How to Find Cheap Flights Everywhere (Using Skyscanner)

Are you on a budget but you want to travel somewhere even just for the weekend? Here's a tip on how to find cheap flights everywhere using Skyscanner!
How to Find Cheap Flights Everywhere featured

Interested to find cheap flights everywhere? Of course, you do, that’s why you’re in the first place, right? Who doesn’t want to score decently priced flight tickets to a new destination you’ve never been to release some stress and maybe relax a little bit even just for the weekend.

Flights from Helsinki (where I currently live) to anywhere is very expensive, at least from my experience, thus when my dear friend JP, the blogger behind The Rustic Nomad, was kind enough to share his tips on how to book cheap flight tickets to everywhere using third-party booking websites which became a hit within his niche, I was sold! I asked him if I can reshare his brilliant idea and gladly, he gave me the go signal.

So, I’m here to show you guys one small trick that can get you from wherever you are in the world to some of the most exotic places on earth for a fraction of the price on the dates you have your holidays. Even better? If you have a flexible time schedule, this is perfect for you!

Nevertheless, even if you don’t have a flexible schedule, don’t fret. You can still use the same technique with granted success.

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to show you how to book cheap tickets using Skyscanner (a third-party booking website) and find good deals from Helsinki, Finland, to any part of the world.

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How to Find Cheap Flights Everywhere (Using Skyscanner)

Step 1:

Go to Skyscanner and from the homepage, enter your current destination, or wherever you wish to depart.

How to Find Cheap Flights Everywhere Using Skyscanner

Step 2:

Choose or write “Everywhere” in the “To” box.

How to Find Cheap Flights Everywhere Using Skyscanner

Step 3:

Fill out the remaining boxes like how many passengers, if you have a specific date in mind, or if you have a flexible date, then choose “cheapest month,” so Skyscanner will show you the cheapest time of the year to fly everywhere. After that, just click “search” and let it do its magic.

How to Find Cheap Flights Everywhere Using Skyscanner

Step 4:

This is the toughest part of all, choosing the destination! Skyscanner will then show you a list of all the destinations you can fly from wherever you currently are, and at the top, you’ll see the cheapest, and as you scroll further down, it becomes more expensive. Now, you only have to decide where and when you want to go!

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How to Find Cheap Flights Everywhere Using Skyscanner

Step 5:

For the purpose of this post, I chose Latvia as it is one of the underrated countries in Europe. I’d like to visit for a weekend getaway. The flights don’ttake long, yet I’ll still be transported to something different in culture, history, and everything else. Not to mention, in comparison to Finland, it is cheaper to splurge in Latvia! Win, win!

How to Find Cheap Flights Everywhere Using Skyscanner

Step 6:

As you can see, once I selected the dates I want to go and clicked “select,” Skyscanner showed me all the possible airlines I can book, and in this case, it will take me only one hour from Helsinki to Riga, and it will only cost me 130USD! This is return flight, y’all!

P.S I think I’ll book this one.

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How to Find Cheap Flights Everywhere Using Skyscanner

Note before you finalize your booking from Skyscanner!

Since you are booking from a third-party booking website, it is always good to be aware of all the extra charges any cheap flights may come. For instance, a lot of budget airlines such as Air Baltic charge for a luggage and seat reservation and Wow Airlines charge for carry-on luggage, so check these before you make your final payment.

How to Find Cheap Flights Everywhere Using Skyscanner

To conclude this shenanigan

Sometimes you just have to be creative if you want to travel! Skyscanner has made it easy for us to find the cheapest flights to everywhere with only a few clicks. Of course, there are risks if you book through a third-party website, but as there is everywhere else on the internet.

I’ve been using Skyscanner to find cheap flights around Europe, and it hasn’t failed me once. I just have to be a little careful when I’m about to pay to make sure that there are no extra or hidden fees in the total amount, but other than that. It is still cheaper to find it this way other than scoring from seat sales.

If you don’t like to use Skyscanner, there are also other ways to find cheap flights, and one good way is to sign up for booking website’s newsletter, and they’ll often send you good deals straight to your email! Looking for seat sales is also one good way, but you need to be extremely patient on this — nevertheless, good luck.

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Last note: Plan your trip smartly!

If you’re traveling cheaply like this, always make sure to have travel insurance ready before you leave just in case something happens because you never know with these budget airlines, always have a backup plan!

If you’re a backpacker, 130USD is a hefty price to lose, but if you have travel insurance, they can help you reimburse that money. Also, it is just so much smarter to have travel insurance in general.

Also, if you don’t know what to pack when you travel to Europe, make sure to check my minimalist packing list to have an idea of how to travel with little stuff in you!

Check out some of the best hostels in the area as well, maybe you can also find a cheaper accommodation to keep your budget low (to have few extra bucks for a beer here and there, or at least that’s what I’ll do).

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  1. Thank for this helpful article. Step by step process is much more easier to understand especially for non techie persons. You did a great effort on this one.

  2. I use a similar app that ranks all the flight searches according to you preference. I set mine by price, so whenever I try t find flights, it displays the cheapest flight first. It is interesting that there are search engines/apps that does this to help travelers see the prices of airline flights faster.

  3. I do not know if this is available in my area but, to me it looks like an advance booking for travel and stuff. I am sure I am missing a bit on my description for this but, I can accept it. For one everything is done digital now so we need sites like these.

  4. I find this kind of sites very helpful. It offers a lot of flights with the lowest price. Sometimes it also has a link in booking for hotels and car rentals.

  5. Oh my gosh! I really need this. I’m planning to get a flight to Japan for my birthday. Thank you so much for the tip!

  6. Finding a cheap flight sometimes become a nightmare but with tools like this one, it makes the way easier to get very convenience rates for my flights.

  7. When traveling by air, I always use third party websites to search for cheap flights. Thanks for introducing skyscanner. I think I will add it to my list of sites.

  8. This sure is smart booking. I’ve checked the site, and it’s very efficient. I will now use this to book a flight.

  9. Skyscanner is my go to app for cheap flights. It’s convenient to use, not to mention provides accurate and comprehensive flight information

  10. I have already foundd nice deals on skyscanner, but never thought of using this “everywhere” search. That was a really nice tip for a trip on a budget, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

  11. this is worth checking out. i would love to go for a weekend flight with the wife. good advice at the end about checking the extra fees tho. the baggage and carry’ on’s typically arnt included i’ve noticed for the cheaper flights

  12. As someone who’s very thrifty in life, searching for cheap flights hasn’t been easier. The guide was very easy to follow! Thanks for this article, now I’m planning to go to Europe!

  13. I discovered skyscanner from a youtuber. It is really helpful and very easy to use. You can really save a lot of money using it.

  14. Very informative as always. I use to do all my bookings and its been great so far. But this post made me go to Skyscanner and maybe I will try it. Thanks again for a great review and good on point information.

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