The 20 Underrated Countries in Europe to Visit on Your Next Trip!

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We’ve all been there. After ogling at macaroons in France and drinking your way through a pitcher of Sangria in Barcelona, you begin to feel like there must be something more to this continent, right? You’re certainly correct. Made up of 50 countries, Europe is a treasure chest of travel opportunities. Travel to these underrated countries in Europe and you are bound to discover stunning landscapes, beautiful architectures, and cultures.

When deciding where to travel in Europe, I always encourage my friends to branch out because I know that paradise always mean breaking out of my comfort zone and exploring new places. Europe is a large continent with so many countries and cultures to explore, take the opportunity to explore all of them! From the snowcapped mountains of Serbia to cliff jumping in Montenegro, it’s time expand the horizons! On a side note, if you’re the ultimate romantic, fall in love with these countries and be swoon over by their beauty.

These countries offer you a chance to dive in and explore new cultures, foods, and cities. You are sure to fall in love with the wineries, folk dancing, and seaside towns. Plus, many of these countries are some of the cheapest places to travel in Europe, so your wallet will thank you.


Underrated Countries in Europe

1. Poland

Poland hosts better food and tastier drinks in comparison to its Germanic neighbor. For a step into the past, visit the culture old capital of Poland, Krakow. Among backpackers, Krakow is rivaled as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world because of the beautiful town square, architecture, and Wawel Castle. From pierogis to cobblestone roads, Poland will steal your heart.

Underrated Countries in Europe

2. Andorra

Not only is Andorra one of the coolest countries to visit for political science nerds, but the country offers some of the best skiing in Europe. If you’re a winter sports lover, be sure to check out this country for a great winter getaway. Looking for an adventure? Jump into a 4-wheel drive vehicle and head up the mountains for romantic views of the mountain range that makes up Andorra.

Underrated Countries in Europe

3. Montenegro

If Montenegro’s emerald water doesn’t tug at your heart strings, the mountains dotted with orange-rooftops certainly will. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, visit Budva where you can explore the aged town in the day and head into town to enjoy the nightlife. If you’re visiting Eastern Europe in the Summer be sure to check out Budva’s Summer Music Festival that highlights Mediterranean music.

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Underrated Countries in Europe

4. Bulgaria

Choose from dipping your toes in the Black Sea to running through fields upon fields of golden sunflowers. Bulgaria offers some of the most stunning landscapes in Europe. Because it is a cheap country to visit in Europe, Bulgaria is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway or extended vacation. Beyond the beautiful beaches, you can head to the Northwest region of Bulgaria to see Flintstones in real life. Seriously, the rock formations in Belogradchik look like they popped out of the cartoon.

Underrated Countries in Europe

5. Malta

If you’re a beach bum, Malta will be your paradise. The island country off the coast of Italy offers a perfect combination of lagoons, snorkeling, cliff jumping and sunbathing to make you never want to leave. You can easily rent a car and make Malta your perfect Summer road trip. There are also tons of beautiful design hotels and resorts you can stay at for a much deserved holiday!

Underrated Countries in Europe

6. Hungary

For me, Hungary was the perfect introduction into Eastern Europe. The capital is often called the Paris of Eastern Europe and for a good reason. Budapest is a mere 10-euro bus ride from Prague making Budapest a perfect excursion on your next vacation.

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Underrated Countries in Europe

7. Bosnia and Herzegovina

As one of the most affordable and beautiful countries in Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the best places to visit in Eastern Europe. After visiting the picturesque capital, Sarajevo, head to Mostar to check out the iconic bridge, Stari Most where you can catch bridge jumpers and picnickers alike.

underrated countries in europe

8. Moldova

Often overlooked, this young nation is slowly gaining attention from travelers and backpackers alike because of its beautiful and unspoiled countryside nature and, surprisingly, its wine. Moldova is a budget-friendly destination that is indeed an off-the-beaten-track place to visit for those who are looking for a relaxed travel experience.

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Underrated Countries in Europe

9. Macedonia

Home of some of the finest comfort food in Europe, Macedonia maintains beautiful mountains and lakes – perfect for outdoors lovers. Take a trip to Lake Ohrid, a gigantic lake that sits below the snowcapped mountains of Macedonia or you can peruse the Old Bazaar in Skopje. No matter what you decide to do, Macedonia will steal your heart.

Underrated Countries in Europe

10. Austria

Yes, we all visit Vienna as a stopover after Prague, but I believe Austria is worthy of more than just a stopover! The Alps are some of the most inspiring mountains in the world. Austria has a plethora of ski resorts and hostels at half of the price of their Swiss neighbors. So spend a day or two in Vienna and then head out to enjoy the picturesque Alps.

Underrated Countries in Europe

11. Cyprus

This small island country hosts a plethora of beachside destinations and ancient sites that are sure to inspire you. If you’re a castle lover, visit St. Hilarion Castle which sits among the mountains on the coast. If you’re looking to hang out at the beach with a drink in your hand, head over to Larnaca on Cyprus’ southeast coast.

underrated countries in europe

12. Slovenia

Be in awe and fall in love with Slovenia’s quaint small towns, beautiful vineyards, and friendly locals. With all its graciousness, you must one day stumble upon this gorgeous country and inhale its positive energy! Slovenia’s most iconic destination is Lake Bled, whereas a baroque chapel on an island gives it a dramatic fairytale like view. This underrated country in Europe is gaining much attention and it is only a matter of time till the world raves about Slovenia.

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Underrated Countries in Europe

13. Albania

The Albanian Riviera is unbeatable. From international music festivals to the seaside, it’s a perfect place to get away for the weekend. Head to the capital city of Tirana for an 18th-century mosque and opera house. Albania is an extremely cheap country to visit in Europe, so it’s perfect for backpackers!

Underrated Countries in Europe

14. Estonia

Estonia offers one of the most authentic experiences in Baltic culture. If you’re a history and culture buff, check out Tallinn where it’s old town charm has been maintained for centuries. Estonia is renowned for its world-class nature – if you’re a hiker be sure to check out some of Estonia’s beautiful forests.

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Underrated Countries in Europe

15. Lithuania

Lithuania sometimes feels like fairyland – its forests paired with the charming small towns make any traveler feel comfortable and welcomed. In Vilnius, you can find a plethora of inexpensive things to do in old town, or just join in on the vibrant nightlife. If you’re looking to get out of the city, you’re in luck. Lithuania has immaculate national parks that are practically untouched so if you’re ready to get outdoors, make Lithuania your next getaway.

underrated countries in europe

16. Romania

You must know Dracula, right? But do you know that his castle is situated in Romania? Yes, indeed, you’ll find some of the most interesting and fascinating castles in Europe in this underrated country, Romania. Bran castle is the iconic structure that inspired the tale of Dracula and is a popular must-see for those who are visiting Romania. Apart from all these, the land of rocky mountains and hills will certainly give you tons of stories and tales to tell.

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Underrated Countries in Europe

17. Slovakia

The capital, Bratislava is an easy to navigate capital, perfect for backpackers. Bratislava feels like it came out of a picture book and its Old Town is a great place to spend your afternoon people watching or conversing with locals. Plus, Slovakia is a great stopover if you are making your way from Prague to Budapest.

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Underrated Countries in Europe

18. Finland

As the host of the air guitar world championship, Finland is a country of great diversity and culture. Ready for an adventure? You can go ice or rock climbing in Helsinki and enjoy Finland’s natural beauty. Devil’s Rock is a short drive from the city center and is sure to raise your adrenaline. Helskini has a plethora of cultural archives and historical museums in addition to its great nightlife and growing food and restaurant culture. No matter what you love to do, Finland has something for you – even lavish Nordic design hotels and superb architectural masterpieces.

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Underrated Countries in Europe

19. Lichtenstein

This mountainous country nestled between Austria and Switzerland is a perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a quaint holiday spot. The beautiful modern art museum, contuse gives tourists a taste of the depth of culture in Lichtenstein. You can also tour a vineyard and do wine tastings while peering up at the Alps above you. Cool, right?

Underrated Countries in Europe

20. Belarus

This landlocked country is often overlooked, but I believe it is possibly the most underrated country in all of Europe. From the elaborate palaces to cheap accommodations, Belarus is a perfect vacation for travel junkies. Visit the Orthodox church just outside of Minsk if you are looking for a break from modern city life. For a day trip, you can head over to Mir Castle or Nesvizh Palace. This UNESCO heritage sites are perfect if you are looking to dive deeper into Belarus’ history and culture.

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Underrated countries in Europe | Underrated travel destinations | Europe travel tips | Travel bucket list | Travel inspiration wanderlust | Europe tips | Europe travel destinations
Underrated countries in Europe | Underrated travel destinations | Europe travel tips | Travel bucket list | Travel inspiration wanderlust | Europe tips | Europe travel destinations


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