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15 Cheap Hostel Meals You Can Make in an Instant

Exploring your coveted tourist destinations does not have to cost you a fortune. Budget travel is fast becoming the norm these days, and it is opening up possibilities for those who want to travel but are limited by their budget. If you plan and do your research, it is possible to travel even with a limited budget.

There are many choices for accommodations, such as hostels that enable you to stay for a lower price than what most hotels could offer. It is also best to research which destinations are suitable for budget travel.


How Can Quick & Easy Hostel Meals Affect Your Travel?

Another area of your travel experience that you need to look into is your food budget. Food entails a good portion of your travel budget (even as much as your accommodation), so you need to learn how to keep the budget within the limit.

One way for you to save on your food budget while traveling is to prepare cheap hostel food. If you are sharing a kitchen with a few other travelers, this can pose a challenge, but that does not mean it cannot be done. If you are serious about cutting down on your food budget, these are the 15 cheap hostel meals you can make in an Instant and delicious, too.

15 Cheap meals you can cook in hostel dorms

oatmeal for breakfast

Oatmeal breakfast

Oatmeal breakfast is a quintessential option for those who want a quick and easy meal to prepare. But oatmeal is also one of the top backpacker breakfast options because it is very cheap!

If you find cooking while backpacking quite a hassle, packing oatmeal for your trip is a great solution for that. Oatmeal does not require any cooking at all. All you need to do is soak it in hot water (if you bring the instant formula).

And the best part about that is oatmeal is an excellent type of food to start your day with. It is rich in fiber that keeps you full, so you are energized and are less likely to get hungry easily. You can also add a variety of ingredients to create a unique recipe that would suit your taste.

scrambled egg and toast

Scrambled eggs and toast

When it comes to healthy hostel meals, this is another perfect option. Scrambled eggs and toast are effortless to make and are cheap to prepare. It is a great breakfast meal that will give you protein and carbohydrates.

All nutrients you can get from oatmeal are essential to energize you for a day of traveling. However, it requires very few ingredients so you can rely on this option for easy meals while traveling but also to stay on budget.

Fried eggs and canned beans

Fried eggs and canned beans

If you want a different way to prepare your egg, you can also try frying it. To get added nutrients, you can pair it with canned beans. Packing canned beans is very convenient because these are some of the foods that travel well without refrigeration.

You may also choose from a wide range of beans such as kidney beans, garbanzo beans, chickpeas, and more. By packing a variety of canned bean options, you can excite your taste buds with different flavors every meal.

Toast, peanut butter, and banana

Toast, peanut butter, and banana

If you like something sweet to start your day, the combination of toast, peanut butter, and banana are some of the best cheap hostel meals you can make in an Instant.

This is a very cheap meal option, too, and the ingredients are easy to find. It is a great alternative to the more savory option of scrambled eggs and toast.

Peanut butter and jam

Peanut butter and jam

This is another cheap hostel meals you can make in an Instant, peanut butter and jam are two great options for food to carry while traveling abroad. Both of these food items do not spoil easily, and they can also be used with many other cheap hotel food options.

You can keep them stored in the refrigerator once you open them and use them for several meals throughout your stay in the hostel. It is one of the best hostel food hacks if you want to save on the cost of your meals.

Tortilla wraps (lettuce, tomatoes, avocadoes, beans, and meat)

Tortilla wraps (lettuce, tomatoes, avocadoes, beans, and meat)

If you like your wraps, then this is another one of the cheap yet delicious hostel meals you can try. Tortilla wraps include simple ingredients such as lettuce, avocadoes, tomatoes, beans, and meat (of any kind).

You can go for the meatless option if you want to make a vegan tortilla wrap. Choosing to forego meat will make this recipe even more affordable, which is always great if you want to keep your food budget low.

For the rest of the ingredients, you can easily find them in a local market. This gives you more opportunities to experience the local way of life.


Sandwiches (tuna, ham & cheese, pesto, avocado & tomatoes)

For those who prefer sandwiches overwraps, this is another cheap meal that you can prepare in your hostel. You only need basic kitchen supplies to prepare this so it can be done within minutes and perfect for tourists staying in a hostel.

If you do not like cooking while traveling, this is a great meal option too. You can make the standard tuna, ham and cheese sandwich, or find other alternatives. That is the beauty of making a sandwich – you are free to create your recipe based on ingredients that you like, or with what is available locally.

Pesto pasta

Pesto pasta

For those who are craving some pasta, pesto pasta recipe is one of the best and easiest meals you can prepare in a hostel. Pesto is made with basil, cheese, olive oil, and nuts.

You can choose whatever pasta you have available, or go for the cheap ones you can find. This recipe can be done in a matter of minutes, and yet you can enjoy a delectable meal for a low price!

Dried mushroom pasta

Dried mushroom pasta

Another pasta recipe you can cook while staying in a hostel dorm if dried mushroom pasta. This recipe is so easy to prepare because all you need is pasta and canned dried mushroom.

These ingredients are easily available and for a cheap price. Cooking the pasta and the dried mushroom sauce can also be done within minutes. You can spend less time in the kitchen and also spend less in terms of your budget. What else can you ask for?

Tomato sauce and pasta

Tomato sauce and pasta

One more pasta recipe to add to your list of options for cheap hostel food is tomato sauce and pasta. This is a classic recipe, so it is easy to do and is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Canned tomato sauces are easily available in most grocery stores. You can easily heat the pre-canned ones, so you are ready to go in no time!

Ramen and egg noodles

Ramen and egg noodles

Ramen and instant noodles are notoriously known as one of the cheap food items to eat for college students. The popularity of ramen rose because it has provided a quick and cheap meal for people on the budget.

For those who are staying in a hostel and are looking for ways to travel cheaply, ramen and egg noodles offer a cheap food alternative. Try this, and you can save more for your travel budget.

cheese noodles

Ramen and cheese noodles

This is a variety of the traditional ramen and egg noodles that you can buy for cheap and quick in a few minutes. The ramen and cheese noodles would be the perfect alternative for your lunch or dinner.

For those who are in search of cheap yet delicious food to eat in a hostel, it comes as a great choice. Since these are packed in an instant-cook formula, you can enjoy them within less than 10 minutes of preparation.

Quick curry and steamed rice

Quick curry and steamed rice

Curry is a universally loved dish that you can also enjoy in hostel dorms during travel. They are very easy to make and will offer a hearty meal. Curry and steamed rice is a dish that you can enjoy for breakfast or dinner.

Whatever type of curry you wish to go for – shrimp or chicken – there is nothing quite like the satisfying taste of this exotic spice! Try this now and save more for your travel budget.

Quick stirfry and steamed riceiz

Quick stir fry and steamed rice

If you want a meal that is equally nourishing and much easier to prepare, you can go for a quick stir fry paired with steamed rice. You can buy fresh and cheap vegetables at a local market and cook stir-fried vegetables in your hostel.

It is a simple dish that is very delectable in flavor, but also quite healthy! If you are a vegan or love vegetables, this dish is something that you will be excited to try. And it does not hurt that it is quite cheap, too, so you can easily stay within your budget.

 Lentil soup

Lentil soup

Lentil soup is another filling and heart-warming option if you want to enjoy a delectable meal in a hostel. You can opt to make one if you can find lentils in a local grocery store or market. But you can also find pre-made ones that you can instantly heat and enjoy within minutes.

You can choose which one would fit into your schedule and how much budget you have. Either way, it is also a healthy meal that you can enjoy on a budget.

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