Long Haul Flight Essentials: Carry-on Items to Take Onboard


A long journey can be highly unbearable. Make sure you pack these long haul flight essentials to help you survive the flight and enjoy your destination.

The rise of fuel-efficient aircraft, low oil prices, and strong demand from travelers made long haul flights more profitable than ever before. These flights are becoming more common, and more and more airlines offer direct route flights that previously needed a couple or more stops a few years ago.

What’s in it for you?

For travelers, this only brings good news, as this means more opportunities for a cheaper journey. However, staying on your seat for eight, fourteen, or sometimes seventeen hours is extremely hard for the body.

If you have just booked your first long haul flight and you worry about what to expect, then this post is for you. This entry will list down all the things you need to know about long haul flight and enumerate all the long haul flight essentials you need to survive the agonizing journey.

Long Haul Flight Essentials: Carry-on Items to Take Onboard

Some prefer books over a tablet. Some like huge headphones, will others prefer the sleek and minimalist wireless earpods. Thus, long haul flight essentials can vary from one passenger to the next. But here are the basic things you need to have inside your carry-on bag.

Travel organizer


Keep all your travel documents such as passport, boarding pass, hotel and travel bookings, and other travel essentials in one reliable organizer altogether. Make sure you choose an organizer with a zippered interior to keep loose coins and other small stuff.

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Often people forget the importance of pen. This is important if you want to save yourself from the hassles of filling-up your immigration form upon your arrival. Having a pen with you lets you fill-up the immigration form on the plane.

You are allowed to borrow a pen from the cabin crew. However, everyone else on board will do the same thing, so get ahead of the pack and bring your own.

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Collapsible water bottle


Dehydration is a common problem in long haul flights, and those tiny plastic/paper cups won’t be enough. So bring your empty water bottle in flight. You can ask the flight crew to fill up your empty water bottle. Try do drink double, or triple than your usual water intake. There is also a collapsible water bottle that you can easily fold and slip inside your bag.

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What to Wear

Since you will be sitting in a confined tight space for hours, you must wear something comfortable. Therefore, it just makes sense to wear something that doesn’t restrict your body and allow your body to move freely in whatever sitting position.

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For Ladies

The best clothes for the ladies are something that lets you curl up on your seat and allow you to do some stretching exercises without cutting your bloodstream.



A cardigan or a long pullover is perfect for all ladies. Wearing something that is a bit longer than your top will cover your back, this is especially important as you slide down on your seat as the flight progresses.

Also, it can be pretty cold up there. Airport blankets aren’t enough to keep you warm. A Nice and comfy cardigan can do the trick to keep you warm. When you feel warm, you can simply remove your cardigan, fold it up and use it as a pillow.

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A pretty jacket is also a good choice. This piece offers a quick way to look stylish (and probably improve your chances of an airplane upgrade). You can never go wrong with the classic long jacket. It allows you to conceal casual wear easily.

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A scarf is a dual-function piece. With the right print, design, and texture, you can look extra chic and keep your neck warm. Also, should you opt for thick scarves; you can fold them up and use them as a pillow. You can also use it as a sleeping mask.

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For your footwear, you can choose any comfy shoes or sneakers. This depends on your preference. Some people feel better with soft leather flats.

Just remember, feel tend to swell up during long hours of sitting. Thus, choose your footwear wisely. Compression socks also help in keeping your feet from becoming swollen.

For your bottom, you can choose from yoga pants, harem trousers, palazzo pants, etc. Again, this depends on your style and comfort preferences.

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For Men

Businessmen in their formal work clothes are often good to go to. However, not all men travel for business, and not all men would like to wear a suit on a plane. It is incredibly rare to see a man in a suit on a long-haul flight.

Since the temperature inside the cabin can change a lot in a long haul flight, you want something versatile. The key to looking sharp is to wear structured, layered pieces.

Having a couple of pieces to add or remove is essential. What you choose depends on your style. The most comfortable style includes a jacket, shirt, sweater or pullover, and comfy pants.

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Grab a jacket or blazer with a neutral style that works with your other travel clothing.
When it comes to shirt, it can be anything from a smart button-down shirt or a more casual short-sleeved tee. Shirts are incredibly versatile and easy to style with almost anything.

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For pants, they must be both comfy and functional. You could be standing in line or walking briskly to catch your flight. For this, you may be better off with khakis than jeans. Khakis are simply more breathable than jeans, and comfier than the dress pants. Khakis also look more casual, yet professional as compared to jeans.

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For your footwear, you can wear soft leather shoes, sneakers, running shoes, or any comfortable footwear that you like. Opt for something easy to slip on and off.

Also, compression socks feel great on your feet during the flight. Hence, it makes a list for one of the top long flight essentials.

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For comfort during the flight

Compression socks


A pair of soft thick socks are good enough to keep your feet warm. But since you will be sitting a lot on a long haul flight, you might as well bring a pair of compression socks too to relieve circulation problems caused by an extended period of inactivity.

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Neck pillow


Travel pillows provide great comfort, especially when on a stiff and restricting airplane seat. If you don’t want to carry it around or wear it around your neck all the time, then you can opt for an inflatable neck pillow.

There is also clothing that comes with built-in neck support. This is one of the long flight essentials that can make a significant impact on your flight experience.

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Eye mask and earplugs


Wearing an eye mask can help you get that relaxing environment that you need for a good night’s sleep. Also, sleeping in darkness provides an excellent jet-lag remedy. When picking up an eye mask, opt for those that come with earplugs.

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E-book or Kindle for your entertainment


This can be a book, a kindle/e-reader, a tablet, etc. In-flight WiFi can be extremely expensive. So downloading your preferred TV shows, movies, podcasts, etc. to watch can convenient.

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Airlines may provide you with headphones, but they’re usually not good quality. You can bring your high-quality headphones. To cancel out the noise inside the plane, you can also choose noise-canceling headphones.

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Portable battery bank


The last thing you want on a long haul flight is a dead mobile phone. A power bank or portable battery bank provides an excellent solution for that.

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Charging cables


Most new airplanes right now come with USB chargers on their seats. You can utilize these to power up your devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.

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For hygiene and personal care



You want to pack all your essential medications on your luggage, but it would be wise to have a couple of those essential meds on your carry-on bag, too. Dehydration and cabin pressure can lead to headaches, stomach issues, and sinus problems.

Having the over-the-counter medications for these things can make your long-haul flight experience a lot easier. Also, include jet-lag relief pills in your medication pouch.

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Sleeping Aids

If you plan on using sleeping aids, there are natural options available such as melatonin and over-the-counter sleeping pills. Make sure you try these things before your flight, though.

Take note that the effects of these drugs can vary between individuals. Nevertheless, sleeping aids are common long haul flight essentials for most people.

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A small bag for toiletries

Obviously, you want to look and feel fresh throughout the flight. A mini bag for your long haul flight beauty essentials can make a huge difference in your mood and experience throughout the flight.

Include your mist spray, moisturizer, dry shampoo, disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, ointment, peppermint oil, face wash, face wipes, etc. Also, your lips will dry out easily, so make sure you carry a lip balm as well.

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Face masks, anti-bacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer


Air quality inside the plane is often poor. Your stowaway tray and armrest can be riddled with bacteria. Thus, it is best to protect yourself against these risks.

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Miscellaneous Items You Can Bring

You can’t always count on the quality of airplane food, but you can always bring your snacks. Trail mix, beef jerky, dried fruits, nuts, protein bars, dark chocolates, whole-grain salad, etc. are great options. Make these healthy snacks a part of your list of carrying on essentials for long flights.

Long haul flights are never easy. It can drain the energy out of you. But having these long flight essentials with you will help you feel better throughout the trip and make them more bearable.

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What to bring with you on a long haul flight


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