Places to See in Europe: The Most Picturesque Mountain Towns in Europe

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The world is full of marvels and these picturesque mountain towns in Europe are some of the sought after travel destinations you must visit on your holiday!

Do you want to visit interesting small towns in Europe but don’t know where to go? Today’s your lucky day because we’ve compiled some of the best places to see in Europe, especially for those who can’t help but enjoy picturesque views and maybe take a couple of snaps, too!

For many in Europe, a vacation means spending a week in a seaside town, swimming and lying in the sun, and enjoying the freedom from the busy cities (for instance, Paris!) where they work.

Luckily, seasides are not the only popular holiday destinations in Europe: travelers and vacationers tend to prefer visiting some smaller towns in Europe, too, next to the traditional seaside chilling.

Getting hiking boots and carrying a backpack all day is not for many, but the reward is truly inspiring. Not to mention the unmatched charm of these little towns: it’s impossible to get lost in the streets, locals are friendly and helpful, and you can hear the birds chirping in the trees.

The power of these mountain towns of Europe is underrated, indeed. They not only ensure the calm and relaxing environment for the stressed-out but also invite us to take a step out of our comfort zones. I can test my limits in a safe environment, yet away from the familiar faces and the setting I’ve grown into.

Going off the trail and avoiding crowded capital cities for a weekend has its magic, especially when all you need is a space to clear your mind. Thankfully, nowadays, it is easier to visit these less traveled places by bus or trains, for instance, Omio is the travel platform I personally use to find good deals and travel options to any smaller towns and cities in Europe.

By visiting some of these gorgeous towns, you will feel the chilly mountain weather on your skin, and you can take a deep breath of the healthy mountain air – it’s no surprise that many come here to cure themselves physically and mentally as well. A little journey to a slower pace environment only benefits your mind, body, and soul.

I love to walk around, enjoying the panorama: it’s a real feast for the eyes. In these enchanting Alpine towns, you can marvel at the centuries-old buildings and architecture as well as go for a trip in the nearby mountain hills.

It’s also very easy to meet and team up with fellow travelers here, especially for more challenging trips to see Europe attractions and enjoy the natural beauty away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

It’s always the funniest people who end up meeting here, so one is never sure about how the trip will end, sometimes it’s wine-tasting and laughing all evening after day-long hiking.

These days, when deciding what to see in Europe next time, I always check smaller destinations as well. They are less crowded, more affordable, and have breathtaking panorama you can’t see anywhere else.

Also, if you prefer going into the wild now and then, a weekend trip to the Alpine towns might just satisfy your wanderlust as they are perfect for finding the most challenging and less-known trails.


Places to See in Europe: The Most Picturesque Mountain Towns in Europe

Mountain View in Wengen, Switzerland
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1. Wengen, Switzerland

This charming little town is a treasure in the Swiss Alps. Visiting Wengen is not only one of the most beautiful places in Europe, but in time and history, too: the timber houses and holiday chalets were built in the belle époque, and the style remained the same ever since.

Climbers adore this car-free paradise as they often prepare and relax here between climbing Eiger, one of the toughest mountains of Europe.

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Go Val de Funes in Italy
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2. Val de Funes, Italy

Especially in the wintertime, this small Italian Alps town is home to the most beautiful winter landscapes. These mountains are so familiar – it’s as if we stepped into an old fairytale. Val de Funes is not only a beauty but as a part of the Dolomites; it’s also protected by the UNESCO World Heritage name.

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Olden, Norway
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3. Olden, Norway

Olden is definitely among the less-known places to see in Europe. The Briksdalsbreen glacier is within an hour-long trip from Olden, so it’s no wonder that the curious ones already discovered it as a perfect place to get on a cruise. The natural beauty of the surrounding glacier and national park might be one of the most scenic places in Europe.

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Vik I Myrdal, Iceland
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4. Vik I Myrdal, Iceland

This village is the largest settlement in the South of the Icelandic mainland. It’s no wonder it’s constantly buzzing with tourists as well: Vik I Myrdal is not only a key service point in coastal trips between Iceland’s attractions, but also has a marvelous black pebble beach coast with scenic cliffs and basalt columns. This cute little town has a lot of surprises, that’s for sure!

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Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy
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5. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Also located in the Dolomitic Alps, Cortina is famous for its winter sports paradise. The ski resorts and winter homes make this town a second home to quite a few aristocrats in Europe. Not only for the exciting social scene, but also the unforgettable townscapes, Cortina is one of the most beloved holiday destinations in Europe.

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Torla, Spain
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6. Torla, Spain

The best choice when you need to relax, and you’re unsure about where to travel in Europe. Torla is known for its peaceful and quiet streets and mountain views, with green trees and birds chirping everywhere.

For the brave, however, Torla offers mountaineering and hill walking activities, as well. Moreover, if you are determined, this is the place to pass the Pyrenees and across the mountain frontier to France. Whether you are a nature lover or a hardcore hiker and climber, you can’t miss out on Torla in the summer.

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Visit the Bled Castle
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7. Bled, Slovenia

Bled is one of the most beautiful places in Europe in the world everyone’s heard about, but only a few have seen. The Lake Bled with an island, the dream-like scenery, and naturally peaceful and divine atmosphere of this place makes it truly magnetic.

For history-lovers, it has a great chance to visit the Bled Castle as well, and the more adventurous travelers can take a trip to the Vintgar gorge. The wooden bridges and the crystal clear water bring everyone in the mood of escaping urban life for a while.

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Selfoss, Iceland
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8. Selfoss, Iceland

As part of the Golden Circle, Selfoss is not only among the best places to go in Europe but is also a key point in Icelandic trips to discover the natural beauty of the mainland. The Selfoss Geyser and the Kerid Crater are in the nearby.

The Golden Circle trips are on the bucket list of many travelers, not only for the unique geologic formations but also for the marvelous scenery.

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Hallstatt, Austria
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9. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt, this wonderful little Austrian town, is, without a doubt, one of the most picturesque places in Europe. A well-known holiday resort, loved by the most exhausted and most stressed-out businessmen and leaders in Europe, the village of Hallstatt remains a quiet and peaceful place for those who prefer tranquillity during their holiday.

The landscape has a wonderful effect on the soul: the reflection of the town on the Hallstatt Lake, with the mountains in the background, soothes and heals everyone.

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Rougon, France
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10. Rougon, France

You won’t find Rougon among the most sought-after places to see in Europe, yet it’s one of the strange and beautiful places that worth a day. This tiny village has only a few streets, so no one gets lost by only wandering around. In Rougon, travelers often go out hiking in the mountainous area.

Here they are likely to meet vultures, too – a famous resident colony of the birds is one of the attractions of the place.

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Lucerne, Switzerland
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11. Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne deserves the love that comes from all directions to this charming Swiss town. Like many European towns, Lucerne has preserved its medieval parts, so the historic architecture and town squares make everyone feel like they’re coming home.

Home to many museums and monuments, Lucerne attracts many culture-lovers and travelers who are looking for a tiny Swiss town among the highest European mountains.

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Canazei, Italy
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12. Canazei, Italy

Canazei is the center of the ski-resort paradises in the Val di Fassa, and it has a key position in the Sella Ronda ski circuit, too. The most spectacular and challenging mountains of Europe are all easily accessible from Canazei, but the small village itself has a heartwarming panorama, especially with the snowy tops and evening lights.

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Covadonga, Spain
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13. Covadonga, Spain

One of the less known yet fabulous mountain town and one of the best places to go in Europe, Covadonga is located in Asturias, Spain’s natural paradise. The town is home to the Sanctuary of Covadonga, a group of monuments that give a particular medieval touch to the streets and local landscape.

The impressive sights of the Basilica and the Holy Cave attract not only the religious but lovers of history and culture as well.

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Annecy, France
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14. Annecy, France

Are you still asking yourself where to go in Europe? Well, embedded in a mountain setting, Annecy is among the best mountainside towns in the Alps. Rich in culture and history, Annecy is a beloved tourist destination and holiday resort in the South of France.

You can wander around in the street and canals of Annecy, and you couldn’t leave it without feeling immersed in the lovely traditional French old town feeling. The castle, the markets, and the flowers in the balconies never fail to amaze any traveler looking for a vibrant Alpine town.

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Innsbruck, Austria
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15. Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is capital in many ways: officially, it’s the center of Tirol, but Innsbruck also earned the “capital of the Alps” name for a reason. With its world-known sights, signature scenery and architecture, Innsbruck is one of the best places to visit in Europe when it comes to mountain holidays.

The city offers great opportunities for those who love alpine sports, but the old town has a pleasant atmosphere as well for those who prefer relaxing.

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Lecco, Italy
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16. Lecco, Italy

Lecco is one of the most popular waterfront mountain towns in Europe and a place where to go in Europe. The panorama with the mountainous scenery inspires many travelers to take walking trips to enjoy the view along Lake Como’s shore.

The romantic old town with its bell tower is a signature look of the area, and it also has charming cafés and restaurants that set the evening vibes high.

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  1. Beautiful article and some inspirational photos! I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Alps numerous times and I never fail to be blown away by how many stunning towns there are in addition to the breathtaking landscapes. I visited Wengen for the first time last year and I have to admit it was my favourite town in the Bernese Oberland. Annecy is an absolute joy that is completely underestimated and relatively unknown outside of France, I’m heading back there again this summer!

    • Hi, Alice! So lovely to have you here and thank you for leaving such nice note. Indeed the Alps is enchanting and especially the Swiss side, I’m happy you enjoyed this article. I wish you a happy journey to Annecy and let me know how it went for you! Safe travels, always.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I’m lucky enough to have visited a few of these over the years, and now I’ll have to add the rest to my bucket list. I absolutely adore Hallstatt and am dying to go back to spend some more time there.

  3. As if I needed anymore motivation to visit Europe, this post has to be it! I am SO keen to explore more of Europe and I am saving this post to act as total trip inspiration for when the time comes. Thank you for sharing all of this beauty!

  4. Ah this makes me so excited to head to Lake Bled. I am also going to other beautiful mountain towns like ones in Montenegro! I would suggest looking into them too 🙂

  5. I love mountain towns and villages. I miss living in a small village in the Swiss alps. The views are magnificent! I’ve been to a few of these towns you’ve mentioned on this list and quite a lot I haven’t been to yet. I really want to check out the Dolomites and Hallstatt.

  6. I’ve been to Luzern but I WANT TO GO TO ALL OF THESE! They all look so beautiful and there’s nothing like a cute little town surrounded by gorgeous mountains!


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