Top Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Rhodes (Greece)

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Like most of the rest of Greece, Rhodes is known for its stunning natural beauty which a lot of people come for and we’re here to show you some of the best things to do in Rhodes to help you plan your trip.

The most prominent island in the Dodecanese and one of the largest Greek island, Rhodes is a heaven for those who are longing for a relaxing and chill holiday by the beach with a cocktailin their hand. Not only it is a perfect summer destination but it also has a lot of other things to offer other than lounging and unwinding.

Packed with natural picturesque spots promises nothing but greatness for those of you who want to go sightseeing in Rhodes. Not only that, but Rhodes points of interest also consist of amazing Greek food, rich traditions, and amazing ancient ruins waiting to be explored.

It is also blessed with the pleasant Mediterranean weather that is soothingly warm accompanied by the crisp sea breeze that will kiss your skin giving you that beautiful summer glow. A mark that truly shouts that a trip to Rhodes is going to be all worth it.

If you want to have more information about some of the best Rhodes things to do, this Rhodes travel guide article will give you just what you need.

Why should you visit Rhodes?

Rhodes is a perfect holiday destination in Greece. Every year a lot of tourists love to visit this largest Greek island to enjoy a relaxing time in Europe. There are many beautiful beaches on this island to explore. You’ll find many beach resorts as well to stay while enjoying the Ocean views. If you’re looking for a tranquil beach destination, then Rhodes is worth to visit. You’ll be also amazed to see many ancient and picturesque sightseeing places in Rhodes. For adventure seekers, many hotels offer different water activity programs you might like to try those during your trip to Rhodes

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Practical information and Rhodes travel tips

When is the best time to visit Rhodes?

  • Summer (May to August)
    • Summer is the highest season and you can expect big tourist crowds around this time of the year
    • May is the best month to visit as it is the start of the summer and there are fewer crowds as the season is just starting
    • The Medieval Rose Festival takes place in May
    • You can witness the Sound & Light Show during this time
    • July to August are the hottest months
    • The average temperature is 27°C
  • Autumn (September to November)
    • September and October are the months when the season starts to slow down
    • The weather is pleasantly warm during the day and a bit chillier during the nights
    • Towards the end of autumn and the beginning of winter starts to be a bit rainier
    • Expect a fewer crowd of tourists
  • Winter (December to February)
    • The weather is mildly cold and sometimes rainy
    • The average temperature is 10°C
    • There are lesser crowds as this is the low season for this city
  • Spring (March to April)
    • March and April is also the best time to visit Rhodes as it is the last bits of the low season
    • The weather starts to be warmer during the day but remains a bit chilly during the night
    • You can witness religious festival Feast of Agios Georgios in April
    • There are fewer crowds during this time, as well

Do you need a visa for Rhodes?

Greece is part of the Schengen areaand citizens of EU group of countries can freely enter while citizens of USA, Canada, New Zea, and and Australia can enter the country just with their passports and stay for 90 days. You can check our complete guide on how to get a Schengen visa and as well to see if you’re eligible to enter the country with just your passports or if you’ll need to apply for a visa prior entry.

Where to book your flights to Rhodes?

Check our handy-dandy guide on how to find the cheapest flights around the world – read it here.

Do you need an insurance?

Remember this: anything can happen! Read ourtake on why you need a travel insurance and how it can save you money when things go unplanned – read it here.

Where to stay in Rhodes?

There are tons of beautiful boutique hotels in Rhodes and some of our top recommendations areKokkini Porta Rossa,Elakati Luxury Boutique Hotel, andSpirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel. Nightly rate for these hotels starts at €90.

For a more budgeted traveler, we recommend staying at cheaper hotels where you can get bunk beds from €25, here are some budget hotels in Rhodes: Evdokia Hotel, Old Town Piazza, and D’Argento Boutique Rooms.

Experiences and top things to do in Rhodes, Greece

top tourist attractions in rhodes greece palace grand master

Go Back in Time

If you are a history enthusiast and trying to figure out what to do in Rhodes, then you should go to The Old City of Rhodes, an ancient city surrounded by the Medieval wall.

There are seven gates that you can use to enter this Rhodes tourist attraction: Gate of the Naval Station, Gate of Agios Ioannis, Gate of Agia Ekaterini, Gate of the Apostle Paul, Gate of Amboise, Gate of Agios Athanasios and the Gate of the Port.

Once you go through one of these gates, you will be brought to an entirely different world. Though The Old City of Rhodes now is packed with plenty of touristy things, like gift shops, cafes, and restaurants which all remind us of the scene of a
Turkish bazaar, you still can feel the atmosphere from the Medieval period.

This Rhodes point of interest happened to be one of the last fortresses of the Christian knights during the Crusades War. The city finally fell to the hand of the Ottoman Empire, and in 1523, the Christian knights and thousands of Christian inhabitants were given a chance to leave the city safely.

As one of the fascinating Rhodes tourist attractions, the Old City of Rhodes has plenty of charms that deserves to be the highlights of Rhodes tourism. This medieval town consists of three parts.

You will find Acropolis of The Knights and Palace of The Grand Masters, some of the majestic objects to see in Rhodes, in the northern part of the Old City. The southern part of The Old City of Rhodes is used for a residential area.

Hora, which is also known as the Turkish Quarter, is also located in this part of town. The third part of the Old City is the Jewish quarter. There are not many tourism facilities in this last part of Old City.

Just like the name itself, The Old City of Rhodes treasures so many ancient buildings. One of the oldest sites you will see here is the ruins of The Aphrodite Temple that dated back to the 3rd century.

The most impressive place to go sightseeing in Rhodes is probably the street of Knights. Take a walk in this beautifully preserved medieval street, and let your imagination take you back to the epic Crusades War.

There are plenty more of Rhodes tourist attractions located in this old town, such as the Sulaiman Mosque and Lodge of the Battalion of France. Exploring The Old City is positively one of the things that you should put in your what to do in Rhodes list.

Other Interesting places to visit in Greece:

top tourist attractions in rhodes greece butterfly valley

Play with Butterflies

If you are planning your trip and looking for unique things to do in Rhodes, you should consider having a walk in the scenic Butterfly Valley. This nature reserve has a lot to offer. If you visit Rhodes during the wet season, such as in May, you may be lucky enough to see swarms of butterflies covering the area.

Butterfly Valley is not only a great place to go sightseeing in Rhodes, but this place also offers one of the best Rhodes tourist attraction with an educational purpose. Inside Butterfly Valley, you will find one of the most impressive museums in Rhodes which is the Museum of Natural History. The highlight of this museum is the butterfly hatchery installed in one of its areas.

Butterfly Valley or the locals call it Petaloúdes, is situated in the north region of Rhodes. It is 26 kilometers away from the center of the town.

You may also love this place in Greece:

top tourist attractions in rhodes greece lindos

Explore Rustic Rural Area

About 50 kilometers away from the town of Rhodes, lies a small but incredibly scenic village called Lindos. Lines of cubical Mediterranean white houses surrounded by two stunning beaches have made Lindos become one of the most attractive Rhodes points of interest.

The highlight of this Rhodes village is the Acropolis that sits on the top of the hill. Popularly known as the Acropolis of Lindos. The Acropolis houses many fascinating ancient ruins that will amaze you.

There is a boat relief carved on a rock that is believed to have been made in 180 BC. You will also find Byzantine Church of St. John in this site. The church was constructed in the 13th and 14th century.

At the top of the Acropolis of Lindos, you will find the Temple of Athena Lindia. This temple is probably the oldest site here since it is thought to be built in the year 300 BC.

Lindos is also blessed with fabulous beaches, making the village the perfect getaway during the summer. Some of the best hotels in Rhodes can be found in this area. If you are looking for exclusive hotels in Rhodes, you should stay at the adult-only AquaGrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort.

For those of you who travel to Rhodes with kids and looking for family-friendly hotels in Rhodes, try Lambis Studios & Apartments. These hotels are within walking distance to Lindo’s amazing beaches.

top tourist attractions in rhodes greece tsambika

Lay Down on Golden Sandy Beach

Not far from the city of Rhodes, just about half an hour drive to the south, you will find one of the mesmerizing gems of Rhodes tourism, Tsambika. Tsambika is blessed with the h astonishing golden sandy beach along the pristine turquoise water.

Tsambika beach is famous among sports water enthusiast since this Rhodes tourist attraction is packed with sport water facilities. After all the excitement from doing the watersports, you can just lay down and relax on the warm sandy beach, trying to get the beautiful summer tan.

In Tsambika, you will also find an impressive monastery, best known as the Monastery of Tsambika. This monastery is also one of the most popular Rhodes points of interest.

Climb all those 350 steps to reach the top, and you will be awarded this stunning view of Tsambika and Kolymbia. This place is without a doubt one of the best spots to go sightseeing in Rhodes.

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top tourist attractions in rhodes greece symi

Have A Day Trip Across The Sea

The next best thing in your what to do in Rhodes list is having a day trip to Symi. This island is just north of Rhodes. You can go there by ferry. Used to be famous for its wooden ship making industry, now it has become a popular tourist destination. Many tourists who go to Rhodes also decide to participate in a one-day tour from Rhodes to Symi.

When you go to Symi, you will be greeted by scenic harbor dotted by vibrantly colorful boats. Once you arrive at Symi, you can explore the tiny island by scooter. There are several scooter rentals available in Symi.

Go to the southern coast of the island to visit the Panormitis Monastery which dates back to the 15th century. If you prefer to have a lazy day under the sun, head to Pedi. This coastal village is a perfect spot to go sunbathing. For those of you who prefer a less crowded beach, go to the secluded Marathounda Bay.

top tourist attractions in rhodes greece st paul bay lindos

Enter The Underwater World

One of the most thrilling things to do in Rhodes is scuba diving. Blessed with clear warm water, Rhodes is a heaven for divers. For many years, Rhodes tourism has attracted many diving enthusiasts from all over the world.

There are more and more diving centers are established on this island, giving tourists more choices to go diving. Not only providing diving equipment and taking you to the best diving spots in Rhodes, but most diving centers in Rhodes also offer diving lessons for people of varied ages and diving skills.

Some of the best Rhodes diving centers are The Waterhoppers which is located in the town and Lepia Dive Center which can be found in Pefki.

As for the diving spots, there are many that you can choose. Some diving places are safe for beginners, while others require more advanced diving skill as these spots are deep.

Here are the most popular Rhodes diving spots: the Giannoula shipwreck in Plimiri Beach, the Mediterranean Reef located in St Paul’s Bay Lindos, and the Complex of Caves in Pentanissos islet.

top tourist attractions in rhodes greece fortress knight

Meet The Knights, The Fairies, and The Witches

If you visit Rhodes in May or June, chances are you will be lucky enough to experience one of the biggest festivals in Rhodes, the Medieval Rose Festival.

This annual Rhodes event was first held in 2005 with its mission to recreate and introduce life during the Medieval era through artistic performance, fun games, and engaging workshop.

Participants of this Rhodes festival have to dress up according to the Medieval fashion style. They can also wear costumes of famous story characters of that period. No wonder, you will be able to see lots of knights, fairies, witches, and even dragons during the Medieval Rose Festival.

The Medieval Rose Festival is held during one weekend in May or June. The venue of this event in Rhodes varies, but it is always held in a historical site, such as The Old City of Rhodes, Lindos, and other castles or fortresses.

top tourist attractions in rhodes greece epta piges

Have A Picnic by The Springs

One of the most scenic things to see in Rhodes is the Seven Springs. The Seven Springs, or locally called Epta Piges, lies in the east coast of Rhodes, between Kolymbia and Archipolis to be exact.

In this beautiful nature setting, you will find seven water springs that never run dry, even in the hottest days of the summer. Those springs build up some rivers which all end up forming a manmade lake.

The lake was built by the Italian in order to water their farm. You can have a charming picnic here, or if you do not want to bring your own food, you can go to the taverna available here.

For those of you who enjoy outdoor activities, there are some hiking trails available here, making the Seven Springs one of the best Rhodes tourist attractions for hikers.

top tourist attractions in rhodes greece rodini park

Take A Stroll on An Ancient Park

Rodini Park, one of the most beautiful tourist attractions to go sightseeing in Rhodes, is probably the oldest landscaped garden in the world. You will see traces of ancient remarks in this park, such as the tomb of the Ptolemies and the remains of aqueducts built by the Romans.

Rodini Park is a perfect Rhodes point of interest for those of you who enjoy having a casual stroll in nature. Walk along the banks of clear water streams. During your journey, you may bump into some beautiful peacocks that live here.

The idyllic Rodini Park is located only several kilometers away from the city of Rhodes.

top tourist attractions in rhodes greece water sports surfing

Feel The Adrenalin Rush

For those of you who claim to be adrenaline junkies, there are plenty of extreme things to do in Rhodes for you, especially for those of you who enjoy doing water sports. Dotted with fabulous beaches and friendly seas, Rhodes is worth visiting by the extreme sports lovers.

If you are fans of a jet ski, you should go to Faliraki, Kolymbia, or Tsambika. Faliraki is also an excellent spot for water skiing. Surfers are suggested to bring their boards to Prasonisi.

Prasonisi provides two different kinds of surfing spots, one with not so many waves, which is ideal for beginners, and the other one offers challenging waves to be conquered by skilled surfers. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are also available in Prasonisi, making this beach as one of the best places to visit in Rhodes.

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