Snacks on Plane: Best 13 Food to Pack for Long Flights


Packing your snacks on the plane is essential, especially if you have a long haul flight. This will ensure that you can beat the boredom and stave off hunger.

When you are about to embark on a long haul flight, there are plenty of things you need to prepare. The long flight will be tedious and exhausting as it can challenge you physically and mentally. It is important to be prepared to ensure that it won’t ruin your holiday.

Packing tasty and healthy snacks on the plane is essential so you can survive the flight. If you are not sure about the best food for long flights, you have come to the right place. In this guide, you will learn the essential snacks and food items you need to carry with you (along with ones to avoid).

You will also learn the importance of picking the right snacks, especially on a long flight. And if you are on a budget, packing your snacks will also save you a ton of money since airplane food is notorious for being quite expensive.

Snacks on Plane: Food to Pack for Long Flights

Why bring your snacks on plane?

Bringing your food for the airport or your snacks on the plane may sound silly, but you will be surprised how common this practice is among corporate and frequent travelers. It’s a great way to avoid overpriced meals sold in airports and planes, stay on track of your diet, and eat healthy food.

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What are the prohibited items to bring in the plane?

First off, you need to know what kind of snacks can you take on a plane. This means you need to know the TSA approved snacks. The TSA allows passengers to bring almost any food items, as long as they’re not liquid and don’t go more than 3.4 oz. (100ml). Make sure your food doesn’t exceed that amount.

So if you’re bringing salad dressing, maple syrup, creamy dips, salsa, etc., secure them inside a sealed container. Baby food, bread, cereal, cookies, cooked meats, chocolates, dried fruits, granola bars, protein bars, grain salads, pizza, and sandwiches, are allowed for carry-ons. However, there are also considerable exceptions.

Baby formula and breast milk is an example of this which require special instructions. They’re allowed in reasonable quantities. Also, be sure to be considerate of other passengers. Don’t pack food with a strong odor, such as durian, jackfruit, strong-smelling cheese, fermented foods such as kimchi, etc.

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How to pack food for the plane?

Long flights may give you enough time to catch up on your favorite TV shows, watch movies, play games on your phone or tablet, or read books. But eventually, you will need to eat and drink. If you’re planning for a long haul flight, make sure you include your meals and snacks on your plans. Here is a quick list of the best food for long flights:

Collapsible water bottles


Moving and briskly walking through airports, security checks, standing in line for buses, trains, and more are daunting tasks. These things can make you sweat and lose important electrolytes in your body. Dehydration is a common problem in long haul flights.

Make sure you can always ask the flight attendant for a cup of water. Those tiny plastic cups won’t be enough throughout the flight. You can save yourself the hassle of dehydration and bring a collapsible water bottle.

You can fill the bottle after security check, or ask the flight crew to fill it for you. It is also just a small fracture of space in your carryon bag. Some can be folded down to a quarter of an inch and expand up to 20 oz. Or more. It saves you from the ridiculously expensive bottled water sold in airports.

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Reusable containers and cutlery

Plastic single-use containers and cutlery are everywhere. You will be surprised how much of this plastic comes from airlines. For the most, they’re super convenient and way more reliable than their single-use counterparts.

You can help save the earth by not using single-use travel containers and cutlery from drugstores. Thus, it is best to have reusable containers and cutlery with you when you travel.

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Here are the snacks you can bring with you in a long haul flight

Here’s a quick list of healthy travel snacks

Trail mix


If you want something to munch while watching your favorite TV show on your phone or tablet, then the trail mix is a good choice. They’re light, nutritious, and even filling. Nuts are great sources of antioxidants, protein, and energy. It’s quite a popular all-around snack on the plane.

You can even make your trail mix at home by mixing nuts like almonds, pecans, cashews, peanuts, dried fruits, seeds, popcorn, etc. in a zip lock bag. Add some M&Ms or chocolate bits to make your mix a little more exciting.

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Natural pitted olives to be specific is one of the less popular snacks for international flights. However, they’re a super healthy and guilt-free snack. You are free to add this to your list of healthy travel snacks.

Although it is highly discouraged to drink alcohol in a long haul flight to avoid dehydration. Those who wish to sip a glass of wine for a good night’s sleep can have a pack of delicious pitted olives to pair with their wine.

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Beef jerky


One of the oldest road trip and flight snacks is beef jerky. This provides a quick, convenient, and oftentimes delicious way to get some protein. Also, beef jerky 98% fat-free, a great choice for people doing a keto diet. Pack this on your bag for a mess-free snack.

You can find these in almost any supermarkets and food stores. They also come in many different flavors and seasonings, such as buffalo, chicken, lamb, bacon, etc. Again, you have to be considerate of your fellow passengers, so choose a beef jerky that doesn’t come with strong seasoning.

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Homemade sandwiches

This premade sandwich is one of the more popular choices for airplane snacks. Homemade sandwiches and wraps are easy to make, carry, and eat on a plane. You need a secure container to prevent leaks. Also, remember to pack utensils, just in case.

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Hummus and crackers


It is known as one of the most delicious foods to pack for long flights. Though hummus usually needs to be refrigerated, there are many different alternatives. There is hummus powder that comes in shelf-stable versions.

A single-serving shelf-stable hummus with some crackers can go a long way. Also, for powdered hummus, simply ask the flight attended for hot water.

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Granola bars


You can bring both homemade and commercially packaged granola bars on the plane. It’s rich with fiber, protein, iron, and micronutrients such as iron, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E. If you choose to make your granola bar, you are guaranteed for its nutritious impact on your body.

Make sure you wrap it securely in a resealable bag or container with a secure lid. The nutrients depend on the ingredients on the granola bar. So if you want a healthy granola bar, make sure it includes not just oats and puffed rice, but also dried fruits, and seeds.

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Protein bars


This is another great packable airplane food that can provide you the much-needed protein while on a long haul flight. Protein bars can pack as much as 15g of protein per serving.

Again, be mindful of other passengers on the plane and avoid protein bars with nuts or peanut butter-flavored, in case someone has an allergy.

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Firm cheeses and crackers


The classic combination of cheese and crackers can come with a hefty price tag when ordered in-flight. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to shell money for a great-tasting treat. You can get great cheese from Trader Joe’s Spanish Cheese Tapas sampler.

This includes three different types of cheeses sliced thinly for an easy and convenient snack. You can pair that with a suitable cracker packed inside a zip-top bag.

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Dried fruits


This is probably the best food for long flights when it comes to convenience and variety. It is refreshing and super nutritious. They come in a wide variety of selections.

You can purchase several different types of dried fruits and mix them at home. Pack it in a resealable bag or a container with lid, and you have a healthy and filling snack on the plane.

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Instant cup noodles


Though this is usually readily available as an in-flight snack, you can always bring your favorite instant cup noodles in your carryon bag. They’re usually not particularly healthy, but they are super convenient.

Furthermore, it remains the best choice if you’re looking for a hot soup to sip. Simply ask the cabin crew for hot water when they roam around with their beverage cart.

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These are common in-flight freebies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your favorite brand. Pretzels are had low-fat content and high in iron, folate, potassium, and zinc. They’re crunchy and super convenient to carry.

The best thing about this snack is you don’t need to worry about your stomach when you have too much of it. Keep pretzels in a sealed container to keep them from getting smashed inside your bag. You can have your pretzel as it is, or try to pair them with fruits like apple and pear.

Packing this can add fiber to your snack. Hummus and low-fat cheese are also good options. Nothing cures a long and boring flight than a pack of sweet treats. Cookie crisps and butter cookies are perfect with coffee or tea.

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Fresh fruits

The classic combo of apple and peanut butter makes an ideal snack for anyone looking for a fresh and healthy bite. You can keep your apple slices on a zip-top bag, or better yet, bring a whole apple. Banana is also a convenient plane snack.

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Snacks to bring with you in a long haul flight


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