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Top 10 Best Waterfalls in Europe to Visit

Europe has got it all. It has history, art, culture, and even heritage. You can choose to party or enroll in a food walk. You can also visit a museum or learn baking. It is your choice. Each country is known for a particular thing, and thus, that is the beauty of Europe. Each traveler is gifted with something that they like.

Similarly, if you are an adventure enthusiast and nature lover, then Europe has got you covered. It has scenic landscapes, majestic mountains, and enthralling waterfalls.

Although the best waterfalls in Europe cannot be compiled in one list, this is because there are so many different spots and scenes. Sometimes, some of them are also very subjective, and thus, the liking of a particular waterfall differs from person to person.

When to visit?

Most of the waterfalls are available round the year. However, some of the waterfalls can be seen in a particular season only as the beauty of the falls depends on the climate.

Thus, before booking a trip for the best waterfalls in Europe, you should check the water level although there is no fixed time as it varies from country to country. Also, most of the waterfalls are free to enter, but, some of them do have an entry charge as well.


Top 10 Best Waterfalls in Europe to Visit

 Seljalandsfoss Iceland

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Seljalandsfoss is a beautiful waterfall located in the majestic land of Iceland. The best part about the falls is that it is easily accessible. You can witness it from the main road that you follow to reach.

The waterfalls from a rock and directly jumps in the lake. The greatest part about this waterfall is that it is possible to walk behind the jest of the waterfall. The path goes down till the boulder. Thus, you can witness a complete front and back view of the waterfall.

It is undoubtedly the most amazing waterfall in Europe and is a must-visit place while in Iceland. Apart from that, Iceland has various places to witness. This place is indeed a heaven for nature lovers.

Stuibenfall Austria

Stuibenfall, Austria

It is a towering waterfall and is a complete delight for all the adventure lovers. This is because you need to hike a trail actually to reach till the waterfalls. The whole path will get your adrenaline rushing as it contains high spiraling towers and bouncy suspension bridges. There are a lot of different views through which it is possible to witness the Stuibenfalls.

There are various natural bridges on the top of the hike, as well. The falls look amazing from that angle. However, the trail is a little tricky; hence, people who enjoy physical activity can visit this one. Apart from that, Austria has various other things to do as well. You can visit the museums and also chill at multiple bars in this country.

However, make sure to visit this one as it is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Europe.

Skradinski Buk Falls Croatia

Skradinski Buk Falls, Croatia

The falls are located in Krka, which is a national park in Croatia. The national park has various sights to witness. However, the most amusing sight is the Skradinski Buk Falls.

It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Croatia. The full views are mesmerizing as the water does not flow from a height in a single line. Instead, the falls are a collection of 20 different falls. All of them flow in height.

You will surely be speechless after witnessing the full view. It is the most famous waterfall in Europe. Skradinski Buk Falls is not the only fall available in the park. There are various other falls accessible at Krka. The best way to check them out is by booking a boat tour of the river.

Rhine Falls Waterfall Switzerland

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Switzerland is a place that reminds one of the beautiful Alps and romantic sunsets. Although the area has so much more than just the Alps. Rhine Falls is a beauty that one should visit when in Switzerland.

However, the falls lack in height as compared to some of the other falls of Europe. Besides that, the whole view is spectacular and stunning, and the falls make up in width.

It spreads across the river for 500 feet. The best time to visit this falls is during summer as all the ice melts, and thus, you can see more water falling and increasing its width as well.

Therefore, it can be called the biggest waterfall in Europe in terms of width. The best way to view this falls is from the Rhine River in a boat. Also, you will be able to see the Wörth Castle and Schloss Laufen along with the falls from the ship. Apart from that, there are viewing platforms available on both sides of the river.

Mardalsfossen Norway

Mardalsfossen, Norway

Norway is a beautiful country that offers spectacular landscapes to its visitors. Mardalsfossen is definitely one of them. It falls from a cliff in the Eikesdal valley.

However, it is often mistaken as a waterfall in the Yosemite Valley. The amusing part is that this is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world. It is reported at 655m and even 705m depending on the flow of the water in different seasons.

It is located near Eikesdalsvatn Lake. The cliffs form a U-shaped valley, which makes the whole view even more enjoyable. It is possible for you to click a lot of pictures of the waterfall as well. The entire look is so pretty that it will surely make you feel closer to nature. It is one of the best waterfalls in Europe.

Waterfalls of Gavarnie France

Waterfalls of Gavarnie, France

It is one of the most amusing waterfalls in Europe located in France. It is 422 meters high and sees a lot of tourists round the year. You can experience an air current near the falls continuously. This, it generates a cold-micro climate. The waterfalls are 40 minutes far from the Gavarnie village, which is in the Hautes Pyrenees.

The falls also gives rise to the Gave de Gavarnie’s torrent, which is the Gave de Pau’s flow. Apart from that, France has a lot of cities like Cannes and Paris to experience French culture. Also, when in France, make sure to enroll in a wine tasting tour.

Terme di Saturnia Cascate del Mulino

Geothermal Waterfall, Italy

It is located in the village of Terme di Saturnia in Italy. The town has been famous among the bathers since Roman times. The water here contains a lot of minerals, and many people believe that taking a dip in them is like getting a spa done. Also, most of the noblemen used to take a dip in these waters. Hence, you will be following their footsteps.

The area has a lot of other falls as well, which includes Mill Falls and the Falls of Gorello. The falls are beautiful, and the best part is that you can take a dip in it. The entry to the falls is completely free. You can enjoy the scenic view while relaxing in the therapeutic waters.

 Bigar Waterfall Romania

Bigar Waterfall, Romania

This one is voted as the most impressive waterfall in the world as it is around a conical protrusion of rock.

The fantastic part is that the rock is covered in bright green moss. Apart from that, the water splits off into hundreds of streams that all flow down in the river. The view leaves everyone in awe.

The water creates an effect of the shimmering veil around the rock. It is possible indeed to check the cave from where the water flows. You will have to hike up till there. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes while visiting this beautiful waterfalls in Europe.

Make sure to visit this when you come to Romania!

Gullfoss Iceland

Gullfoss, Iceland

It is one of the most top rated waterfalls in Iceland. The waterfall is alternatively known as the “Gold waterfall” and even “the queen of all the Icelandic’s waterfalls.” The falls are located 120km from Reykjavì. The half of the falls is with Þingvellir and the closer geyser of the golden circle. These are the natural attractions that will leave you speechless.

The path to reach the waterfall is very safe, and thus, it is accessible easily. Iceland has a lot of falls to witness. You will have to plan your trip to this place properly.

Veil waterfalls Hungary

Veil waterfalls, Hungary

It is one of the most well known natural attractions in Hungary. The name of this waterfall is because of its peculiar phenomenon, which includes part of the anhydride Szalajka’s stream. This is nourished with the help of the underground river water. This same water evaporates back in the air and gives the water its share of calcium carbonate.

The water is full of calcium carbonate because of which a barrier is created around the falls. This fall has 18 different viewing balconies. The fence makes this one of the best waterfalls in Europe.


This was the list of waterfalls in Europe. Each one has its beauty and uniqueness. You can decide the country you want to visit based on the waterfalls for your next European visit. Plan the trip so that you can get good deals on accommodation and flight transfers.

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