Dubai Dining Scene: Where to Eat in Dubai for All Budget! (UAE)

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There are many things that make Dubai a renowned destination and magnet for travelers from every corner of the globe. There’s the mind-bending architectural wonders, the spellbinding display of traditional Arabic culture on just about its corners, the absurdly decadent hotels, and of course, the food.

While Dubai was until recently not very high up on the radars of international foodies, all of that has changed in recent years.
With literally thousands of restaurants opening up across the city, from fine dining establishments to rough and ready food stalls, big-name chefs are looking to start careers in the city as it becomes established as a serious foodie destination.

If you’re new to this sprawling and at times, overwhelming city, it can be difficult to know where exactly to start. Here is your quick guide to the highlights of the top dining places in Dubai for all budgets.

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Dubai Dining Scene: Where to Eat in Dubai for All Budget!

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For budget travelers

For those on a backpacker budget, the famously high prices of Dubai need not get in your way. For a crash-course in cheap local fare, an evening at the legendary Ravi Restaurant should be on the cards.

The place springs to mind images of a classic American diner, except that it serves up authentic South Asian fare to cater to the many migrants from India and Bangladesh who call Dubai their home. If you can only order one thing, make sure it’s the Chicken Green Masala.

For something even more local, the fresh seafood at Bu Qtair, located on the Umm Suqeim fishing harbor, will have been caught just that morning from the very water that’ll be lapping at your feet as you feast. A bountiful seafood platter here will cost you less than a can of Sprite at one of the nearby hotel bars.

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Mid-Range Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai has a staggering variety of mid-range eateries to suit every flavor, including some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Dubai. If it’s an affordable health kick you’re in the mood for, a hearty bowl of veggie rice wraps at organic foodie haven Common Grounds should be enough to get you feeling like a million Dirhams.

For something slightly messier, a trip to the uber-trendy 25 Degrees North for fusion Indian cuisine (with an Emirati twist of course) is ideal for an adventurous meal out.

Of course, you might just be feeling like you don’t want to leave the hotel room. If so, make the most of your lazy night in by ordering up 60oz (yes, 60 actual ounces) spicy veggie burger from Big Smoke, deliverable straight to your door via Deliveroo. The sheer volume of veggies here means you can’t feel guilty about sitting in bed with a massive burger.

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For foodies who would like to splurge

Apparently, in a town like Dubai, you don’t have to look very hard if you want to splash big money on haute cuisine in palatial surroundings. If you only have the budget for one seriously OTT dining experience in Dubai, make sure it’s at the jaw-dropping Ossiano restaurant, located in the Atlantis Palm Resort!

The food is expertly-crafted and high-quality seafood in Meditteranean style, but the kicker is the surroundings, as you’ll be dining on the literal ocean floor, surrounding by glass walls filled by live marine animals happily swirling around you as you eat. It doesn’t get more Dubai than this.

If you have any hot tips for food in Dubai, let us know in the comments!

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