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Where to See the Midnight Sun: Top 8 Places Where the Sun Never Sets

Can you imagine visiting a destination where days never end? Yes, you read it right! There is no limit when it comes to outdoor adventure in these exciting attractions. Day and night are just matters of hours.

There are still some places on Earth where the sun never sets, and you will never know when to sleep and when to wake up, thanks to their proximity to the pole.

On average, they receive daytime for up to 20 to 24 hours, and sometimes they remain sunny and bright for weeks and months. The midnight sun phenomenon takes place because the earth tilts on its axis by around 23 degrees.

If you want to experience a Polar Day or midnight sun phenomenon, you have to visit the countries located near the Arctic Circle and the North Pole. It also occurs in Antarctic Circle, in the South Pole but it is the most uninhabited continent on the planet. It is open only for scientific missions and extreme adventures.

Where to see the Midnight Sun?

At the South Pole, the sun rises from September 21 till March 22, next year. On the other side, i.e., the North Pole, the sun rises from March 22 till September 21, the same year. You can plan your holidays in countries located around or within the Arctic Circle, including Canada, Norway, Greenland, Finland, Sweden, Alaska, Russia, and Iceland.

Where to See the Midnight Sun: Top 8 Places Where the Sun Never Sets

top countries in the world where to see the midnight sun norway lofoten islands


Though it might seem silly, don’t get surprised if someone suggests you to surf or go sightseeing at nighttime. The Norway land of the midnight sun receives sunlight for 24 hours so you can even play golf at an 18-hole golf course.

Why is Norway called the Land of Midnight Sun?

The Land of Midnight Sun, Norway is a place where the sun never sets as it is located in Arctic Circle. It receives daylight 24×7 for around 76 days from May to the last week of July. The whole region is enlightened for about 20 hours a day by bright sunlight.

The sun shines on a full swing from 10th April to 23rd August in Svalbard, the most populated northern region of Europe. It is the best time to spot Svalbard midnight sun. Get there and live for days where you will go crazy to see at night. When getting there, also get a glimpse of Northern Lights.

If you want to visit the best place where to see the midnight sun, Svalbard must be the first in your bucket list. This rugged wilderness houses glaciers, polar bears, whales, and Arctic foxes. Encounter the wildlife in its natural habitat and spend extended hours of daylight.

Midnight sun Lofoten islands are relatively less chilly than other areas. Despite its latitude, the climate is quite mild on the Gulf Stream, even after reaching 20C in summer. It has hilly formations and exotic beaches, along with a golf course. You can spot the midnight sun from the end of May to the mid of July.

top countries in the world where to see the midnight sun sweden


As compared to other countries detailed here, Sweden is basically warmer, and the sun sets around midnight and rises soon at 4:30 am. The best time to see the midnight sun in Sweden is from early May to late August. Enjoy adventurous activities to utilize those long days by playing golf, fishing, skiing, visiting National Parks, watching northern lights, and exploring lowland trails.

If you are wondering where to sight the midnight sun, head to the north of Sweden where you can see the sun lingering around the horizon at midnight. Party hard and spot the midnight sun in Swedish Lapland at the end of June.

top countries in the world where to see the midnight sun finland lapland reindeer


The land of thousands of islands and lakes; the sun remains bright in most parts of the country for 73 days during summer months. Along with the northern lights, go skiing or stay in glass igloos. The fall leaves with more amazing and colorful views in the autumn months.

Spot the midnight sun in Finland in the northernmost parts of Lapland. You can enjoy the husky light in a lot of lakes where none of Finland coasts lie over the Arctic Circle. Some keen fly-fishers may cast a few lines.

At this time of the year, there is a myth and a widespread belief that a maiden can see her future partner in her dreams if she collects seven flowers on the evening of midsummer and places those flowers under her pillow. If you don’t believe in those fantasies, enjoy the Film festival or Jutajaiset (a folklore festival) under the midnight sun in June.

top countries in the world where to see the midnight sun iceland


Iceland is the largest island followed by Great Britain in Europe. You can spot the midnight sun of Iceland from May 10 to July, where the sun is at its peak. Enjoy the breathtaking views of northern lights and various activities like wildlife excursions, hiking, whale watching, cycling, caving, and even visiting National Parks.

The island of Grimsey is located off the north coast of the mainland. It is the best place to see the midnight sun, even though most of the country is located south of the Arctic Circle. This out-and-out island has only 100 people or less, despite being rugged. It houses the birdies, with guillemots, puffins, fulmars, kittiwakes, razorbills, etc.

The Silfra rift doesn’t get enough effects of midnight summer in Thingvellir National Park at the east of Reykjavik, yet it is still light during the summer, and you can dive and snorkel late at night. You can even touch the underwater borders of two different continents by diving deep enough.

top countries in the world where to see the midnight sun russia st petersburg


Beliye Nochi, the iconic White Nights of St. Petersburg starts on May 26 until mid-July. Technically, it is not a midnight sun in Europe (despite being located south of Arctic Circle). It has no real night. You can spot a nautical twilight which shows the lightest skies from mid-June to early July.

Here, residents celebrate the end of winter months since the 16th century, and the event is feasted in every corner of the city with New Theatre, Mariinsky Theatre, and Concert Hall which are hosting different performances like ballet, opera, etc. in June.

If you are a football fan, you may have noticed that dates are also scheduled as per some of the fixtures in the World Cup. If you are attending any installation in the second-largest city in Russia, don’t forget to enjoy White Nights. If you are wondering where to see the midnight sun in Russia, then visit the remote islands of New Siberia and the village of Tiksi. But it is not easy to get there.

top countries in the world where to see the midnight sun greenland


If you want to see the midnight sun in Greenland, visit the capital city, Nuuk which is a kind of adventure center where you can enjoy a lot of opportunities for sea angling, fly-fishing, hiking, paragliding, and climbing. If you want to witness the eerie glow of summer’s midnight sun on icebergs, visit some of the best coastal landscapes of Greenland at western fjords.

You can enjoy whale watching cruises in the south of Greenland. You can spot around 15 species found at the waters at any time. You can easily spot humpback, fin, and minke whales at this time. You can even spot large mammals that over-populate the Disko Bay icebergs.

top countries in the world where to see the midnight sun alaska usa

Alaska, USA

It is the only state in the US, where you can enjoy midnight sun holidays. The sun still reigns at midnight here. However, it is usually remote and is not easy to reach. So, there are not many people to share your experience here.

Also known as Barrow, Utqiaġvik is an isolated and small port city in the north of Alaska. The sunsets in the mid of November for over 65 days. The people who live here survive on anything they can catch or hunt as this place lacks in road connectivity. Barrow has the largest Inupiat community in the state, and you can often spot polar bears across the city.

top countries in the world where to see the midnight sun canada


During the extended midnight sun hours, the best thing in Northern Canada you can do is wildlife spotting, especially polar bears. From May to July, bright daylight lasts over 50 days. The frontier Inuvik town is a good base where you can visit the closest national parks, and it hosts a lot of events in summer.

If you are excited to spot marine animals, cruise along the Baffin Island where you can find seals and walrus, along with some of the best whales in the world like Beluga, Orca, and Bowhead, along with weird Narwhal, known as the unicorn of the sea, thanks to its single tusk.

Some of the handy tips when traveling to the lands of the midnight sun:

  • Locals have a habit of extended daylight, and they even need less sleep. For a visitor, a sleep mask will be of great help. At least, it will help turn off the light when it comes to getting some good night’s sleep even under the midnight sun.
  • Be ready to spend long days while getting outdoors when there is so much daylight over there. You can enjoy the outdoor activities round the clock.
  • Wear in layers so you can add or remove clothes when going to the Arctic Circle because summer can still be cold, despite the season. Also, carry some sensible clothing.
  • Since the sun is on full swing day and night, be sure to wear sunglasses and sunscreen.

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