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Top 9 Places to Visit in Monaco

A city-state set near the abyss of the azure Mediterranean Sea, a hefty number of tourists take advantage of the eye candy places to visit in Monaco. As this little beauty holds several nature destinations, people who opt for a visit can easily suit themselves and relax- making them feel like the real stewards of nature, maintaining its beauty and capacity.

Although its nature is already a jackpot for any tourist who would check out the place, Monaco is a stop for its thought-provoking museums with preserved artifacts that represent Monaco’s vivacious historical background.

On the same note, prospective tourists like you can learn their culture as you roam and probably stare at those well-preserved relics.

Similar to any other country, Monaco partakes on the fun! With their vast stadiums reserved for huge events such as motor racing and football, entertainment and a happy stay is nearly impossible once you immerse yourself in the lush lands of Monaco.

Aside from that, you’ll get to enjoy the dream of every vacationer as you choose from the full range of their cathedrals, beaches, casino, and diverse restaurants.

While words aren’t enough to justify the general beauty of Monaco, here are some few places that you can add to your itinerary when you travel to Monaco!


Here’s the list of the top places to visit in Monaco

Monaco Monaco-Ville

Monaco-Ville (Le Rocher)

With a name embodying its country, Monaco-Ville is a city that sits on a coastal landform stretching up to the Mediterranean Sea- filling itself with the splendid and endemic nostalgia.

Earning the moniker “The Rock,” Monaco-Ville is a place where you can catch a glimpse of numerous medieval traces through landmarks that upholds Monaco’s endearing yet gorgeous past.

In your Monaco travel, there are quite a few places that you shouldn’t miss. One of Monaco’s attractions is the Palais Princier or also known as the Prince’s Palaces, which was formerly built as a fortress to Le Rocher and served as the official residence of the family of Grimaldi. Now, it serves as a Monaco point of interest where events were being held all-year-round.

To spice up your visit in Monaco, check out this place by 11:55 so you can witness the magnificent guard changing as lively colors ensconce the happening. But if sites like this aren’t your thing, consider checking in Saint Nicholas Cathedral- a Romanesque-Byzantine church where you should behold yourself with the remains of the members of the House of Grimaldi, which is the ruling family in Monaco.

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Places to Visit in Monaco-Karlo

Monte Carlo

Best known for its pleasant climate, Monte Carlo is one of the must-see Monaco attractions. As the city boast the number of casinos and the only public beach in Monaco. This city holds several museums as well, which will open your eyes about Monaco and its wealth through the ages- you can even take a glimpse of the private collections as if you are looking on Monaco’s best in a glass.

With sculptures and frescoes, the place also features medieval and modern architectural designs that are indeed aesthetic. A world-class opera in The Opéra de Monte-Carlo or Salle Garnier is also found in this fascinating city of Monte Carlo.

Sports are also prominent since almost all of the Circuit de Monaco is found in this city, on which the Formula 1 Grand Pix takes place.

But if exploring the waters is your thing, then this is the Monaco destination that is meant for you to enjoy. They have the Monte Carlo Harbor, Oceanographic Museum, and even offer excursions so that you can explore the beauty of Monaco beyond the sea, which is precisely something that you shouldn’t miss in your Monaco travel.

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points of interest where to go and places to visit in monaco la rousse tour odeon

La Rousse

If you type in La Rousse in your search engines, you will probably be bombarded with stuff or advertisements telling and convincing you on purchasing specific properties in La Rousse or Monaco hotels that are unmistakably in La Rousse- which is unquestionably one of the best things that La Rousse has to offer!

If you’re in Monaco and looking for hotels, apartments, or places to stay in, La Rousse is the best place to visit. As a residential city, La Rousse/Saint Roman is still one of Monaco attractions.

Home to different apartments and real estates, La Rousse, is the perfect place for tourists who are looking for places to stay in a while in Monaco. Also located in La Rousse is Tour Odéon, mixed-use development, and the tallest structure in Monaco with 170m. So when you travel to Monaco, be sure to note and check out this residential area!

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Places to Visit in Monaco Larvotto


Almost earned the tagline of being Monte Carlo’s sister, Northeast of Monte Carlo and La Rousse, Larvotto is the easternmost ward that you will find in Monaco. The city was home to the world’s most expensive street Avenue Princess Grace in which the Japanese Garden is also located.

Also, one of Monaco destinations, Larvotto, is likewise known for its beaches. Tourists can also have experience in riding jets, jet-ski, and sea-kayak. Thanks to ski Vol, a water-sports center, beachgoers can experience all kinds of activities in the sea, including riding motorboats, water-skis, wakeboards, and even beach volleyball and trampoline play areas for kids!

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places to visit in monaco jardin exotique

Jardin Exotique

If you’re interested in plants and have a green thumb, you’ll enjoy a visit to this beautiful botanical garden on a cliff in Monaco. You’ll witness tons of different types of exotic plants that include cute succulents on display for you to adore. On top of that, the garden and premise itself is a work of art worth a visit!

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Places to Visit in Monaco La Colle

La Colle

Taking after Fontvieille, La Colle is one of the cities in Monaco that is dense concerning population- not to let out the fact that this is one of the smallest wards of the city-state Monaco regarding land size and population, La Colle. It is where Monaco’s only hospital, Princess Grace Hospital, is located.

Although La Colle is an industrial area, they have some factories like Venturi and Voxan that might catch auto motives or motorcycle enthusiasts that serves as another Monaco point of interest for adventure-thirsty travelers.

There are many restaurants like Le Poisson Rouge that could serve a lot of delicious French cuisine as well as other restaurants offering a native taste or a blend of foreign With. There are also a lot of hotels in the area, making it easier for tourists’ stay when they travel to Monaco, as well as protecting Monaco’s high-end economy.

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points of interest where to go and places to visit in monaco les revoires museum of prehistoric anthropology

Les Révoires

As many would probably know already, this ward is the smallest city-state in Monaco that is located on the northwestern side of the country.

If you’re looking for breathtaking places to see in Monaco, then Les Révoires will give you the real point of interest that you’re seeking for with its monolith overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the ward’s port, the Rock of Monaco.

When visiting the ward, check out their Jardin Exotique de Monaco, also called the Exotic Garden of Monaco, which is home to a lot of plants and animals from various species.

Located in the botanical garden, take a glimpse of the past at the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology. They boast of their rare collection of prehistoric remains, excavated fossils, and treasures, they also have a few artifacts as milestones of human history.

Places to Visit in Monaco Moneghetti

Les Moneghetti

Your Monaco travel wouldn’t be complete without you visiting their northcentral ward that is lined with lovely villas that you can adore, as well as relaxing gardens- the Les Moneghetti, which is the city-state where Monaco’s only railway station is located.

Nothing beats up a place where you can get to different places and enjoy a variety of leisure amenities. Here in Moneghetti, you are entitled to a chance of catching the astounding performance in the Théâtre des Muses.

Another extremely hot activity for adventure seekers is the motor racing, which is typically in the most famous Formula 1 Grand Prix track; it is the Grand Prix, which is held in May.

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Places to Visit in Monaco Fontvieille

Port de Fontvieille

Although this ward comes last on our list, it is unquestionably something that holds an eccentric beauty, giving you the dilemma when it comes to picking the places to visit in Monaco in your itinerary.

This one is the southernmost ward in the city-state of Monaco, which is fascinatingly developed a few decades ago by an Italian architect, Manfredi Nicoletti.

Stade Louise II is a Monaco’s attraction for football fans and players. While serving as a place for track and field events, it is also the home ground of one of the most successful in the French National League, AS Monaco FC.

Exploring more of things to do in Fontvieille, visit the historic Church of Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens, which is home to a few impressive monuments from the 18th century.

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