Surfing in Europe: Top 9 Best Surf Places in Europe 2020


Looking into playing with the waves this coming summer? Here are the top destinations for surfing in Europe you might fancy visiting!

Surfing in Europe is beyond art, culture, or sport for many, it is a lifestyle that cannot be tamed. If you’re interested in visiting Europe for its waves, make sure to read this post. These surf spots in Europe will be a real adventure for you.

A large number of tourists travel to Europe to experience the thrilling surf sport by catching the best waves. If you are an adventure lover, Europe should be the top destination on your list.

However, apart from discovering amazing landmarks, historical places, and alluring cultures, you will also find the world’s best waves to surf in Europe.

In search of great surfing spots, you will also get to experience some other unique. And attractive locations which will make your trip joyous and fun-filled with memories.

Best time to visit Europe for Surfing

Well, every spot has its specific time to visit and experience surfing with the best waves.

However, on average you can visit Europe between the end of September till May. This is considered as the best time for surfing in Europe at any given spot.

Additionally, apart from surfing, you will also experience the best weather conditions to enjoy your day, which will help you in exploring new places and spots.

What to pack for surfing?

For surfing, don’t forget to carry your best board as all your experience of surfing is connected with it. So, try to choose the best one to enjoy surfing.

Also, make sure to bring some of your best suits for surfing, sunblock, wax for the boards, and good vibes. You can check our minimalist travel packing list for information about other essentials that are more related to travel than surfing.

Here are some of the best destinations for surfing in Europe that you want to visit at least once.

So, get ready, book your flight with your best board and rush to Europe to surf.


Surfing in Europe: Top 9 Best Surf Places in Europe

Nazare Portugal

Nazare, Portugal

It is one of the famous destinations for travelers and surfers. Adventure sports can be the second name in Portugal. This location has a fantastic surf culture with cute whitewashed villages along with beautiful coasts and delicious food.

The world-class waves attract numerous international tourists to come and surf. However, if you are a beginner and want to learn surf, then this is the best place for you to start. A lot of surf camps are organized near mellow waves, especially to practice correctly.

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San Sebastian Spain

San Sebastian, Spain

Spain offers a magnificent and sun-kissed coastline of Atlantic with the best waves. It is considered the place with top surfing spots in Europe.

This is the reason why San Sebastian encounters a large number of tourists every year. Zurroila beach is one of the famous locations to enjoy surfing with pleasant weather.

Apart from that, the town offers various other activities. You can take a stroll in its fancy alleyways or experience a fun-filled dinner at multiple restaurants.

It is possible to chill at an elegant bar after you are done surfing. The place is romantic, and thus, it is a good idea to get your partner along with you.

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Biarritz France

Biarritz, France

It is an ideal place as it offers everything from history, culture, wine, and cheese. Apart from that, it is primarily known for adventure spots.

France offers world-class surf experience as it is considered the birthplace of surfing in Europe. A large number of tourists visit this place with their families and friends. Perros-Gurirec city is one of the popular locations to enjoy the best waves with perfect well.

However, from September to late May is the best time to choose this place and enjoy the surfing experience. Moreover, beginners can also get a chance to start their surfing experience amazingly.

Also, this place offers the perfect amalgamation between sophisticated French cultures and chilled out Surf culture. Make sure to go and surf at the La Grande Plage, which is also known as the big beach at least once in your trip.

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Bundoran Strand Ireland

Bundoran, Ireland

Ireland has placed its name in some of the best cities in Europe. It offers magnificent views and wild beaches with strong winds. Ireland is popularly known as “Europe’s cold-water Indonesia.”

This is an excellent place for you if you can surf in cold waters and rain. However, this is not recommended for beginners. Bundoran Beach in Ireland is one of the best surfing cities in Europe.

It also offers smoothness and opportunities for surfers to surf. Apart from surfing usually, you can also encounter the surfing championship in Bundoran.

Additionally, surf waves can be experienced all over the year. The easiest and convenient way to reach the beach is by car and local buses.

Although it is important to understand that only the water is cold here, the locals are very warm and friendly. You will enjoy staying in this town, for sure. The place has a lot of pubs to chill and relax after a good surf.

Although, if you wish to visit when the water is warm, then plan a trip between September to November.

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Belhaven Bay Scotland

Belhaven Bay, Scotland

The magnificent Belhaven bay is located in Scotland. Apart from finding peaceful villages, you will encounter the shallow beaches with a pleasant environment for novice surfers. The beaches also have a lot of waves here.

The coast-to-coast surf school was opened in 2004 to help beginners and provide them with all the necessary skills and lessons to start surfing.

Apart from surfing, you will discover the unique and beautiful culture and tradition of Belhaven. Moreover, you can have some of the mouth-watering dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

It is a good idea to enroll in school to learn surfing. Apart from that, Scotland is known for its various historical monuments and castles. If you love exploring history, then you can opt for that in your free time.

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Woolacombe, Devon England

Englischer Garten – Munich, Germany

You might be surprised to see Munich in the list of surfing spots, but it is one of the best surf spots in Europe for beginners. It is one of the rarest cities to offer surfing on a raging river in the capital of Bavaria.

Apart from that, one can enjoy surfing in beautiful rivers like Eisbach and Englischer Garten. You do not have to pick up any schedule, as you can experience the waves throughout the year to surf.

Thus, this place is attractive and adventurous. It is a good idea to take a break from your mundane routine life and dive in the waves. Munich also has a lot of other touristy things to do. Thus, it is a good idea to plan this trip with your friends.

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Ploumanac'h PerrosGuirec France

Ploumanac’h – PerrosGuirec, France

This place sees a large number of visitors, along with their family or friends. Skipping this place would not complete your Europe trip, as people come here to surf and enjoy the beautiful waves.

Moreover, you can get the chance to see the professional surfers here. You can see them on the International surfing Day event, which is held every year. Apart from that, it is possible to see professional surfers on this spot.

Additionally, the best time to experience the waves of this place is from September to May. This alluring and friendly place has a lot to offer in the name of surfing with its buckwheat and cider pancakes.

Also, France offers a lot of romantic backdrops in each city. So, plan this trip with your better half.

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Somo, Spain

It is located in the corner of San Sebastian. It is one of the best surfing spots in Europe. Somo is a little and magnificent town, which is just a short ride away from Santander.

This alluring beach offers two reef breaks, which ensures the uninterrupted joy of surfing. Moreover, you can visit a skatepark in the town with free parking.

You must visit the place from March to October to enjoy the surfing experience if you do not like peak seasons. You can also enjoy the great weather of Somo along with delicious cuisines, which will surely add on to your traveling experience.

Woolacombe, Devon England

Woolacombe, Devon, England

This spot lies in the southwest of England. Woolacombe is the best surf spot in Northern Europe. It is a breath-taking town, which is a famous tourist place. If you are an experienced surfer, you will surely love the amazing waves here. It is a great experience to surf this spot.

Apart from surfing, Devon offers a great view of the beach. It also hosts a competition of surfing, which makes it one of the best surfing cities in Europe.

Besides that, England has always been the number one destination to discover historical places and beautiful monuments. Thus, after enjoying surfing, you can find historical monuments and buildings nearby.

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These were some of the best surfing cities in Europe. Each one has its charm and beauty. Although, make sure to check on the waves before booking a trip to the particular surf spot.

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