Top 10 Best Travel Shoes for Women (2020)


What are the best travel shoes for women? We have compiled the BEST walking shoes for travel that will not only keep your feet blister-free but also comfortable for the whole day while exploring new destinations. No need for aching feet after walking for hours!

There are few better ways of experiencing life in a new city than through walking. Traveling on foot allows you to spot some of those details that are very important regarding giving life to a destination.

Are you in a hurry? Here’s the top-recommended travel shoes for women!

Few will blame you if you lose track of time while window shopping along the Via del Corso in Rome, weaving along through the medieval medina in the town of Fez, or exploring one of the bamboo groves in Kyoto.

However, having to do so in a pair of uncomfortable shoes usually proves to be the most significant factor that shatters the magic behind this immersive cultural experience. Here, having a couple of the best travel shoes for women can alter the scene dramatically.

As far as the fashion-conscious traveler is concerned, the toss-up between style and comfort has been a classic conundrum in place for a very long time. The every day flat slippers are not the most convenient and practical options to take along on a packed itinerary.

That said, something that resembles a pair of orthopedic footwear will probably force you to crop your vacation photos from the ankle up!

Extreme weather conditions and rugged terrain make it essential to have sturdier travel shoes while traveling to specific destinations. Iceland during the winter months is a case in point where you will need travel-friendly and good travel shoes women’s can rely on.

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While the possibilities are seemingly a lot more in mild weather and on walker-friendly streets, choosing the perfect pair of best travel shoes is a tough decision to make.

One of the most critical elements that determine the best walking shoes for travel is versatility. If you can go effortlessly from a shopping spree to a six-hour walking tour to dinner in the same set of kicks without running the risk of developing blisters, then they are the pair you had asked for!

This may sound like a ludicrous proposition, but when you plan to wear only that single pair of women’s walking shoes for travel while on holiday, packing everything else that is matching becomes so much more comfortable.

Moreover, have you ever realized that those five just-in-case pairs that you carry around could be adding to the weight of the luggage? Would it not be better if this extra space in the suitcase could be left vacant for packing in a few souvenirs?

Keeping all of this in mind, here is our review of the best stylish walking shoes for travel for women.

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The Best Travel Shoes Comparison Chart


Travel Shoes reviews and product descriptions

Adidas Superstars

From the house of the global footwear giants Adidas, this pair of comfortable travel shoes carries a very minimalistic design and can be paired with almost any kind of outfit. There is a somewhat unique style about the Adidas Superstars, which keeps your feet from looking awkward when you wear them.

Although it is considered to be one of the best traveling shoes for women, the product is unisex and will look equally good when worn by men as well.

The comfort it provides is one of the big reasons behind its ensuing popularity, offering a great deal of cushioning so your feet won’t hurt even when you walk long miles or go for a sprint. One of the major issues is that this shoe, being predominantly white, gets stained and dirty far too quickly.

Also, the lining of the product is not good enough and tends to wear and thin, pretty fast, which is a matter of inconvenience to the wearer. Overall, it is worth spending money on these travel shoes.

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Birkenstock Sandals

When you think of the Birkenstocks, you probably get images of frumpy looking clogs. However, the brand has come up with some new styles, and the Birkenstock Sandals feature prominently in them.

These are regarded as the best travel shoes for Europe and come with some features that make them highly sought after in the market.

The adjustable strap allows the footwear to be adjusted if you are experiencing swelling or wish to wear socks along with it, though it would be better if you wear them tight so that your foot remains stable.

Shock absorption and arch support are the other signature features of these walking shoes for travel. You will find the product in multiple color choices, and their durability is something to gloat over.

However, wearing them for the initial few days could be a painful struggle, but once you overcome this initial phase, you will feel extremely comfortable.

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Converse All-Stars

The Converse All-Stars hitting the market was big news at that time as the company had finally come out with a new design after 98 years of inaction.

Though the Converse was never an uncomfortable pair and did not cause any damage to the wearer, the near-century-old model did not have the kind of ergonomic appeal that the youth looked for.

These shoes are far more comfortable thanks to their new foamy insole, compared to some of the shoddy canvas sacks that are passed off for travel shoes.

The no-slip tongue is another feature that remains in place instead of swaying from side-to-side, ensuring better aesthetics. The canvas is also sturdy and more durable, which makes it a good value for money product to have at your disposal.

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New Balance Classic Runner Sneakers

The New Balance Classic Runner Sneakers is one of the best athletics shoes in the market, focusing on the objectives of the company that wishes to help athletes achieve their goals and success in life.

This also makes it one of the best walking shoes for travel as the comfort and durability are simply unmatched. It is made of a suede textile material and comes with rubber soles that ensure you do not hurt your feet even while moving swiftly on a hard surface.

The futuristic sporty sole and patterned toe underlay further add to the elegance of the product. You also get to choose from some different colors so you can pick the one that goes best with your dress and personality.

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Nike Free Run

Cushioned, light, and flexible – there are no words that describe the Nike Free Run better than these! It is a fun shoe to have in your wardrobe, and the pair you are most likely to pull out when you intend to go out for a quick run.

On a warm summer day, you may even feel inclined to wear it while out in the city, so it is only natural if you wish to carry it along on travel as one of the best women’s walking shoes for travel.

An extremely comfortable piece of footwear, you can seemingly relax in this pair and enjoy life to the extreme.

It comes with a bold styling that makes it a good fashion-remix option. The high-sole flexibility and cushioning are better than most other minimalist shoes in the category, though regarding grip and expanded toe box volume, there is still some room for improvement.

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TOMS Canvas Slip-on

 The TOMS Canvas Slip-ones are designed in a classic alpargata style with a canvas upper and elastic gore to allow the comfortable fit of the footwear. The suede footbed further adds to the comfort of the product, making it one of the best travel shoes for women.

The shaft has a measure running in length for approximately 2.5” from the arch. The sole is made of synthetic material, which increases durability and considerably reduces the risk of wear and tear of the product.

You can choose from some different colors for this product, which is one of the most highly rated stylish walking shoes for travel on the Internet.

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Vans Unisex Canvas Skate Shoes

The Vans Unisex Canvas Skate Shoes have always been of equal favor for both the non-skaters and skaters thanks to their lightweight comfort, flexible design, and classic look.

These travel shoes for Europe come with a flexible vulcanized construction on the outsole that ensures better durability and grip.

The insole has been designed to provide increased running support and enhanced overall comfort that allows skaters to jump downstairs and perform running tricks.

The rubber underlay on the upper gives a high resistance to wear and tear even though the outer layer of the canvas may get worn out with repeated use. The shoes also offer a great deal of flexibility, making it one of the ideal comfortable travel shoes to wear on vacations and extended tours.

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Superga Cotu Sneakers

An Italian footwear brand, Superga is best known for the classic 2750 Cotu sneaker that has a 100-year-old design but has undergone transformation down the years to feature a new brand of weather-friendly options, fabrics, and heights.

It is similar in looks to a traditional sneaker but is a trendy choice in walking shoes for travel among women, especially celebrities and fashionistas. They have a more polished and refined look to them as compared to traditional sneakers and are different in more ways than one.

The shoes are incredibly comfortable and supportive, making them staple travel shoes to have in every wardrobe. Without a doubt, they are one of the best travel shoes women can hope to carry on their outings, though the weight can threaten to put off some individuals.

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Repetto’s Ballerina Flats

The Repetto ballet flats have come to be renowned in France as one of the best travel shoes for Europe that every elegant woman would want to have to look stylish even while wearing a casual outfit.

Accurate sizing is one of the biggest draws for the Repetto’s ballerina flats with half-size options available for the wearer. They come with an impeccable quality backed by the smooth and thick leather that is seen only in shoes that belong to an elite class.

This also gives them greater durability and allows you to wear them more frequently compared to other comfortable travel shoes. Comfort is another area where this pair of women’s walking shoes for travel score big. You are sure to feel happy when you possess a couple in your wardrobe.

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Plaka Summer Sandals

The Plaka summer Sandals are a pair of the best travel shoes for women that exude a great deal of style and comfort. The colorful straps feature soft nylon of the highest quality that allows you to enjoy a blister-free walking experience while being adjusted to your feet.

These walking shoes for travel are not only comfortable but can also be matched with almost everything to let you enjoy the perfect look for every occasion.

The braided ropes are crafted with hand with the most considerable degree of care and the most delicate material so that you get to enjoy the very best footwear experience.

You can wear these Plaka Sandals to the beach while kayaking or in the rain and need not worry about having them ruined. The rubber sole on these stylish walking shoes for travel add to their degree of durability.

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