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Hello You. I am Evan Kristine and welcome to Pretty Wild World’s website, a visual travel blog I created dedicated to my creative venture towards storytelling, adventure, and food.

I am a cook by profession who have a keen interest towards Scandinavian cuisine and fusion. I decided to set up this blog space for me to practice my skills on writing/storytelling, graphic design and staged food photography. I also have few but broad interest when it comes to traveling and cuisine which has started assumably even before I know it. Also, I love kimchi and noodles. Just saying. 🙂

2.5 Weeks Europe Itinerary: Travel around the Balkans by Bus

Who are you?

Well,  I am a cook as I mentioned above; however my story began when I left my home country at the age of 16 to study; far away from home and far away from family and friends. I moved to Finland from the Philippines with no clue what the future have for me yet adapted smoothly in this beautiful country until it eventually adopted me as its own. I venture this world while on the mission to unravel its tales to share to the world while still following and living up to the cultures I grew up and loved.

Since I am also very much inclined to food, I am very interested in food culture, and different cuisine and part of my mission as well is to be able to experience all the fabulous flavors each country and cultures can offer.

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Behind the name

I would be concentrating on food and adventure on this space and maybe a lot would be questioning my blog name’s choice and here’s a story behind why I got stuck with it and why it is very special to me:
I used to have a previous blog under my name and it was about self-discovery and food until I started traveling and exploring this world few years ago and stumbled upon few beautiful European cities along the way. There was this one day I woke up in Ghent, Belgium on a new year’s day of 2013 and was walking along its street, it was empty and beautiful, until I found this beautiful river paving its endless valley towards the shining sun as it glares its ray to say hello to a new year and I just thought in my head “This is such a pretty wild world.”

And so there you go, it just got stuck, and I do not want to let it go. That was also the beginning of my new little venture towards exploring this world. Mind you, though; I am not going to start giving you guys tips and tricks on how to hack the traveling game, I am so bad at giving advice. Therefore, I’ll just inspire you all using my words and cute photos.

2.5 Weeks Europe Itinerary: Travel around the Balkans by Bus

The Blog

This blog is going to concentrate on travel and food where I would write in a storytelling narrative form (or at least I try), but I would not restrict myself to those categories, and since this is such a personal space, I am also going to write about everything that matters concerning what I believe in; may it be adventure, food or something else. I am at ease about this place, and I feel safe expressing myself in here.

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