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Europe in April: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

Europe in April is at the peak of Spring Season before the scorching summer sun settles in from May and June. April is the most comfortable month for European Holidays as the continent’s weather transforms from the freezing winters to a quite comfortable one during this time.

Also during this time, you get to see so many beautiful flowers blooming in the gorgeous settings of Europe and also enjoy the European Spring fruits and vegetables. This is the last month in Europe to avail of the discounts on airfare and hotels as right after this month, the summer tourist season begins and everything slowly starts getting expensive.

However, it is the incredible scenic beauty, and enjoyable sightseeing tour, a comfortable climate, or a budget-friendly trip. April serves perfection in all aspects, making it an ideal month for Europe vacations.

What is the weather in Europe in April?

April in Northern Europe though it remains cold, unlike the winters, it has plenty of sunshine during this time, so the weather gets comfortable for traveling. The temperature improves from the freezing one and comes around 9 degrees approximately.

In Western Europe, there is more of a spring flavor, and the temperature ranges from 12 to 13 degrees being absolute pleasant and days getting too much longer.

The Eastern side, on the other hand, enjoys complete Spring season in April with a temperature of around 15 degrees and a mixed climate while Middle Europe has quite a warmer weather during this time having a temperature of approximately 20 degrees.

So to help you prepare your holidays, the following list gives you exposure to the best places to travel in Europe in April. And will provide you a respective forecast about the weather in Europe in April.


Europe in April: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a world-famous tourist destination in Croatia located on the Adriatic Sea. It has a pretty comfortable climate during April having temperatures between 14 to 17 degrees. It receives an excellent long 9 to 10 hours of sunshine during April and is among the best places in Europe to visit in April.

The city has impressive architectural works and breathtaking scenic beauty which get a flawless look in the Spring Season in April. The old part of the town is just like a created movie set featuring broad lanes, old marvel houses, narrow winding streets having a cinematic view. April in Dubrovnik is packed with spring festivals and events that help you discover the city from different dimensions.

Festivals like Christian Cultural Day in the first week of April, there are musical events and parties like Club Lazareti in the middle week of April, Easter Brunch Festival, St.Blaise Day, one-week event of Tisuna Molim, Dubrovnik Carnival, Aklapela Vocal Groups Festival and so many to cherish for.

Apart from events, these gorgeous sightseeing attractions like Old City Walls, Stradun of Dubrovnik, City gates, Square of the Loggia, Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar, Recor’s Palace and other numerous beautiful locations will make your vacation worthwhile in the springtime.

Europe in April: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is a beautiful painted city of Belgium that follows a medieval architecture. You can explore the picturesque town by walking as well as on a boat ride sailing through the city.

While the days have temperatures between 10 to 14 degrees at night, it can drop to 6 degrees even. The weather remains cold with moderate sunshine. The spine thrilling city attractions are amazing to explore in the pleasant spring weather of April like The Count’s Castle, Cathedral of St.Bavo, the breathtaking gothic fortress “Gravensteen,” The belfry, Town Hall, Ruins of Sint –Baafsabdij, Ghent Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Graslei, and many more.

April also helps you enjoy amazing shopping Sundays in Ghent at various shopping destinations of the city, and you can also check out the Ghent Old market. All museums, historical circles, cultural associations conduct various colorful local events in springtime.

The city has some of the most beautiful street arts, so you can also opt for a graffiti tour and enjoy the nights with musical concerts and nightclubs.

Most Colorful аnd Vibrant Trаvеl Destinations іn Europe prague czech republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Being the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is crowded with millions of tourists throughout the year due to its packed in attractions. Be it the best places to go in Europe in April or the best European cities to visit in April, Prague ranks in top position in both the categories.

Prague in April bids farewell to the winter season and so the weather mostly remains cold having temperatures between 9 to 14 degrees while at night it may drop to 4 degrees. April is the best time to explore the city attractions, closed parks, and gardens or take a walking city tour.

Various festivals and exhibitions are organized during this time like Exhibition at the Jewish Museum, City Museum, Karel Zeman Museum, etc.

Easter celebrations generally last till April in Prague, and another entertaining event is the ‘Witches Night’ on April 30, which is pretty much like Halloween. It is celebrated to bid goodbye to the freezing winters with bonfire night, creepy colorful costumes, and with hard drinks boozing the entire night.

Other fun events include cruising and jazzing in the jazz boat in the entire April month, the artistic Hieronymous Bosch event, fun Saturdays with shopping and eating at Naplavka riverside market, Spiritual Music concert, and many other big and small events.

top tourist attractions in bologna italy palazzo d accursio

Bologna, Italy

Bologna in Italy enjoys a pleasant spring in April having temperatures between 13 to 17 degrees with 6 hours of sunshine. The city has got a significant historical and cultural background that has fallen under the reign of various ruling kingdoms.

April month in Bologna is a hub of exhibitions and cultural events like Dali Experience. The famous portrait of Rittrato d’uomo at Palazzo d’Accursio, Lavoro in Movimento exhibition, San Giacomo Music Festival, Eureka dance show. The musical festival ‘Hair’ celebrating the hippie culture of 1960, the Ocarina Music Festival and the list go on.

Many mesmerizing portraits done by the ancient Italian painter are exposed to the public during this time. The art and music lovers are surely going to love Bologna in April.

Apart from the events, you can also take day and evening tours of the city attractions like Leaning towers, Piazza Maggiore, San Petronio, Archiginassio, Bologna National gallery, Oratory of Battuti and many more. You can spend the nights shopping at la Piazzola Market and dining at the finest city restaurants.

top day trips from barcelona spain girona

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is one of the hot European countries in April having the peeking of the summer season. Barcelona has the best weather in Europe in April that is neither too hot, nor too cold. The temperatures vary between 13 to 18 degrees with a good amount of sunshine. April is one of the fun times to visit Barcelona due to its entertaining events and comfortable weather.

Festivals like Sant Jordi’s day celebrates the city crowded with roses as on this occasion men gift red roses to their lady love, Feria de Abril which is the April fair organized in the last week of the month.

The Cursa de Bombers which is a racing event of the firefighters on April 22. Semana Santa is conducting religious parades, and the Barcelona International Auteur Film Festival and many other activities.

Apart from cherishing the events, you can spend the day with the sightseeing tour and taste the lip-smacking Spanish cuisines. It features in the top 5 list of the best places to travel in Europe in April.

most visited tourist attractions in europe florence cathedral florence italy

Florence, Italy

Florence is among the most romantic destinations in Italy that are loved by tourists across the world. The old architectures, narrow cobbled streets, exotic wines, opera theatres make the city more charming like a painted old town.

Florence is another city to have the best weather in Europe in April with temperatures between 14 to 19 degrees with 9 hours of sunshine. The climate is excellent to explore its local attractions like Museums, Art galleries, cathedrals, and other gorgeous tourist destinations. A lot of festivals embark the April month in Florence like Easter Celebration at the beginning of April Month.

Festival of Scarperia in the first Sunday of the month, Handicrafts and other vintage display exhibits at Aprilante in the first Sunday of the month, Greve in Chianti in the 4th Sunday of April, last Florence supper on April 5 at the churches, running and cycling festival at Vivicita in the middle week of April, the beautiful spring nursery blooming with flowers in Borgo San Lorenzo, Handicrafts Trade Fair in the last week of April Florence bike festival, and many other events in honor of welcoming the spring season.

You cannot get enough of the evens in Florence in April and the fantastic nights at the classic Opera theatres. So if you are thinking of where to travel in Europe in April, don’t miss Florence at any cost.

unesco world heritage sites in europe old town of tallinn estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is a beautiful city of Estonia that seems to come straight from the fairyland. The temperature here ranges between 6 to 11 degrees having a cold climate and at night sometimes even drop to 0 degrees.

If you are a scenic beauty admirer, this is the place you should visit in April, to see the colorful conical roofs peeking through the city in daylight accompanied by the blue seas and colorful red trees. The town looks breathtaking drowned in the flavors of Springs.

The city hosts many cultural events during this time like Tallinn Craft beer festival at the beginning of April, Tallinn TV Tower Run in the April 3, Estonian Musical concerts in the middle week of April, Handicraft Fair in the last week of the month, Tallinn International Festival Jazzkaar in the last week of April, Simple Session festival featuring the BMX and snowboarding event, and many more. You can also go to city attractions and cathedrals during the daytime.

Budapest Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest in Hungary ranks among the best places in Europe to visit in April due to its numerous festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and cultural events for the tourists and residents during this time.

The scenic beauty is also lovely in Budapest during April with blooming flowers beautifying the lush greeneries that make the entire city look bright and gorgeous under the spring sky.

The temperature of Budapest in April is around 11 to 15 degrees offering cold and pleasant weather for sightseeing, city tours and enjoying the festivals.

Be it walking under the Chain Bridge, tasting the exotic Hungarian food and wines, go for cruising at the Danube river, take a dip in the Szechenyi Baths.

Explore the caves of Budapest, spend quality time at the Buda castle or taste the traditional Hungarian food and go for a city touring.

Everything feels worthwhile under the Spring sky of April. The festival events like spring fair, Budapest Spring Festival, Budapest Art week, International Book Festival, Vince Festival, and Exhibitions at museums are going to make your trip extremely fun and entertaining.

top day trips from london the united kingdom paris france

Paris, France

Paris is one such beautiful destination of France that looks breathtaking irrespective of season and climate. It is a favorite European destination for all tourists and also a famous honeymoon destination. In April, Paris has a temperature between 11 to 16 degrees with moderate sunshine.

The city looks like a painted picture during spring bordered by the greeneries, beautiful structures, and streets and shining under the blue sky.

April is the month of the photographers to take some million dollar shots of the beautiful city. Various events are conducted during this time like Easter celebrations, Paris marathon, and exhibitions at the Grand Palais, and Paris Art fair. There are colorful and fun events for the kids at Disneyland, funfairs, Trades shows, Music concerts, and lots of cultural events.

Apart from these, you can go to the city attractions like Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Musse du Louvre, and many other attractive locations.

Gondola ride

Venice, Italy

Venice, which is also known as the paradise of Italy, is excellent to travel in April. The temperatures are quite pleasant, varying between 12 to 16 degrees. April has a lovely beginning in Venice with the Easter celebrations, classical music concerts, and the event of Benedizione del Fuoco organized at Saint marks basilica.

The second and third week houses the events like Festa di San Marco in the last week of April, Venice Jazz festival, Italian Liberation Day celebration on April 25, plenty of opera concerts, and many more cultural events.

Also, this time has lesser city crowds, and hence you can breathe the beautiful city exploring and cruising through the attractive destinations. The city has an enchanting beauty in the springtime blooming with flowers and reflecting brightly with the amazing blue water bodies.

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