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Autumn in Europe: Top 15 Fall Destinations in Europe

If you are planning for a Europe trip, fall is the perfect time to feel its heartwarming beauty. The crunchy leaves under the feet, the cold crisp air and the orange and golden hues everywhere are a million-dollar experience. Europe this time looks like a picture painted with watercolor.

Why visit Europe in autumn?

Europe in autumn has a breathtaking scenic beauty that is worth visiting for. The entire continent shines brightly under the golden sun.

The weather during this time is very comfortable after the scorching summers, and the prices of airfares and hotel are incredibly cheap due to offseason. You can feel the picturesque locations breathing some fresh air with lesser tourist crowds and long awaiting ques.

When is the best time to visit Europe in autumn?

Europe has the autumn season from September to November. Europe in September is mostly full of cultural events and traditional festivals in its different cities.

Europe in October is primarily busy in celebrating fall with spooky Halloween while Europe in November is dedicated to the musical events and Christmas celebrations. The ideal time to visit Europe is between the middle week of September to the last week of November to feel the fall.


Autumn in Europe: Top 15 Fall Destinations in Europe

Regent Park London UK schema

London, UK

Visiting London between September to November is going to give you the best scenic beauty of the autumn season with orange and yellow crunched leaves in the trees and walkway.

And a series of restaurants and cafes selling some of the delicious cuisines with barrels of hot whiskeys and numerous picturesque local sightseeing locations to cherish.

The city is wrapped in the festive preparations during this time having a lively environment for traveling, enjoying cozy dinners, partying with friends in the pubs, visiting the museums. And taking some casual strolls along the Thames riverside, localities, and manicured gardens.

The city this time hosts numerous cultural and fun events like firework festivals, bonfire nights. The London Design Festival, Spooky Halloween, Art fairs, BFI Film festival, and the list continues. London never fails to amaze the visitors with its gorgeous fall in Europe.

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Autumn in Europe: Top 15 Fall Destinations in Europe

Paris, France

Fall in Europe has the painted face in the romantic city of Paris. The ambiance is festive while the crispy winds blew the air off your face. Some of the picturesque locations that you can enjoy best during fall in Paris are – The beautiful Palais-Royal Gardens, a local city tour.

Parks like Jardin du Luxembourg, Places des the Vosges, Parc Monceau, the beautiful garden Versailles. Visit the grand cemetery Pere-Lachaise, explore the different exhibitions in art galleries and museum, and spend a creepy Halloween with the famous Catacombs.

The restaurants and cafes lining up the streets are worth trying for a sumptuous dinner or just a casual grab of hot chocolate. The city ensures in every way that the visitors spend an amazing autumn in Europe.

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Florence italy Autumn

Florence, Italy

Florence is one of that romantic city of Italy in the Tuscan region that is a must-visit during the autumn season. Starting from having a pleasant sun after the warm summer to the natural spring filters painting the entire city, Florence in fall treats you with awe-inspiring autumn in Europe.

Fall in Florence is the season when the Tuscan wines and virgin olive oil.

A trip to this location during this time gives you an excellent opportunity to taste these lip-smacking liquids along with the delicious cuisines.

You can also have some fantastic sun-soaked time on the nearby beaches during daylight. Visit the art galleries or hike in the breathtaking Foreste Casentinesi National Park splashed with fall colors.

The nights are beautiful with soulful Opera theaters, film festivals, traditional food festivals and lots of entertaining stuff.

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Rome Italy

Rome, Italy

Rome is known to be a historical paradise of Italy with numerous heritage sites, and beautiful ancient architectures of 2,500 years old. During the fall, the city has extremely pleasant weather to be loved by all visitors accompanied by its lip smack seasonal delights, fruits and exotic collections of wines.

A long bike tour of the city will be perfect this time to give you the most romantic vibes of the fall as well as exploring the major attractions like Colosseum. Vatican city tour, Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Castle Sant’ Angelo and many more heritage locations. The city also blooms with various cultural events and annual festivals during this time like theatres.

Food festivals celebrating the flavors of chocolate, truffles, wild boar meat, mushrooms, etc., music events, movie festivals and the colorful preparations for Christmas.

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Autumn view in Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is a beautiful lake come small island situated at the Julian Alps in the northwestern part of Slovenia. The location is a small compact one but looks like a picture painted with bright pastel colors having beautiful colored fall leaves on the trees, mesmerizing pine vegetations, cozy accommodations for the tourists and castles peeking between the colorful greeneries.

One of the biggest attractions of this location is the Church of Assumption that lies in the heart of the Lake Bled island. You can hire a boat or even hike through the waterfall trails to reach the dreamy church. The red, yellow, and golden leaves of the fall will tempt you to have some casual walks in the surrounding areas of the island and spend some time admiring the beauty. It is a must-visit destination to feel the fall in Europe.

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Autumnal alley in the park of Gdansk Poland

Gdansk, Poland

The coastal city of Gdansk is like a beautiful hidden gem in the country of Poland that shines in bright golden hues everywhere during the fall. The town has got a major historical background and the glorifying Hanseatic Architecture even in recent times.

Be it a tour on the pirate ship in Motwala river, enjoying delicious seafood in rooftop restaurants with a breathtaking view of the waterfront.

Go for boating in the Westerplatte Peninsula or exploring the queen of natural beauty-The Pomeranian Voivodeship, the coastal city gives you immense pleasure gasping at the picturesque locations.

You can even enjoy the sea in the beautiful fall backdrop in the Brzezno area, grabbing some delicious fried fish.

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top day trips from zagreb croatia plitvice lakes national park

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

One of the fantastic European destination to experience the beauty of fall is the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. It is consists of a group of 16 lakes with interconnected water supply through the Tufa barriers.

The lake has unparallel beauty during the autumn season being surrounded by lush green forest and trees that turn into orange and yellow — during this time accompanied by the green vegetations and several waterfalls gushing into the lakes.

The emerald green water surrounded by the fall color and the dense forest looks magical under the autumn sky. The National park has the lakes divided into Upper and lowers sections, and both of them have breathtaking scenic beauty.

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Autumn view in Palace of Parliament Bucherest Romania

Bucharest, Romania

If you want to celebrate autumn in Europe full of festivals and good food, Bucharest in Romania is the ideal destination hosting numerous events and fun festivals in the entire fall season from September to November. The parks and gardens of the city shine brightly with the fall color that will encourage you to take a long walk or have a seat and admire the beauty.

The entire city gets wrapped in festive mood hosting numerous events like Festival Racoltei, Festival Toamnei where the wine markets give you an amazing display of wine manufacturing,

Magic Fest, and Targ Traditional festival where the activities are conducted with traditional Romanian folk music along with lip-smacking dishes. It is a great location to enjoy the autumn season.

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Isar River Munich Germany

Munich, Germany

Munich in Germany shines brightly under the autumn sun in shimmery gold color, putting a smile on everyone’s face. The city offers a lively atmosphere with so many things to do for the tourists. The Schloss Nymphenburg looks amazingly beautiful during the fall season to spend some quality time devoid of city crowds.

The colorful Bavarian architecture of the buildings and structures in the city with colorful streets looks like painted scenery.

Other attractions include majestic Neus Rathus, Bavarian National Museum, Art museum Haus Der Kunst. Adventurous urban surfing in Englischer Garten, day out at Landsberg am Lech and many more. You can also enjoy some amazing delicacies at the beautiful Viktualienmarkt. It is a perfect European city for autumn breaks.

Autumn view in architectural palace in Budapest Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest in Hungary is so breathtakingly beautiful that visiting it any time of the year will make you gasp at its beauty. Autumn is also not spared, and the city shines brilliantly with the fall vibes.

You get to try some of the brilliant chocolate desserts during this of the year, the grand Bavarian Oktoberfest, contemporary art festivals, experience the Hungarian Black food, and some amazing festivals like International Wine festival, Szeptemberfeszt, Sauage festival, New wine and cheese festival, Jewish Summer Festival, Budapest Autumn Festival and so many in the line.

The daylights are best with attractions like Buda Castle, St. Stephens Basilica, Heroes Square. A dip into Budapest bathing areas while the nights are happening with delicious dinners at a Hungarian restaurant and attending some fantastic musical performances.

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Autumn View in Minnewater lake Bruges Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges in Belgium is a very small city that has amazing autumn colors with the narrow cobblestone streets and the gothic houses from medieval period acing its beauty. The streets are crowded with horse chariots much like a scene from an antique novel while the streets are line up with loads of cafes and eateries serving gallons of beer.

One of the famous café to try out here is the Delirium Café having exclusive collections of 4000 types of beer. Another one is The Gulliver tree to try out the mouth-watering hot chocolates and rhubarb tart. The destination is perfect for the romantic couples having cuteness and love in the air with so many attractive tourist locations.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in malta blue lagoon


Malta is a dreamy destination situated in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The coastal area in autumn looks extreme delicious with the climate changing from hot summer to mildly colder.

October is the best season to feel the autumn in Malta with its lovely beaches, budget-friendly accommodations due to fewer tourist crowds, admire the scenic beauty of the fall, and enjoy some fresh air in the painted island.

The beaches have extremely comfortable warm water that will tempt you to have some sun-soaking under the autumn sun. Visit the local sightseeing areas and have amazingly delicious food at cozy restaurants. It is the most comfortable place to experience fall.

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French Riviera coast Villefranche sur Mer Nice region France

Nice, France

Nice, which is the capital of French Riviera, is a wonderful choice to enjoy autumn breaks. Covered with lovely beaches lined by palm trees, the locations give a fresh ambiance being tourist-free in autumn to enjoy the beauty at its core. No long queues, no waiting and you easily get access to all its local attractions in time.

The city hosts various cultural events and sports events during this time that is worth cherishing for. Be it the local cultural festival, explore the breathtaking arts at the modern art museum. Join the street performers and dancers for some exclusive fun or watch the championships and rallies, Nice is packed with activities to put a smile on your face.

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Autumn view in the Vineyards on the Hills of Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Porto in Portugal should be in the top 5 positions in your Europe autumn bucket list due to extremely comfortable weather and the beautiful scenic locations all painted in gold and orange leaves.

The city gardens are best to take some relaxing nature walks among the autumn filled the atmosphere, try some verities of hot chocolates. And most importantly join the Saint Martin’s Day celebrations attending the magusto, tasting some freshly roasted chestnuts.

And experience amazing bonfire nights grabbing a glass of wine. It’s a street party kind of celebration that is quite fun to join. A walk through the downtown of Porto will give you amazing fall vibes.

Park de la Ciutadella of Barcelona, Spain at fall

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona in Spain is another beautiful city to visit in autumn due to pleasant warm weather, fewer tourist crowds, and to enjoy some entertaining festivals. The city dances in a festive mood during this time with the unique La Merce Festival in September that lasts for a week honoring the patron’s saint of the town.

The Sitges film festival in October premiering fantasy and horror films, and the International Jazz Festival. You can also explore the breathtaking local tourist attractions and try some hot chestnuts, wild mushrooms, and Calcot’s.

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