Top 8 Warmest Places in Europe in December


Are you easily cold and can't stand harsh winter? We have compiled the warmest places in Europe in December you can visit and void freezing!

Europe reminds of the artistic backstreets, romantic sunsets, illustrious history, and cute cafes. The setup of this continent is what dreams are made of. It is a perfect getaway destination for a family trip or a romantic trip.

Europe has something to offer in all the seasons. The continent is extensive and has beaches, hills, and even snow to offer. However, if you do not want your Christmas to be white and chilly, then Europe has you covered. There are certain places that are warmest places in Europe in December.

This gives you the liberty to explore the cities properly. Also, you can indulge in a lot of different activities when the climate is warm. The southern part of Europe is usually warm in December, January, and February.

The rest of the continent experiences chilly winds and snow. Although the vine and mood of Christmas remain the same throughout Europe, thus, you can choose any of the cities to enjoy your holidays.

The weather in Europe around December

The weather in Europe is pretty varied. If you compare the route from Russia to Malta, everything is contrasting. This is because of global warming.

The weather patterns have changed drastically. December, January, February, and March are the coldest months of Europe.

However, certain countries experience pleasant weather, while some experience sunny days.

The weather varies in different parts of a particular country, as well. Thus, you can easily find the warmest places in Europe in December.

The other advantage of visiting the sunniest places in Europe in December is that these places are overcrowded in summer.

Instead, in winter, the cold countries have a peak season, although it is still not possible to swim in the sea in December as the water is cold.

Read on to find out the warmest places in Europe over Christmas.

Top 8 Warmest Places in Europe in December

Lanzarote Canary Islands

Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Lanzarote has a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. It is considered as one of the warmest temperatures in Europe. Also, the biggest waves are rolling during November and December.

Hence, you can always choose to grab a surfboard actually to catch the wave. It is ideal for people who love surfing. You can surf in peace during December in Lanzarote.

Apart from that, the place is beautiful and has some stunning views. It contains a majestic display of volcanic features from geysers and red rock stretches. These stretch run from the Timanfaya National Park to Cueva de Los Verdes.

The amusing part is that it is one of the longest volcanic caves in the world. Many tourists visit this spot as it stretches for 8 km while reaching into the sea. It is a sight that leaves a lot of people speechless. 2km of caves are only open for the tours.

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Crete Greece

Crete, Greece

Greece is known for its coastline and romantic backdrops. It is the most preferred location of honeymooners as well. If you are looking for warm places in the Europe holiday, then Crete is the place for you. It has an average temperature of about 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

It usually has a warm climate all over the year, and thus, you can visit it any time. However, it is such a good idea to visit it in December when the whole place is filled with lights and festival decorations.

It offers a stunning coastline, and the weather is favorable for you to go and relax at the beach. Although, sometimes it rains during December as well.

So, do keep a check on the weather.  Crete is the largest island in Greece, and thus, there are various activities that you can do here. Some of them include visiting archaeological sites and wildlife sanctuaries.

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Côte d’Azur France

Côte d’Azur, France

Côte d’Azur is popularly known as French Rivera, as well. It is one of the beautiful warm places in Europe. The temperature is warm and refreshing.

It is somewhere around 57 degrees Fahrenheit. You can enjoy a laid back beach holiday here while relishing some lip-smacking seafood. This coastal area is undoubtedly fantastic and worth a visit in December.

Although, December is not the peak season for French Rivera, which means all the famous seaside restaurants are not bustling with the crowd. You can enjoy the view of the beach with some chilled beer in peace. Only some of the tourist places remain closed during this time.

However, you can choose to visit a village called Tourrettes-Sur-Loup. It is known for its fragrant violets during this time. It also has some stunning views, which has been an inspiration to many writers and artists over time.

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Kalamata, Southern Peloponnese, Greece

Kalamata is a rural and quiet coastal town. It has a population of only 55,000 people. However, it is a great place to explore. If you like, peace and tranquillity, then this is the place for you. It is almost 3 hours away from Athens by car. A flight is also available from the local airport.

It is the warmest place to go in Europe because of its coastline. This town offers a lot of different activities to do. You can make Kalamata your base to explore the nearby areas of Peloponnese. You should surely visit Diros caves, Mani, the castles of Methoni and Koroni, Sparta and Ancient Messene.

Kalamata itself has a castle, several museums, and a lot of cute cafes to chill. There are a lot of restaurants and bars as well around the beach. Apart from that, if you love food, then indulge yourself in the culinary tour known as Kalamata food oil.

Sicily, Italy

It is one of the largest Mediterranean islands located in Italy. It is one of the warmest places in Europe in December. It is calm and breezy over this time.

The temperature goes around 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, this is the offseason, and thus, it allows you to explore the island in peace. The island is crowded during the summer months, and therefore, this is an excellent time to plan a trip to Sicily.

December is the Christmas month, and thus, it is possible to relish items like baked clams and panettone with a sweet bread filled with raisins. Although it is warm in Sicily, you can still witness some snow at the top of Mount Etna.

Apart from that, it is a good idea to explore the ancient towns while witnessing some historical sites like Palermo Cathedral and the Valley of Temples.

You can also choose to indulge in a wine tasting tour. Sicily also gives you the chance to check the biggest active volcano in Europe.

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Plaza de Espana Seville Spain

Seville, Spain

This place has won the title of “Europe’s greatest city in winter.” This also makes it one of the warmest places in Europe in December. It has pleasant weather with a mild temperature of around 17 degrees Celsius.

The winters in Seville offer a lot of sunshine, which makes it appropriate to explore the city. Also, December is a perfect time to visit this place as the city is immersed in Christmas decorations.

Do not forget to visit the Real Alcázar de Sevilla, which is a beautiful palace here. It dates back during the time of Moorish rule in Spain.

It welcomes tourists all-round the year. After the palace tour, you can explore the plazas where you will find a lot of locals. Make sure to visit some nice bars in that region.

Monaco Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is one of the warmest places in Europe in December. It has breezy weather with a temperature of 56 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the site looks like a winter wonderland in December, it does not have a chilly atmosphere like the rest of Europe.

Monte Carlo has got it all from palm trees and stunning yachts to beautiful architecture. Plan a romantic holiday with your partner here and explore the city by walking hand in hand.

The beaches are stunning and clear. You can relax in the warm sun during the day on the beach. Apart from that, the place has a lot of different museums to explore as well.

The museums include the Oceanographic Museum and the Museum of Antique Automobiles. Do not forget to visit the Monaco Christmas market to shop for some interesting souvenirs.

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Algarve Portugal

Algarve, Portugal

It is a stunning coastal town that also happens to be one of the warmest places in Europe in December. The average temperature in December is around 56 degrees Fahrenheit.

The seawater is cold, yet you can swim in it. The place is beautiful and has an old-world charm to it. There are a lot of different activities that you can do here. The best thing to explore is the nearby artistic villages.

Make sure to visit the villages that are on the cliff edge. Also, climb up to the St. Vincent Lighthouse to get a magnificent view of the town.

It is a good idea to stop by the Vila Real de Santo António Christmas Village. It sells a lot of Christmas decorations, Christmas cakes and even a lot of local goodies. Apart from that, this place hosts a lot of concerts during this time.

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Final thoughts

These were some of the warmest places to go in Europe. Plan a trip well in advance because it is the holiday season in December.

It is a good idea to go to these places as they are less crowded and thus, you can have a peaceful and beautiful vacation.

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Algarve Portugal


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