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Europe in October: 10 Best Places to Visit

Europe in October is an amazing time to take a tour of the beautiful continent. The weather mostly stays warm and comfortable during this time, and the scenic beauty is exceptionally painted in the colors of autumn.

Be it exploring the sightseeing attractions of enjoying the cultural events, a European vacation in October is extremely happening and entertaining in all aspects. Also, the tourist crowds are less during this time due to which the accommodation and airfare prices are quite affordable with discounts. All these positivities make October an ideal month to visit Europe.

What is the weather in Europe in October?

Northern Europe is most beautiful to explore in October due to the fall scenic beauty, and the temperature remains cold at around 10 degrees. Western Europe enjoys a pleasant climate suited for outdoor activities having temperatures around 15 degrees.

Eastern Europe also has a similar climate with temperatures varying between 13 to 16 degrees while Mediterranean Europe has a pretty warm climate with temperatures between 16 and 24 degrees. And if you are confused about where to go in Europe in October, the following list will guide you with the best countries to visit in October in Europe.


Places to visit Europe in October

Presidential Palace and Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki Finland schema

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki in Finland is among the best European city breaks in October due to its painted golden beauty-bidding farewell to the autumn while winter starts setting in slowly.

Helsinki in October does not have any snow, and the temperature remains quite cold between 6 to 8 degrees or sometimes even between 10 to 15 degrees if there is sunshine.

It is an amazing time to explore the city attractions like the beautiful Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Upenski Cathedral, opt for a city tour with the local guide, shop at the Old Market Hall, Helsinki Cathedral, takes a stroll in the gorgeous greenish settings of Esplanadi, visit the Temppeliaukio rock church of Helsinki and many other beautiful attractions.

Also during this time, you can enjoy the International Helsinki Book Fair in the last week of October. And join the Helsinki Halloween festival accompanied by loads of creepy costumes, drinks, beers, and music to bring life to the party.

Therefore, if you are looking for fun-filled European holidays in October, Helsinki is the one.

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top tourist sttractions and things to do in Bologna Italy schema

Bologna, Italy

Bologna in Italy is a vibrant city filled with young crowds, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and the oldest university town in Europe. It has a pleasant climate in October having temperatures between 15 to 19 degrees with a good 5 hours of sunshine.

Bologna is famous for hosting various cultural events and festivals throughout the year, and hence it makes October remarkable with the National Bologna Day celebration in 24th of the month. The festival is entertaining and grand to watch.

Also for the foodies across the world, the festival is a fantastic opportunity to taste varieties of delicacies like Fried Bologna Casserole, Egg on Challah bread with American cheese and Rarebit Sauce, Bologna sandwich, Fried Bologna Dinner, Lebanon Bologna Rolls, Egg salad with Bologna Rolls, Barbequed Bologna, and many other mouthwatering cuisines.

Apart from this, you can enjoy the last spring flavors in the beautiful Bologna strolling around the city, visiting the museums to know about city history. Have a look at the city basilicas, exploring the Bologna markets and various other attractive sightseeing locations.

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top day trips from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina konjic

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Sarajevo is a beautiful old city and the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has a rich historical background due to its numerous events associated with the First World War and the civil war of the 1990s.

Sarajevo in October has a wonderful climate having temperatures between 11 to 17 degrees. You can start exploring the city with its antique beauty. The Old Town which is exceptionally charming and features buildings and architectures from the 15th century along with its ancient 15th century Bascarsija Market which is a cultural hub of the city.

Another beautiful attraction that sparks brilliantly under the autumn sky is the historical Kovaci Memorial cemetery, which is a heritage site of the city. The Sarajevo Tunnel Museum is an exciting location to know about the history of Bosnians and explore the historic tunnel up to a limited extent to have the feel.

While in Sarajevo don’t miss its stunning Sarajevo Town Hall laid out in detailed, intricate carvings and decorations that serve as a visual treat for all visitors. Besides the various interesting historic locations, the city is drenched in the color of festivals and musical concerts during October.

Some of them are- Festival of Cultural Diversity the Rock festival, Die Wandervogel musical concert featuring German and Austrian folk songs. And Jazz musical show, Silver and Smoke night DJ party, and International Oriental Dance show, Opera nights at the city theaters, etc. The nights are brightly light with various booze parties hosted by the city nightclubs and pubs.

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Gondola near Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Venice is definitely among the best places to visit in October in Europe and also features among the best European destinations in October due to its awe-inspiring scenic beauty. The city has lesser tourist crowds during this time and experiences a pleasant temperature between 14 to 18 degrees.

October festivals in Europe gets a complete makeover in Venice due to the romantic ambiance of the city and its gorgeous waterside settings.

The city nights are royal experiencing the Opera with a glass of traditional Italian wine. Since Italy is best known for Opera, you can explore the best of it in its decorative theatres. The month begins with the Festa Del Mosto festival in the first week followed by the Venice marathon, Venice Halloween festival, and Venice Biennale. All of the festivals are a feast to the eyes and worth participating in.

You can also go for the attractive sightseeing locations like Grand Canal, San Zaccaria, Castello, Burano Island. And an amazing food and wine tour to explore the delicacies of the city.

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top day trips from barcelona spain girona

Barcelona, Spain

If you are planning about what to include in your bucket list of best places or country to visit in October in Europe, make sure you keep Barcelona in Spain as your top priority. Escaping the chilly cold weather of autumn, Spain gives you the best comfort being one of the hot countries in October.

Barcelona during this time has a temperature between 18 to 23 degrees with a pretty good amount of sunshine. Be it going for a bike tour across the city or a photo tour exploring the hidden attractions of the town, October is a perfect time.

The city festivals during this time are Barcelona Oktoberfest, International Jazz festival, Halloween Party, Retro Barcelona Event. The Castellers event was building the human castle and tower, outside pub parties, Sitges Film Festival. And various other events will make you tour the most happening one.

Apart from this, you can also go for fun activities like a wine tour from Barcelona to the 12 official wine areas of Catalonia, enjoy the Flamenco show. And visit the Barcelona beaches to try out. The Beach Bar Mojitos, go for a picnic at the Park de la Ciutadella And enjoy shopping at Passeig de Gracia, and the list goes on accompanied by the city heritage attractions.

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Florence Italy

Florence, Italy

The most romantic destination of Florence in Italy stays comfortable in October having temperatures between 16 to 21 degrees with 7 hours of sunshine. So if you are looking for where is hot in October in Europe, it is in Florence.
Many cultural events, exhibitions, food festivals are organizing this time that makes your October tour extremely enjoyable.

The first week of October kick starts the festive mood with free first Sunday entries to city museums and also hosts the event of Scarperia featuring antique products, garments, clothiers and many other things.

You can have a look at the beautiful handicraft works at Aprilante event. Walkthrough the organic and artisan market at Piazza Matteotti, enjoy the October flea market, join the event santa Reparta by the Florence co-patron saints, feel the traditional Italian flavors at Certaldo, watch the conventional countryside event Impruneta.

And participate in Festival Delle Mongolfiere with a hot air balloon tour over the city, enjoy the Florence Biennal, Chestnut festival, Truffle festival and lots of other events. October is the busiest month in Florence with too many events to go for and hence it is among the best European cities to visit in October.

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top tourist attractions in dubrovnik croatia dominican monastery

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Though Croatia is not among the warm European countries in October, the beautiful small city of Dubrovnik however manages to maintain a pleasant temperature between 18 to 21 degrees with a good amount of sunshine.

Due to this comfortable climate, Dubrovnik features among the best places in Europe in October.

It is an excellent time to explore the coastal areas of the city and seek immense pleasure in dipping your feet in the warm seawaters. The town offers everything starting from lovely beaches to eye-arresting sea views, lip-smacking seafood, and various water sports adventure activities.

October is a great time to explore the old city areas and take a tour of the forts and city walls. Treat your eyes with the traditional dancing and Lindo folklore event at Lazareti.

Explore the exhibition of Con Una Cierta Calma at Dulcic Masle Pulitika art gallery, join the last summer party with loads of fun-filled activities at Culture Club Revelin. Attain the music concert in St.Saviour’s Church, enjoy the flavor of the theater dramas at Theatre of Marin Drzic.

You can visit the Museum of Modern art to have a look at the breathtaking exhibits from the famous painters and authors. Groove with the Dubrovnik Music wave at the Island of Lokrum and explore the gorgeous sightseeing attractions to make your tour worthwhile. Loaded with so many events and sightseeing attractions, Dubrovnik tops the list of amazing places to go in Europe in October.

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St. Peters cathedral Rome Italy

Rome, Italy

Europe in October achieves its most beautiful shape in the painted city of Rome. The climate of Rome remains warm in October having temperatures between 18 to 23 degrees. The historical buildings and heritages sites look magical under the clear blue sky with bright sunshine casting breathtaking shadows in its buildings, roads, and structures.

The October weather in Rome is perfect for city walks, sidewalks, exploring the art galleries, museums, and opera theatres. Some of the biggest events hosted in this month are feast day celebration of St.Francis of Assisi, Rome Jazz Festival, RomaEuropa Festival, Rome Film Festival, and the famous Halloween festival.

Apart from these, there are numerous exhibitions hosted at the art galleries of the famous Italian painters and museums, which are worth visiting. The Colosseum, Vatican City, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and other attractions will make your vacation memorable in October.

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Admiralty Arch London, UK

London, UK

London in the UK looks gorgeous in October painted with red, green, and yellow autumn colors indicating the end of the fall season. London has chilly weather in October having a temperature between 10 to 16 degrees.

The biggest attraction in October here is the Halloween celebration with creepy trees, and pumpkins acing the neighborhoods. The biggest celebration of Halloween is done here with too many glamorous parties and themed events that will make your vacation too much entertaining.

Besides there are art fairs, festivals like Diwali and Africa on the Square at Trafalgar Square, Night museums, and restaurants loaded with discounts and cocktail week events.

The days are amazing exploring the city attractions, cruising to the beautiful Greenwich. The nights are interesting partying at pubs, nightclubs, exploring the horrifying London Dungeon, and ending with a luxurious dinner at the restaurants dipped in festival celebrations. London ranks in the top position among the best places to visit in October in Europe.

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top day trips from pisa italy schema

Pisa, Italy

Pisa in Italy is quite a warmer destination in October having temperatures between 17 to 21 degrees. The city has a lively ambiance during this time and offers terrific weather to explore its beautiful attractions.

Like Leaning tower, taking the city tour, explore the Tuscany countryside areas, enjoy the Pisa Segway tour, visit the Pisa cathedrals, explore the magnificent Piazza Del Duomo, Baptistry, Camposanto, and many other city attractions.

You can also enjoy a series of Tuscany cultural events during this time like Fiera Antiquaria, Panzano in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti, Carmignano, Cinigiano, Impruneta and many other cultural events and festivals.

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