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Spring in Europe: Top 15 Spring Destinations in Europe

Thinking about spending spring in Europe? In this post, we have detailed some of the top destinations to visit that is blossoming with beauty around this time of the year!

While some may wish not to keep their fancy winter clothes yet, snow will start to melt while the leaves and greens will carpet your ground as spring arrives. Sunsets and cabin in the woods might be the ideal picture of spending the most out of your breaks as well as welcoming spring.

Sure, it is and there’s no denying! But little did you know, cities are as trendy as those tranquil destinations. Not only it offers an astounding range of urban pleasures, but it also blooms in vivid colors of spring in Europe.

However, picking the best city break destinations in Europe is a dilemma that is hard to avoid once you decide on a Europe trip.

You can go for a relaxing bicycle ride around the canals in Amsterdam while appreciating the flamboyant flowers that blossoms in spring to rocking the city as you attend festivals and parties under the sun.

Aside from that, who can miss romantic spots like those you can find in Prague and France? It will enamor you with its fairytale-like vibes cocktail with the intimacy brought by the soothing weather.

Before you start packing your things, it is best to know when is the best time to travel to Europe. Although the region attracts tourists all year round, be it covered with snow, leaves falling, or flowers blooming. One of the best times to experience the culture and immerse yourself in the city is during the dry season.

For those who enjoy a gaudy surrounding, festivals, and outdoor activities, the best time to visit Europe is during the springtime. Prepare your wanderlust side as we bring to you the top city break destinations in Europe this spring!

Are you planning to visit Europe during other seasons? We also have the list of destinations perfect for each one!


Here’s the list of the top destinations during Spring in Europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands

They say you’ll see a rainbow after the rain pours- even if it’s only ephemeral. But in Amsterdam, the Netherlands it’s not only rainbows which you can enjoy. You can have a garden of tulips or a variety of flowers just for yourself.

What more can you expect from the city that holds 70% of the commercial flowers around the world? Once you get there in a European spring break, you’ll find yourself walking in an alley filled with tulips of different colors as well as pink crocuses, purple hyacinths, and yellow daffodils.

Not only those flowers will captivate your heart when you travel Europe, but you can also even jive in their Tulip festival that is held annually or put on your party side on King’s Day which is the most prominent and grandest street party in the country.

If you miss those events, or if it’s just not your thing, you can still enjoy a serene ambiance in scenic attractions in Amsterdam including the Keukenhof Flower Gardens, FloraHolland Auction, Historical Garden, or the Black Tulip Museum.

Interested to visit more of the Netherlands? Check out these posts about the top places to visit in the Netherlands and as well the top day trips from Amsterdam!

Helsinki, Finland

Great things last only for a short while. It is a logical truth- at least, in Helsinki’s case. While Finland remains cool or filled with snow almost throughout the year, Finns cherish those days when the sun is brightly touching their skin.

It is a great time to spend some time in a cabin in the woods, lakeside cottages, stroll around a park, or go shopping around the city’s creative hub.

One of the few things that you should not miss is the Ihana Helsinki City Festival, which is the floral tribute that Finns celebrate. Check out the Helsinki Rock Church, which houses concerts for Helsinki’s Spring Light Chamber Music Festival.

What makes this spring break in Europe more enchanting is how gratifying your break will be. Ever heard of the restaurant day? Anyone here has the permission to set up his/her coffee shop, bar, or even a restaurant just for a day!

Aside from the chance of becoming a chef, foodies can indulge themselves with the taste of authentic Finnish cuisines from the locals.

If you plan to visit Helsinki during Springtime, here are some more information about the city and as well its surrounding towns and villages: Places to visit in Finland, Day trips from Helsinki, top Islands in Finland, castles in Finland, and explore Neighborhoods in Helsinki!

Tallinn, Estonia

Bordering the Baltic Sea and Finland Gulf, Estonia is another European country full of vim and vigor. After the long months of winter, spring in Europe comes up and heats up the whole city unraveling the towns aligned with Hanseatic architecture and painted in feisty colors.

Still wondering where to travel in Europe, specifically in Tallinn? Stop by the Old Town in Tallinn, and you’ll get the best of traveling to Estonia. It is where you can walk in cobbled alleys while mixing in with the locals.

This Old Town also houses several prominent Estonian architectures, including Raekoja Plats, St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Toompea Hill, and Danish King’s Garden.

Explore more of Estonia’s country side on a day trip from Tallinn – read more here! Also, did you know that this lovely Baltic country is surrounded by beautiful islands? Check it out here – beautiful castles and islands in Estonia!

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm in Sweden springtime is a much-awaited season by the Swedes and tourists. As leaf buds and flowers start to blossom, it is also the time where parks, forests, cafes, restaurants, and Sweden’s attractions come back to life.

Although it is not exactly found in Stockholm, trains are linked to Oslo, Gothenburg, and Stockholm can help you reach Kristinehamn where tourists get ahold of Lake Vanern which is the most significant lake that you could ever find in Europe. Nothing can beat a European spring break spent with parties as festive as the colors of the surroundings.

Join in their music festivals held during spring like the Summerburst or the Early Music Festival in Stockholm, where you can delight yourself with pieces dating back from Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods.

On top of all these, there are also other amazing towns and villages you can visit outside of Stockholm for a day – read it here. Or, if you’re interested in amazing structures and architecture, you can check out some of the best castles in Sweden.

spring destinations in europe budapest hungary margaret island

Budapest, Hungary

One of the much revered and cherished places to visit in Europe during the springtime is Budapest, Hungary. Not because of the title it holds as the country’s capital, but because of its moniker of being the home to the most stunning urban parks, you can explore Europe. With most of it re-opening every spring, you can pay a visit to the Transylvanian Castle’s replica, and Margaret Island.

Spring is also the period where tourists and locals celebrate Hungary’s culture through different festivals. Those who plan to visit Budapest (or its surrounding towns and villages) in the spring should not miss the Budapest Spring Festival where you can meet local and international artists, as well as witnessing the art in the heart of Hungary since it is the time where classical music, ballet, and other theatrical performances happen.

spring destinations in europe copenhagen denmark castle of rosenborg

Copenhagen, Denmark

Once you hear about having a spring break in Europe, there’s no doubt that Copenhagen, Denmark holds the best city break destinations in Europe. It’s a city that didn’t just spring back to life; it transforms itself into a magical place that continues to enchant everyone who’s been there in spring.

Go and see the Kongens Have Park that encapsulates the Castle of Rosenborg. It is a destination where you can genuinely enjoy spring and Copenhagen at the same time as you pass by the blossoming crocuses in the park.

Coming to the city will also let you join in several music festivals that are held throughout the city. If this tires you out, pamper yourself and get a tasty dish from Torvehallerne or go on a day trip outside of the city.

spring destinations in europe prague czech republic

Prague, Czech Republic

As other countries show off with their modern and versatile culture, Prague in the Czech Republic is the city where you can feel that it is a breathing culture. Although other towns boast of their theatrical expertise, Prague holds supremeness amongst them.

With the most respected and admired classical musicians around the world, attending and performing in a single event, the Prague Spring Festival has earned an artistic and cultural value.

For those who seek some visual art, spring in Europe is an excellent time to snake through the city to discover the great historic district of Prague or you can even drop by the Prague Castle. With these destinations, it will mark as one of the best European vacations you could ever experience.

spring destinations in europe bergen norway rosenkrantz tower

Bergen, Norway

When we say spring in Norway, it can be a confusing time because it can either be too long or too short. It can be filled with snow or just with the sun in gleaming the whole city. Even if that’s the case, Norway spring can still bring you distinct scenes perfect for a city break.

Europe in April can still be a bit snowy in some parts, but in Bergen, you can have a long scenic drive since most of the roads will be clear by the time spring arrives.

Although most of the festivals happen during summer in Norway, look up for historical points of interest in the country, and you’ll see Bergen is topping the list as it is the home to the Rosenkrantz Tower, Hanseatic Museum, and St. Mary’s Church.

Take a short drive from Bergen to Hordaland County, and you’ll witness the Hardangerfjord blooming with all the scenic views.

Looking for places to visit in Norway? Check out our post about the top things to do in Oslo!

spring destinations in europe ljubljana slovenia castle

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Standing at the heart of Europe like a real-life museum of renowned artists, Ljubljana in Slovenia magnets tourists every spring for being home to one of the best holiday destinations in April.

Apart from the Slovenia attractions that you can visit here such as the Ljubljana Castle, Slovenska Hisa, Central Market, National Museum of Slovenia, and it’s National Gallery, spring gives you the freedom to see the sights of the city- barefoot or with a bicycle. Cycle in Jezersko or Bled to get the best of Ljubljana points of interest.

spring destinations in europe bonn germany cherry blossom

Bonn, Germany

As spring brings different blossoming flowers around the world, it will be hard to decide where to holiday in April to experience springtime. You may want to see the famous cherry blossoms in Japan or explore the historic cities in Europe as you walk in those cobbled alleys. Can’t choose? You don’t have to!

Bestriding the river of the Rhine, Bonn was Germany’s provisional capital and is a blend of the Eastern and Western attractions. Not for the reason of wars or any history related issue that you may be thinking, but because Germany imported those lovely cherry trees that blossoms every spring.

That’s why in Bonn, you can walk in a tunnel of cherry blossom and attend their very own Cherry Blossom Spring Festival.

All that while you create a memorable yet exhilarating spring break festival, while you still get a chance to stop by Germany’s tourist destinations such as the Beethoven house, Poppelsdorf Palace, and the Bonn Minster.

spring destinations in europe florence italy

Florence, Italy

There’s nothing more that can make the best European vacations in April in Italy without a palatable food served in front of you. What more can you expect in a city that serves mouthwatering dishes? A tasty spring! This is the time where Roman artichokes light up your plates with other delectable foods.

You shouldn’t miss their Gelato Festival held every May where Florence bursts with flavor when it comes to their gelato.

As you delight yourself with those dishes, take a relaxing breath of nature in Le Cascine Park, where locals and tourists enjoy cycling and having a picnic or stroll around the well-known Iris Garden which only opens every April.

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spring destinations in europe santorini greece

Santorini, Greece

Leaving out those blossoming flowers and everything you can see in a bustling city, Santorini is known to be one of the most romantic places to travel in Europe. It’s like traveling to a city, but with a twist of having the dramatic view of the sea instead.

With its whitewashed village and strategic location, even staying in your villa would be enchanting- of course, a glass of tequila would make it better.

Not only that but Santorini, Greece also becomes more affordable during spring, making it open to almost everyone without leaving your wallets empty.

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spring destinations in europe barcelona spain park guell

Barcelona, Spain

Have you gone this far but still unsure where to travel in Europe? In spring, Barcelona in Spain is the place where trees and flowers are one of the few things that bloom. It is also the city itself, including the people and every festivity that you may think of.

You can cherish the flowers blossoming in the gardens on Montjuic or have fun in a park that opens every spring such as Park Guell, Parc de la Ciutadella and those you can find in Montjuic. Spring is also the season where all kinds of festivals happen in Barcelona.

If you fancy music, go to the festival called Primavera Sound or the Sonar Festival, but if its art you wish to see, go check out their Festival Ciutat Flamenco or see a movie included in the Festival Internacional de Cinema d’Autor de Barcelona.

While this may sound fun, never miss their Semana santa during Easter week as the country is dominated by Catholics, so it’s a much-anticipated festival like those any other spring festivals.

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spring destinations in europe strasbourg france notre dame

Strasbourg, France

Encompassing a rich medieval culture, Mediterranean beaches, and alpine villages, Strasbourg is a city that would melt your hearts while it brings you the fusion of a German and French vibe, which makes it one of the best city break destinations in Europe – and even around the world!

From pastries to wines, from historic cities to old wine cellars, Strasbourg embellishes an artistic and elegant vibe to anyone who’ll visit it.

In Strasbourg, you can spend your break adoring one of the bests when it comes to gothic architecture – the Notre Dame Cathedral. To top it, these architectures become more stunning in spring as the boxes of flowers put some life in the usual cold weather of Strasbourg.

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