Top 4 Cheap Hotel Alternatives to Stay at During Your Travels

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If you’re looking for some other place to stay during your travels other than a hotel, we have compiled the top four ideas for you!

Hotels are, as we all know, can get really pricey and not all of us have spare cash to stay in one for a week during a budgeted trip. Other than that, most travelers are often out and about exploring new destinations and would only need a place to crash for the night after a long day of walking.

Ok, so where do we sleep tonight I hear you ask? Well, don’t you worry. I’ve got you covered. Read on for four amazing alternatives that a both more cozy and cheaper than wasting another night in a hotel.


No, not some kind of sofa-based watersport! Rather the so-called ‘icon of the sharing economy.’

Launched in 2003 the online platform now claims to have around half a million active hosts and 15 million users.

But what is it? Well, in short, it’s a hospitality exchange. People with a spare couch, bed or just space on their floor, advertise the vacancy through the site. These are the ‘hosts’. Then individuals heading to that location send a request to stay. These are the ‘surfers’. If a host likes the look of a surfers profile they accept the request. Boom! A Couchsurfing is born.

What does the host ask for in return for this generosity? Money? No. Rather all they look for in return is a commitment from the couchsurfer to share their time, stories and cultural experiences.

Most hosts are individuals who love to travel themselves but who are momentarily stationary for reasons to do with work, finances, visas, etc. They can be natives of the town or as foreign as you. Whatever their background, age, race, religion, the mere fact they are on the Couchsurfing platform opening their doors and offering free accommodation means you are almost guaranteed a warm and cozy welcome.

Certainly a damn sight warmer than any hotel! For more info, you can read our Paris Couchsurfing experience here.


My friends – if you haven’t tried AirBnB yet then go hang your head in shame!

From a plucky little San Francisco startup, Airbnb has grown into a genuine phenomenon. Not only does the platform offer accommodation of all shapes and sizes. It also now offers experiences. Say you want to wander through the old wynds of Edinburgh with a ghost fanatic, or go turtle watching with an ecologist in Zanzibar, Airbnb will help you find one.

If you’ve been living under a big mossy rock in the forest for the last ten years let me briefly explain the concept. Airbnb is kind of like the beautiful child of Couchsurfing and old-fashioned hotels. Like Couchsurfing, Airbnb hosts are opening up their own home for you stay in. Unlike Couchsurfing, you are not obliged to spend time with your hosts.

The downside is that like conventional hotels you have to pay for your stay. However, Airbnb is often considerably cheaper than the equivalent stay in a hotel.

Before I go on, let me just get something off my chest. Getting enough sleep wherever you are is supremely important to your health. When traveling you often have to make do with beds that aren’t exactly fit for purpose, this is generally unavoidable. If your bed at home isn’t up to scratch however you have no excuse. No excuse at all! Make sure your sleeping surface is the right fit for you. Sorry, rant over!


The new kid on the block. Workaway, like Couchsurfing, is cultural exchange platform that can save travelers a mound of money and also give them that cozy experience they so desire.

For a small annual registration fee (around $30), travelers can gain access to a vast database of volunteer style opportunities around the world. Volunteers or ‘workawayers’ receive accommodation, and often food, in exchange for doing a set amount of duties every day.

The diversity of opportunities on offer is huge. You could end up teaching English to monks in Myanmar, looking after kittens in a cat cafe in Vietnam or helping a man called Clive build a canoe in Alaska.

Workawaying, is a beautiful way to gain experience, make new friends on the road and stay in some amazing places that you wouldn’t normally be able to gain access to.


If you’re interested in socializing with like-minded people during your travels then staying at hostels are the right place for you! For so many decades now, hostels are what most backpackers stay at to cut down their cost and as well to meet people if they are traveling alone.

If you don’t mind sharing a room with strangers, staying at hostels is a great alternative to hotels!

Well, my budget-conscious friend, there you have it – three amazing alternatives to spending nights in an overpriced hotel. Have a think back over your life, recall your fondest memories and I’m sure you will find that the moments that stick with you have zero correlation to how much money you spent. Go explore!

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