Top 7 Best Youth Hostel Saving Tips


Although hostels are already cheaper than a hotel or Airbnb, you can save even more money with these useful hostel saving tips!

If you’ve been saving up for an adventure of a lifetime, whether it be in Australia, Europe, Asia, or another fantastic destination, then you’d hate to waste all that precious money that you worked so hard for!

Youth hostels are a great place to stay in any country, and while it’s true that they can vary in quality (every traveler has a few horror stories), they are often affordable, a good chance to meet new people, and usually located in a central spot in the city or town. Only want to stay at the best of the best? Check out a list of the greatest hostels in the world voted by travelers.

Despite the fact that most hostels are fairly cheap for the typical traveler, there’s always a chance to save money but still have a fun and fulfilling time abroad. Here’s how.

Top 7 Best Youth Hostel Saving Tips

A bed for sleeping

Check the brochures at the reception area

There are loads of companies that rely on tourists to survive, such as boat cruises, museums, art galleries, escape rooms, theme parks, etc., and to entice people to their particular activity, they’ll often place adverts in brochures found in hostels and hotels.

Many of these adverts will contain a sentence like “20% off with this brochure” or “Use this coupon code to get a discount when booking online”, for example. It’s always worth browsing the reception area for these brochures that may contain discounts.

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Choosing a room with more people

If you don’t mind sharing with other people, a room with more beds inside will always be cheaper. These rooms are sometimes as big as 12 beds, but 8 beds are normally the standard choice.

If you’re traveling on your own, then sharing a room with others is a great way to meet new people and save a bit of cash.

Sure, it’s louder and messier than a room with just yourself, but hopefully, you get neat freaks and no one that snores!


Bring your own towel and laundry detergent

Not only is it more hygienic to use your own towel, but it also means you don’t have to rent or buy one from the hostel when you arrive. Some places can charge eye-watering amounts just for a towel, so make sure one is packed before you leave for vacation.

Also, you might have to do laundry a few times, depending on the length of your stay. Therefore, bringing your own detergent is a pro traveler tip and something you’ll get used to if you travel a lot.

Bringing powder or liquid detergent could be messy in your bag, so opt for these laundry pods (sometimes called discs or capsules) for easy peasy cleaning.

Peanut butter and jam

Food and drinks from the hostel

It isn’t always the case, but many hostels offer food and drinks at a discounted price for guests. It likely won’t be Michelin star-quality food, but you’ll get a decent breakfast, sandwiches, and simple meals like nachos, burgers, and wraps.

Many hostels even have their own bar or at least a fridge with cold drinks, so make sure you buy these before searching for a local supermarket. Sometimes you can cook meals on your own in the hostel kitchen to save even more money.

Don’t lose your key

It might seem like needless advice, but hostels can charge a high fee (at least the cost of a meal and a drink) if you lose your key and they need to replace it. Tie it on a string and wear it around your neck, sticky tape it to your leg, do whatever you have to do in order to keep it safe while you’re staying at the hostel.

Akkurat Restaurant & Bar
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Ask about pub crawls or events

Many hostels like to run their own pub crawls or bonding events to ensure guests have a great time while staying there. Instead of searching online for a pub crawl or similar event, ask your receptionist (they’ll more than likely tell you when you arrive anyway) about anything run by the hostel. It’s often cheaper and you’ll perhaps even know a few people already who are also staying at the hostel.

Inquire about deals before you arrive

Before you even get at your destination and booked any accommodation, first email or phone the hostel and ask if you can book a room directly with them. Sometimes it’s cheaper than booking through a third-party website and you might get a discount if you’re staying for longer than 5 days, for instance. It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a try!

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