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Top 15 Places to Visit in Greece

The historic country of Greece sure needs no introduction. From the great scholars like Plato, Aristotle, and Pythagoras to the brave soldiers of Sparta, all legends seem to rise from this great country of history and mythology.

Greece is a state of pure art and beauty. With a significant number of monasteries spread all across this country, it sure exhibits a high culture with fear of the Gods. The temple of Parthenon stands high up in one of the famous cities in Greece, Athens, which also serves as the capital of the country.

The monasteries of Meteora, literally a thousand feet high in the sky, accurately show how much meditative the Greek monks are. The tradition and culture of Greece are as beautiful as the villages of Messinia and Argolis.

Consume the delicious dishes with a Greek cuisine to know their taste in food, and be amazed. Here lie some of the most excellent best places to visit in Greece and examples of ancient culture and tradition with the Bronze Age architectures.

Zeus, the God of the ancient Greek religion, is overly famous around the world for His great stories. The exceptional and lovely coasts along the Aegean Sea in Thessaloniki and Cape Sounion will widen your dreams, inspire your passion and mostly make you feel with your heart that it is a beautiful world we live in.

Sail in between the sea as you travel to the delightful islands of Santorini, Crete, and Rhodes. Greek tourism is something that most people never forget, something filled with so much motivation and encouragement that they come out a changed man.



Here’s the list of the best places to visit in Greece

Athens is a must see in Greece!


Famously known world-wide for being the homeland of democracy, the capital city of Greece, Athens, has many historically rich monuments and museums. This city offers an excellent tour for the tourists who are seeking a mix of city life with the presence of some ancient crafts.

By the flow of time, Athens has become impressively modernized with an alluring nightlife and some beautiful structures; including, the Panathenaic Olympic Stadium, the Greek Parliament, the Zappeion Hall, and the lovely Plaka.

The local houses were built following a traditional architecture. Among the famous museums, the National Archaeological Museum and The Acropolis Museum stand apart due to their decorative beauty and diverse collection of relics.

The main reason for the capital city of Greece being widely popular is the ruins of the Acropolis, with the temple of Parthenon placed at the top of a hill in the middle of Athens.

This architecture solitarily represents the strong past and the reputed history of Greece. The medieval Daphni Monastery is also included in the UNESCO’s world heritage sites list besides the Acropolis.

You should also visit Agora, the primordial market ruins, the Byzantine Church and the Museum of Cycladic Art while on the go.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Athens, Greece

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What to see in Greece? Visit Corfu!

Corfu – One of the best Greek islands!

This sophisticated island is situated on the Ionian sea of Greece. So, Tourists who like a long sunny day at some of the best beaches in Greece are more than welcome here. The town is beautifully designed with many Italian fashioned houses all over her.

Two prominent fortresses from the early ancient 16th century also reside on this very island. The Archaeological Museum of Corfu and the Corfu Golf Courses are the complementary tourist-attracting destinations along with the lovely beaches of Pelekas and Kassiopi.

The Achilleion is an artistic villa that has recently also become a point of interest for the visitors of Corfu. You can even avail of the fabulous experience of sailing; from this charming place.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Corfu, Greece

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Thessaloniki is one of the top places to visit in Greece


One of the best places to see in Greece is definitely Thessaloniki! It is the second-largest city in the country after Athens with near about a million people living there. The downhill roads of the town straightly lead you to the Aegean Sea, residing beside the city.

Inside the city, one of the most significant of the Byzantine walls, the ‘White Tower’ is situated with a beautiful sea-front. The Agios Demetrios and the Agia Sophia Churches are a must-see in Thessaloniki travel while visiting Greece.

The Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Church are also reputed among the points of interest. Thessaloniki is famously known for celebrating different festivals and fairs around the whole year. The town also has a very festive nightlife and is rich with delicious cuisines like the ‘Bougasta treat of Thessaloniki’ and some exotic seafood.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Thessaloniki, Greece

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Meteora is one of the best Greece destinations

What to visit in Greece? Go to the famous Meteora!

Also known as “In the heavens above” is a place consisted of some great pillars. It is a unique establishment that has seemingly been an attraction for visitors all around the world over the years.

This place has some breathtaking cliffs, even higher than a thousand feet. The center of attraction of Meteora is the natural magnificence of the area.

Some 24 monasteries were found on her peaks a couple of centuries ago. Now, there are only 6 of them remaining in those cliffs, including The Monastery of the Holy Trinity and The Monastery of Great Meteoron.

Though these monasteries are high up in the cliffs, they can still be visited by the curious tourists as stone-steps in the form of stairs are made for ascending into those cliffs for the Buddhist Monks and the mass people who want to visit the monasteries. Most of these were built around the 14th to the 16th century.

→ Best Tours for this attraction: Explore the amazing Meteora in four hours Highlight Tour

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Santorini is one of the best Greece tourist spots

What to do in Greece for couples? Go on a romantic visit to Santorini!

The island of Santorini is a settlement, established over the volcanic ruins that took place in the 17th century BC. The Cycladic region of Akrotiri inside Santorini, with reflections of that ancient volcanic eruption, is somewhat a beautiful Minoan land with dry ash underneath her earth.

The towns of Fira & Oia are also very famous for being archeologically rich. Fira has two museums with such artifacts and monuments. The best time to visit this place is during spring, as the natural beauty at that time sparks in the towns of Santorini.

You can climb up on the mountain of Thira to enjoy the beautiful offbeat island in Greece with a spectacular view and also visit the monasteries set up there. Walking around the town should be at the top of things to do list while in Santorini travel to realize the charming beauty of this island.

You should also not miss out on the opportunity of tasting the exceptional local wine from a choice of about eight wineries in the whole town.

Thirasia, the neighboring island, also offers you to sail over there from Santorini and enjoy some great sea-shore experience like scuba-diving.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Santorini, Greece

→ Best Tours for this attraction: Taste the island’s viniculture by joining the Sip of Santorini Wine Tour.

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Peloponnese is one of the best places in Greece to go


It is a highland that is located in the Southern region of Greece. Locally being known as Morea, the peninsula of Peloponnese is world-wide famous for some superb establishments. It is undoubtedly one of Greece places to visit which must be included in your itinerary

Some of the fascinating places in Peloponnese are the town of Argolis, the luxury city of Messinia, the beautiful Kythira Island, and also the tribular birthplace of Sparta, meaning the city of Laconia; these are the best attractions of Peloponnese.

The Mani, the Achaia, and of course, the historical city of Olympia, that had conducted the first Olympic Games of the world; all are found here on this peninsula of Peloponnese. So, definitely, do not miss this if you go for the ultimate Greece sightseeing tour!

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Nafplio is one of the places in Greece you must visit

Visit Greece and do not miss out on Nafplio!

The beautiful town of Nafplio is a port city designed sweetly with many middle-aged houses. Acronauplia is the backdated portion of Nafplio, as most areas of this city were converted into fortifications.

The place offers a great adventure for the tourists who are more into visiting this lovely town and peacefully roam-around, rather than who are looking for enjoying an active nightlife.

Frangokklisia Church is the most ancient church amongst entire Greece. The first parliament of the Greek civilization, Vouleftikon, is another attraction of Napflio tourism.

The Archaeological Museum of Nafplio, preserving more than seventeen hundred stone arches, should also be in your list of things to see while visiting Greece.

Some newly opened bakeries with tasty cupcakes and ice-creams are also very popular in this town besides her extremely delicious seafood, found in the local restaurants of Nafplio.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Nafplio, Greece

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Delphi is one of the places in Greece you must not miss out


One of the famous Greece tourist attractions is included in the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, Delphi is a monument built with stone chips that looks more like a theater or stadium. The place is believed to be the temple of Apollo, who used to answer the questions of people who asked him in this archaeologically artistic Delphi; a long time ago.

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi holds sculptures, paintings, and artifacts that are historically rich. The ancient civilization of Greece thought of this place to be the center of the earth.

Also, visit the sanctuary of Apollo and the sanctuary of Athena, not far from the actual site. Delphi is a small town. So, your Delphi tourism should not exceed more than a day.

→ Best Tours for this attraction: Delphi Guided Walking Tour and Admission Ticket

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Crete have some of the famous landmarks in Greece


The refined Crete is the most massive island in Greece’s territory. Crete should be on the list of everyone’s places to visit in Greece, at their travel guides. The island is built upon a mountain rise in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is an abode to many caves and beautiful gorges. The pleasing harbor of the capital, Heraklion, is one of the most beautiful places among the whole Greece tourism itself with a lot of boats docked there including, some magnificent yachts.

The oldest city of Europe, Knossos, resides just south of the Heraklion harbor offering a bronze ancient archaeological site. Ideon Cave in the rises of Mount Ida in Crete is believed to be the birthplace of the Greek God Zeus and one of the most tourist-attracting destinations of Crete.

Beaches are also available at any end of the island. So, you will never run out of activities to do here. There are some exclusive restaurants with a great Greek appetite inside the city of Crete, in Greece. Chania is most possibly the loveliest town of Crete with some great views.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Crete, Greece

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Chania is a Greece landmark


Chania was the former capital of Crete with some Ottoman monuments and relics inside her downtown, and, also, a reputed Marine museum is definitely one of the best places to visit in Greece. The remarkable Samaria George, with more than 15 kilometers in length, is a top Greece destination for nature-loving tourists.

There is a uniquely built lighthouse at the shore of Chania in Crete. The Archaeological Museum and the Botanic Gardens in Chania are indeed, very charming and alluring for sightseeing.

The accommodations are made following an elegant Turkish architecture inside the town, including an ancient Turkish mosque. Travel to Chania of Greece for knowing the Greek people even better.

→ Best Tours for this attraction: Walking Tour and Food Tasting with a Local

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Rhodes have some of the most beautiful places in Greece


Rhodes is a vast island, accommodating a lovely and adorable town and is one of the best places to see in Greece. It is very famous among the tourists, for the decorative beauty of the place and its famous castle. You can travel to Rhodes from Athens using boats or ferries or also via planes directly.

Walk around the markets and regions of the town to explore it better and find something to take home with you. Among the prominent establishments, the Grand Master’s Palace and the Suleyman Mosque are the best places to visit in Rhodes.

Many tourists visit Rhodes every year for her enchanting arrangement of buildings. Also, visit the Modern Greek Art Museum and the Archaeological Museum in this island. The Colossus of Rhodes was included in the ancient wonders of the world, which is now sunk in the sea, and thought of reconstructing.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Rhodes, Greece

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Mount Olympus is one of the most places in Greece

Mount Olympus

What to see in Greece? Certainly, this mythical (but totally real) mountain is the highest spot in the country and is situated at an altitude very near to 3 kilometers. It is very famous worldwide for the Greek God Zeus and His Tales.

But the tourists should not fear it, by listening to rumors about the mountain. Instead, they should contact the local associates for experts to climb the height. It is an excellent place for adventure seekers.

Being placed only about 18 kilometers from the town of Litochoro, this enormous mountain is located in the middle of Thessaly and Macedonia of Greece. And, it stands there bravely with the pride of being the highest peak in the country.

Therefore, surely this vast mountain is one of the best places of attraction in a complete Greece tourism.

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Cape Sounion is Greece tourist place

Cape Sounion

Regarded as the temple of the Greek God Poseidon, who is believed to be the ruler of the seas, this ancient monument is situated in the southern part of Attica, inside Greece.

With a tremendous sunny atmosphere, the place is popular among the tourists who don’t want to leave their Greece travel incomplete. But besides them, this place is only famous among the locals and the inhabitants of Athens.

Residing just beside the Aegean Sea, this place is mostly known for the ruins of an ancient temple and the incredible beach view. Cape Sounion is very close to the Laviron port of Attica. The Mineral Museum and the theatre of Thikros are also in the near areas.

Cape Sounion is one of the best cities in Greece you must not miss!

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Hydra is one of the places to go in Greece

Where to visit in Greece? Go to Hydra!

Also known as Hydrea, meaning water, this island is very close to the Peloponnese peninsula. The only town is known as Hydra port and is the primary center of civilization on this island.

The town is beautifully decorated with an old-fashioned composition of the buildings. If you are looking for a glorious city with a high number of activities, you shouldn’t probably come here and waste your time.

Also, there are no vehicles, so the visitors will need to rent a horse from any of the definite places for sightseeing, which is great fun, too!

The town still has the cannons which were used in defending the place from foreign invaders. The port of Hydra offers you to enjoy sea excursions with a collection of some speedboats and ferries. The tall clock tower is among the best places in Greece.

So, this place is most probably the best for tourists who are looking for a quiet day with not much to do after a grand tour in the more magnificent part of Greece.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Hydra, Greece

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Philopappos Monument is located in one of the best cities in Greece

Philopappos Monument

One of the famous Greece attractions is dedicated to the prince of the Kingdom of Commagene by his sister, this tomb is an archaeologically elegant establishment by the ancient civilization of most probably from the 1st century.

This place is located on the highest point of the Muse Hill, near the south of the ruins of Acropolis. The tomb is made using marble stones and with a very acutely elegant architectural design. It is one of the most popular landmarks in Greece and a fascinating place to visit if you like creative monuments.

We all know that there are tons of activities in Greece you must not miss out so make sure to check out some of the famous museums in the country to learn more about the country’s culture, traditions, and history.

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→ Check out these activities in Greece


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