Why You Should Get a Travel Insurance for Your Next Adventure

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You could be saving up to go for an adventure in your dream destination. It could be traveling to the Caribbean for a romantic getaway, Paris the city of love or an African safari with your family. Going for an adventure could change your attitude towards life. It changes your perspective and allows you to look at the challenges you face on a daily basis in a different way. In some remote parts of the world, people live simple lives without much technology and they seem happier.

However, in your once in a lifetime adventure, things may not go as planned. There’s some occurrence that is out of your control, for instance, you might lose your luggage, lose your passport, miss a flight or even worse, break your leg.

Sometimes more than one of these things may happen all at once. The cost of covering these expenses in a foreign city or country where you don’t know anyone can be a huge blow. Some countries even charge extra to foreigners. So there you are on crutches, with hospital bills to take care of, hotel bills, your luggage still missing and having lost money for the connection flight you just missed. The expenses might run into thousands of dollars which you may not have at your disposal. Having a travel insurance while in Europe or anywhere else can save you from incurring all these costs; you will be covered.

Note: The insurance I found reliable is World Nomads and I’ve been using them from my last short trips abroad outside Europe like when I was in Kerala, India last spring. Other than this, I have my own local insurance that covers me and my home when I travel but only if I am in Europe.

Travel Insurance

Why You Should Get a Travel Insurance for Your Next Adventure

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What is travel insurance?

It is insurance that covers losses and accidents incurred while traveling. This includes flight cancellation, injuries, loss of luggage, loss of passport and other accidents that may occur before, during, and sometimes even shortly after your trip. It guarantees that you will not pay for losses for which you have insured for during you travel if they occur. The best travel insurance can be arranged at the time of booking to cover you during the duration of that trip. It may also be arranged to cover many trips over time. If you travel to many countries over a long period of time, a backpacker travel insurance or a nomad travel insurance cover would be ideal.

What is included in a travel insurance?

Not all travel insurance have the same policy, some have more some have less but normally they all have the basic coverage a person needs in case of an emergency. Needless to say, it is important to make sure that whatever insurance you buy for your trip covers the following:

  • Trip cancellations

This is covered in the event that you become ill, if your travel partner is unfit to travel or if a close relative dies. Acceptable reasons vary from policy to policy with some offering “a cancel for any reason” cover. Also, as a side note, make sure that whatever travel insurance you get also covers trip delays (trip was canceled because of an airport strike) and interruptions (you got sick), that way you’ll be on the safe side.

  • Emergency medical coverage

If you get sick or injured during your trip because let’s face it, accidents do happen, you might face a hefty bill if you do not have a travel insurance. In this case, you must thoroughly check each travel insurance companies how much they would cover in any case of medically related accidents because you’ll never know exactly how much it will cost you. Some travel insurance covers 100,000USD but some covers more for a higher price. That said, World Nomads covers up to 5,000,000USD, for instance, but it is not cheap.

  • Emergency medical transportation and evacuation

If something happens and you need to get to the hospital, you’ll get there real quick with this cover. Also, if a certain natural disaster happens in the area or some other unfortunate events that you need to flee the place as soon as possible, make sure that whatever insurance you decide to buy also covers this!

  • Luggage and gear protection

If your passport or gear goes missing or your bags get delayed then normally a travel insurance can reimburse you for this. However, you must read how much the company will cover for lost or stolen goods because sometimes they only cover peanuts. On an alternative note, if you own professional gears that cost thousands of dollars, then it would be smarter to buy a separate insurance solely for your these.

Note: depending on what travel insurance you decide to purchase, please carefully read through what they will cover so you know your rights and which ones you can claim. It is always smarter to have the list with you or bookmarked in your browser for easy access.

What worldwide travel insurance doesn’t cover

It is imperative to understand what is covered by your insurance for travel and what is not. This eliminates chances of feeling disappointed or “cheated”. Also, purchasing a travel insurance does not mean you can go to the doctor whenever you please because I can assure you if it is not accidental or an emergency, your travel insurance won’t cover it.

Always remember that the idea of having a travel insurance is so that you are protected in any case of unfortunate events that you might be rushed to the hospital for medical assistance. Also, self-inflicted accidents can’t be covered and that includes injuries from voluntarily jumping off a plane (there’s another insurance for high-risk activities), getting drunk and passing out on the streets, and anything along the lines of being reckless and stupid.

  • Certain trip cancellation reasons not included in the cover:

Although the cancellation of trips and flights are covered, not all reasons for the cancellation are. Reasons outside the following are not covered for trip cancellation; Reasons covered for trip cancellation

  • If a natural disaster strikes the destination
  • Terrorist attacks in the destination area
  • If the person insured, their travel companion, family member or business partner gets sick. (Although this may be considered a good enough reason, a physician must examine you before cancellation or within 72 hours of cancellation)
  • If the travel company is declared bankrupt
  • If the destination host is sick or dies
  • If a traffic accident occurs prior to the trip
  • If you lose your passport or visa before the trip
  • If your school year is extended
  • If a divorce or a legal separation occurs
  • If you are required to work, transferred or are terminated
  • If you are deployed in the military or required to make a court appearance
  • If your home or business is vandalized or burglarized

Reasons that are on this list are not covered for during your travel. However, to be on the safer side, you can purchase a special “cancel for any reason” coverage.

  • High-risk sporting activities

As mentioned above already, high-risk sporting activities are somewhat like opening the door for death and welcoming him with a plate of oven fresh cookies thus considering this “self-inflicted” if ever an accident occurs. Nevertheless, there are insurance meant for such sports so if you’re into this kind of things, you must look for an insurance that covers this.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions

If you have medical conditions, it is best to speak to your personal physician the risks you’re putting yourself into before traveling abroad. With that said, there are some companies who also sell pre-existing condition coverage meaning if you purchase this insurance and something happens to you while you are abroad and the cause is your medical conditions then you will be covered.

Note: For pre-existing medical conditions, you must check with the travel insurance first what sort of occurrences they cover before purchasing.

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When should you get your travel insurance?

The best time is prior to your travel adventure as soon as you are done with the booking. However, most travel covers require you to purchase your plan 10-14 days of making the initial trip deposit. This allows you to enjoy coverage benefits even a week before you decide to travel should something happen and you cancel your trip.

Why you need to buy travel insurance

  • To be covered when traveling to destinations that predispose you to certain risks. This includes areas where terrorism is high or natural disasters e.g hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • To protect you from incurring expenses for luggage loss. You should consider a cover for luggage loss if you are carrying expensive designer clothes. If your bags are stolen or the airline loses them, you get compensated for your clothes worth.
  • Sometimes tragic things happen just when you are about to go for the adventure of your life. You lose a close family member and you have to cancel the trip. Without a travel cover, you end up losing money you had spent on booking for flights and hotel accommodation if they are non-refundable.
  • You or your child that you had traveled with might get food poisoning and require emergency transportation to the hospital. Without insurance to cover the medical expenses, it will cost you a fortune to have your family member flown back home for emergency medical treatment. Having an emergency transportation and medical expenses cover takes care of your health in a land away from home.
  • A robbery encounter may leave you badly banged up and the thieves will most probably take all your money, credit cards, your cell and other valuables. Without a travel cover, your trip may not be a smooth one. You may end up calling friends and family from home to wire you money to cover hospital and hotel expenses.

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What travel insurance should you get?

If you’re traveling locally, it is best to see what travel insurance is the best in your own home country. However, if you’re traveling abroad, then I suggest you look into World Nomads as they will cover you worldwide (over 150 countries, in fact!) but with reasonable exceptions like natural disasters, wars, invasions, etc. Apart from that, World Nomads also includes important coverage in their policy meaning if something happens, you’ll be insured.

If you really want the full coverage policy, then I suggest getting their Explorer travel insurance package (181USD per travel month) as it will cover all possible accidents that may occur. This includes any personal accidents, your transportation cost (in case you, well, die), and it also covers third-party liability, aka when you injure someone else by accident.

To sum it all up, having this insurance during your adventure gives you peace of mind that you will be fully covered. You will be able to enjoy your trips more without having too many care (but you still should).

Note: If you end up going for World Nomads first of all, good for you! However, please be aware that they will not cover any emergencies that occurred if you’re still in your country of permanent residence. This is the reason why I suggest you must take a look at the travel insurance you have in your country of residence that will cover you if you travel within the country.

Get your travel insurance now from World Nomads and stay safe always!

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Best travel insurance | travelers insurance | international travel insurance | stay safe abroad | medical expenses | keep safe | worldwide travel insurance | be insured | travel with little risk | stay safe while traveling | avoid huge bill while traveling
Best travel insurance | travelers insurance | international travel insurance | stay safe abroad | medical expenses | keep safe | worldwide travel insurance | be insured | travel with little risk | stay safe while traveling | avoid huge bill while traveling


  • Do you have a travel insurance whenever you go abroad?
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