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Top 17 Most Beautiful and Best Lakes in Europe to Visit

When beach breaks have their presence, lake holidays have their personal experience. After all, you do not have to deal with harsh saltwater absorbing moisture off your hair and sand getting into your sandwiches.

Even better, the coast of these lakes is the default setting for a great holiday in late summers. If you are done with the shores of Europe, let’s explore some of these dreamy lakes in Europe to visit.

With utmost peace and picture-perfect scenery, the following lakes in Europe to visit are some of the best destinations in the world. Whether you like these lakes due to several outdoor activities, they have to offer, or you love the tranquility of the environment.

You might have a great experience by visiting these lakes in Europe for holidays and feeling excited to know the best lakes in Europe. We have explored Europe so far.

Hence, we have listed some of the best lakes in Europe where you can have a memorable experience.


Top 17 Most Beautiful and Best Lakes in Europe to Visit

 Lake Orta Italy

Lake Orta, Italy

Also known as the ‘Godfather of Lakes in Europe,’ Lake Orta has something to offer for everyone as per your needs and budget.

It is so popular that this lake is dramatically accessible to the crowd of tourists who get here through Maggiore, Garda, and Como.

It always stays under the radar for most tourists. With great culinary delights and scenic experiences, Lake Orta is one of the mesmerizing lakes in Europe for Holidays.

You can have a great weekend getaway at Lake Orta, which is just a few hours’ drive from Milan.

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Plitvice Lakes Croatia

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Croatia became the part of the EU this year, and the die-hard fans of this diverse and vibrant country started to twitch on the high prices of their favorite Croatian bear.

Well, the serene Plitvice lakes will be protected well against the crowd of tourists by the National Park rules.

However, it is also a magnificent sight to glance at its excellent series of waterfalls and its turquoise blue waters.

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Lake Attersee Austria

Attersee, Austria

Attersee is one of the brightest and bluest lakes around Europe. You have to visit Salzburg for taking a sweet dip in here. Attersee is beautifully covered by the mountains where you can enjoy several hikes and walks, countryside and pristine farmlands.

This lake is beautifully located off the busy tourist route. At other lakes here, you may find a few of the tour groups. There are several bathing areas for the public like Unterach is Attersee, where you can find slides, food, water sports, shades, and shallow regions for kids.

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Marnemoende, Utrecht, The Netherlands

There is no better way than sleeping by the lake when it comes to feeling in the lap of nature. You may spend a weekend in the adequate and necessary camping raft.

You may also get a canoe, i.e., the only way to reach your bed to spend the night, along with some conventional camping equipment.

Marnemoende Lake is full of wilderness and natural beauty. You may also walk for an hour to reach a village, which is quiet and peaceful. It is truly a mesmerizing way to wake up to breathtaking sunrises.

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Lake Mountain Peruca

Lake Peruća, Croatia

Lake Peruća is a lesser-known but beautiful attraction here. It is formed on the Cetina River by a dam as it goes through the karst landscape, and its source creates the pool, which is very appealing.

It is one of the fantastic lakes in Europe to visit where tourists flock for some peace, clean water, fresh air, fishing, biking, cycling, local culture, and unspoiled countryside.

There are pitches in a new campsite located on the shore. Velika is the closest town here facing a fortress.

Lake Annecy France

Lake Annecy, France

It is one of the best among all lakes in Europe for tourists. It has almost everything you can expect, such as fresh alpine air, serene mountain scenery, icy blue waters.

And a lot of serene villages and towns to visit. It is also a great base where you can witness the tranquil Savoie region.

You may want to visit the idyllic Mont Blanc, Annecy town, the Commune Chamonix Mountain, the medieval villages of Geneva and Yvoire, and the city of Evian.

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Lake Geneva Switzerland

Lake Geneva, Switzerland and France

Located closely to Lake Annecy, Lake Geneva is one of the best lakes in Europe for a holiday. It is also the largest among lakes in Europe, covering both Switzerland and France.

Located under the serene Alps, the glacial Lake Geneva is well regarded for its crescent shape, icy blue waters, and several appealing villages, towns, and castles around the shores.

You may visit a fairytale castle, Chateau de Chillon, facing the lake or the historic village listed among the “Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of France,” Yvoire.

Lake Como Italy

Lake Como, Italy

There is something about lakes in North Italy, and Lake Como is one of the most beautiful and most magnificent lakes in Europe. The Rhaetian Alps locates the favorite hangout of George Clooney in Europe.

The shoreline of the stunning lake is covered with serene villages. You may visit the appealing traditional town of Bellagio, which is also a significant hub for resort tourism.

Top 17 Most Beautiful and Best Lakes in Europe to Visit

Lake Wastwater, Lake District, England, the UK

The largest national park in England houses a lot of serene lakes. The remotest Lake Wastwater was once ranked for providing the best view of Britain.

It is covered by some of England’s highest peaks and is one of the beautiful sceneries of Lake District. It is definitely worth your effort to get there.

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Loch Duich Scotland

Loch Duich, Scotland, the UK

Scotland has some of the most beautiful lochs in the Highlands. We have chosen Loch Duich as one of the famous A It is a sea loch located on the west of Scotland and is covered by a well-known 13th-century structure, Eilean Donan Castle. It offers very adorable calendar-adorning and postcard-perfect views.

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Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda is one of the most romantic attractions in Europe. Truly gorgeous villages flank this serene and exotic hillside lake, and you can’t go wrong by choosing Lake Garda for your next trip.

Each of the communities by the lake is unique here. It houses the historic town covered by a historic castle as well as a serene village covered with pastel-colored houses and flowers.

Sognefjord Norway

Sognefjord, Norway

There is no lack of breathtaking fjords in Norway. Sogn & Fjordane, Møre & Romsdal, and Hordaland and Rogaland are few o the best fjord landmarks in Western Norway. Sognefjord is the most beautiful and largest fjord in Norway and 3rd longest in the world.

Also, visit a branch of Sognefjord, Nærøyfjord, which is well known for its dramatic natural beauty and unspoiled landmark. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage destination.

We have a complete Norway destination guides for almost all stunning cities and villages in Norway – check it out here.

Autumn view in Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

It is a gorgeous and small glacial lake located in Northwestern Slovenia at the Julien Alps. Bled Island is its main attraction among visitors.

Its small forested circle houses the serene Church of the Assumption, which is dated back to the 17th century. It is also well known for the serene and baroque clock tower.

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Lüner Lake Austria

Lüner Lake, Austria

Lüner Lake is an ultimate gem located in the serene Austrian Alps. It shares the boundaries with Liechtenstein and Switzerland. It is a great day trip for families and tourists thanks to its beautiful landscapes.

You may also take a cable car to visit the lake from Schattenlagand. You can also hike to the top for an hour if you love hiking. Even, walk around the lake for the best views.

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Lake Konigssee Bavaria Germany

König Lake, Germany

König Lake is one of the most mesmerizing lakes in Europe to visit and is well-positioned in Berchtesgaden. It is located only 40 minutes drive from Salzburg and around 2 hours from Munchen.

If you are getting here, be sure to explore the sleepy village by the lake, Schönau am Königsee. Later on, take a boat towards the South of the lake and walk along the small nearby lake, Obersee.

Also, take a cable car ride to Jenner Mountain for a serene view above the König Lake. You may hike all the way down for a stretch.

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Lake Babreka one of the Seven Rila lakes Bulgaria

Seven Lakes, Bulgaria

The Rila or Seven Lakes is a dream destination for the hikers. You can take a day trip from Bulgaria‘s capital, Sofia. You can visit the lakes on your own or book a planned tour.

The highest lake is Tear Lake, at around 2535m above the sea level. It takes up to 3 hours to visit the first five lakes. Be sure to take at least 5 hours to visit all the seven lakes.

Lagoa do Fogo Azores Portugal

Lagoa Fogo, The Azores, Portugal

It is among the most popular and serene lakes in Europe. It houses the most beautiful and remote Azores Islands, which belong to the Atlantic Ocean.

Plan a trip to these volcanic islands to capture the serenity on your own because its natural beauty is impossible to describe in words.

Sao Miguel is the island where this lake is located. Hence, you may want to visit Ponta Delgada city. You can get to this lake with several hiking trails. Therefore, you should reserve a day to explore this natural attraction.

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