. And now I must say that Pavlova is inextricably linked to my Christmas in New Zealand!

So, what is exactly a Pavlova? It’s like a huge meringue, crispy outside but fluffy inside. It’s traditionally decorated on top with a lot of whipped cream and fresh fruits. The most common fruits used for the Pavlova are kiwis (obviously) and strawberries.

But the most amazing thing about Pavlova is that you can really be creative and put anything you like on top like feijoas, bananas, blueberries, mangoes… Even chocolate crisps. In New Zealand, you can even purchase ready-made bases and put anything you like on top.

Kiwi people are so fond of it that they even have the world’s largest Pavlova context. The latest was 50 square meters and made for the All Blacks Official Charity. Yummy in my tummy as they say in New Zealand!

travelers favorite food penang curry
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Penang Curry– Koh Lipe, Thailand

What are Hannah and Adam of Getting Stamped‘s thoughts? In the past three years, my husband and I have been traveling full-time, getting stamped in 64 countries, and I can still remember this crazy tasty Penang curry on the beach in Koh Life, Thailand.

Thai food is my favorite food, but there is something extra special about Thai curry with all the flavors, textures, and you can’t forget the spice. I typically go for a green chicken curry, but this Penang curry from Sunrise Beach Restaurant in Koh Lipe knocked it out of the park.

Thankfully I found this restaurant day 1 on the island, and then on Day 2, I heard they even offer curry at breakfast. You better believe I had the curry for breakfast & dinner (shake for lunch) on a daily basis, I literally couldn’t get enough of it. Plus look at this view, nothing beats a tasty bowl of curry with your toes in the sand staring off into the ocean.

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travelers favorite food Pulpo a la Gallega
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Pulpo a la Gallega – Santiago, Spain

What areRik of Tapir Tales‘s thoughts? After finishing my first Camino in Spain, I decided to reward myself with a local specialty: Pulpo a la Gallega. Fresh octopus caught off the Atlantic coast of Galicia, slowly cooked for over 1 hour until tender and garnished with olive oil and paprika powder.

It’s commonly served with boiled potatoes. It might look like coming straight out of an Alien movie, but I ate that sucker with great delight.

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travelers favorite food greek gyros
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Greek Gyros– Greece

What is Noemi of Pinay Flying High‘s thoughts? The famous gyros of Greece had me at first bite, oozing with delicious (and sinful) flavors and meat – it will definitely fill up your hungry stomach in no time. It’s a pita-wrapped sandwich made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie.

The choice of meat is up to you – it could be pork, chicken, beef, or lamb, but the original gyros are pork. Add in some “healthy” bits of cucumber, onion, tomato, potatoes (aka french fries), and tzatziki sauce, and you’d be in gyros heaven. Best eaten after a night out as it’s believed to prevent a hangover.

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travelers favorite food bibimbap
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Bibimbap – South Korea

What are Samantha of Expat and The City‘s thoughts? Living in South Korea has many perks, including eating many delicious Korean foods. When you visit Korea, you must try Bibimbap – the country’s traditional rice dish. Bibimbap (in Hangul: 비빔밥) literally means “mixed rice.”

It’s served in a bowl with hot white rice, sautéed vegetables, and red chili pepper paste. It’s common to add bulgogi (ground beef) and a fried egg on top. After taking many Instagram-worthy photos, you mix it all up with a spoon and chopsticks and dig in! Bibimbap is a great meal for vegetarians because it’s optional to add meat.

There are so many fresh veggies in the dish, making it a nice and hearty meal. It’s usually served with several side dishes (known as banchan), so it can really fill you up – all for around 5,000KRW (about $5 USD).

You can find bibimbap at almost every Korean restaurant; or put your cooking skills to the test and make this meal at home! Bibimbap is one of my favorite Korean traditional foods, and I’ll miss eating it when I leave Korea.

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travelers favorite food Bun Dau Mam Tom
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Bun Dau Mam Tom– Vietnam

What is Mary Charie of A Mary Road‘s thoughts? Vietnam has a huge variety of dishes; most of them are noodles and rice. Do you know that they make a lot of dishes out of rice? Rice noodles, rice paper, rice bread, and the list go on. One of their most famous food is Bun Dau Mam Tom.

Bun Dau Mam Tom is perfect for groups or partners; this dish is designed for sharing food with two or more people. A medium to the large size of a wooden plate is filled with different dishes, such as rice noodles, fish cakes, pork ham, spring rolls, and vegetables.

Each person will have their own bowl that will serve as their own “plate.” A fun way to eat, as everyone will be sitting around the big plate in the middle, sharing the food together. Practice your chopsticks skills to make sure you won’t run out of food!

You can easily find this in any big city, just make sure you pronounce the name properly, which is quite a challenge!

travelers favorite food Cornish pasty
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Cornish Pasty– Cornwall, U.K

What is Isabel of Bel Around The World‘s thoughts? I was introduced to Cornish pasty when I CouchSurfed in Stroud. It also happened to be my first couch surfing experience, so it was an extremely memorable experience discovering the greener plains of England!

A pasty is a traditional variety of baked pastry associated with Cornwall, United Kingdom. It is made of minced beef, diced potato, swede (turnip), and onion. A really delightful mid-day fuel as we explored The Cotswolds– Stroud, Cirencester, and Bourton-on-the-water. You’ll be transported to traditional ways of life, old-school buildings and stone-age architecture of England.

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travelers favorite food muikku
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Paistettu Muikku – Finland

What is Evan Kristine of Pretty Wild World‘s thoughts? Would I publish this article without including myself on the list of travelers who shared their favorite food? I think not! I’m a total foodie, and I could share with you guys tons of food recommendations from my previous travels but not until recently.

I never took photos of my dishes before, so I can’t add anything more to this list (with photos at least)! Normally, my initial instinct would be stuff my face with the delicious goodness in front of me. After all, I’m usually starving all the time whenever I’m traveling abroad!

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However, what I’m sharing with you on this post is one of Finland’s summer delicacies! Muikku, or vendace in English, is a freshwater fish found in the lakes here in Nordic countries and is popular during summertime, you’ll find this thing frying in butter in most Market Squares during summer! Deliciousness!

The traditional way of cooking this up is by dipping the fish in seasoned rye flour and then fry them in butter or clarified butter (Finns are naughty!) until golden and crispy. Muikku is usually served with aioli (garlic mayonnaise) and a slice of lemon. It. Is. So. Damn. Good.

So better check this one out if ever you come to Finland!

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  1. a well organised information about the yummy & famous foods of different cities, quite helping & innovating. keep it up dude.

  2. Yum! Scrolling through these made me hungry! I can’t believe I lived in Ecuador for 4 months and never tried melcocha. Great excuse to visit again : )

  3. It is gross, but we are drooling over food when we read this post, made us really really hungry! But with us our favourite food place really is the Asian region, especially Thailand and Japan! Besides it being cheap, everything’s just sooooooo delicious!

  4. You literally have the world on a platter in your post. The spread is awesome and is a toast to the varied food available across the countries. Food is a great adventure, especially for us travelers.

  5. Hmmmm food is right! I think food is right up there in the top three things to experience in new places. We loved the gyros in Greece too like Noemi chose. We were surprised that the “normal” meat of choice is pork because in the states it is lamb. I’m going to go eat now, thanks! 🙂 Reading about all this delicious food has made me hungry!

  6. I agree, food is a great part of traveling and trying something new. I also try to eat what the locals like and make, always pleasantly surprised. I love reindeer hotdogs!

  7. I want all of this food! Goodness, it all looks delicious. I’m not sure if I could name my favorite dish from my travels. That’s a tough one. I will say that the Pavlova isn’t easy to make, but tastes so good.

  8. You are so mean!!! Those pictures are sooo mouthwatering and now I have to go make myself a boring little snack that won’t ever be as yummy as any of those dishes 😉

  9. I thought I was hungry before but after looking at all these delicious food photo’s it’s drool time! The Okonomiyaki did it for me, would love to try that dish sometime.

  10. So many great dishes here and so many more that I can think of that I love 🙂 Out of this list, the Greek Gyros calls out to me. I had such a wonderful time in Greece and had some of the most amazing gyros. I think I ate them everyday I was there.

  11. I am salivating… now I need to make some Thai curry with squid and rice tonight to quench my thirst.

    And I agree with you, a large part of our travel is culinary exploration, since we cannot live without food. It is interesting how food is made differently from place to place, but Asian food cannot go wrong with rice dishes.

  12. What a tasty roundup of dishes. For me, I would have to go with Bun Cha on the streets of Vietnam. Room temp rice noodles, fish sauce-based sauce for dipping, pickled veg, fresh greens and herbs, and smokey, freshly grilled pork patties. Grab a patty, wrap in a leaf with some noodles and veg, and dip in the salty dipping sauce. It was so good! And way better than anything listed as ‘Bun Cha’ on an American Vietnamese restaurant menu

  13. I love Nasi Goreng too although the best meal I have ever had was an Argentinian speak at Iguacu falls. It may have been because I was feeling particularly deprived after ten days of awful Brazilian food (cripes where’s the healthy, tasty stuff instead of the cheese coated mosh we seemed to get everywhere!)

  14. To have to pick a favourite food from all of our travels would be an insanely difficult task… I’ll have to give it a lot of deep thought as I certainly can’t answer it right now!

  15. Aw.w..there are so many of my favorites on this list! If i had to take a pick then, Okonomiyaki would be it! That being said, I love a simple fried Abalone cooked to perfection!


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