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Europe in June: Top 10 Best Places to Visit

Europe is incredibly very easily accessible for tourists. It is one of the best things about Europe. If you are looking for places to visit in Europe in June, you are in the right place.

With so many things to do and see in Europe, you can enjoy a summer trip to Europe in June by visiting the top destinations. You can always have a new experience in every season you go in Europe. To get you to prepare for some great summer fun and escape the crowds at the same time, we have listed the best places to visit in Europe in June.

What is the weather in Europe in June?

In June, summer officially arrives at the Mediterranean, and there are chances that the weather in Europe in June may feel hot, with soaring temperatures up to 5 degrees to 30 Deg. C on average. It can get even hotter. June witnesses sunny, warm weather. For Europe trips, the month of June is incredibly very popular, and the weather in Europe in June is almost perfect.

You can easily explore some of the most popular destinations and beaches while escaping crowds of local Europeans who prefer to book almost everything in June and August. June is the busiest time in cities like Rome and Paris, but it is still not that bustling that you need to avoid them.

We have listed some of the best places to visit in Europe in June. Most of them are close enough with each other that you can cover them together on a small tour. You can take train rides of around 5 hours which are usually very scenic and beautiful, though not faster than flights.


Best places to visit Europe in June

top day trips from florence italy pisa

Pisa, Italy

Just like with Rome, June is the peak season in Florence for the tourists. But it is still not as bad as a city to skip as it is one of the ideal places to visit in Europe in June. Florence is one of the best destinations but also great for day trips to central Italy. With a short train ride, Siena and Pisa are well connected to Florence.

In Florence, hotels are slightly cheaper than in Rome and also in Venice. So, it is the best place to rest on your Italy tour. Food is a great attraction to focus on in the capital of Tuscany.

Pisa is a central city in the Tuscany region of Italy. The city is located on the alluvial plain on the Arno River. It is located around 6 miles from the Ligurian Sea and situated just 50 miles west of Florence.

The sea establishes Pisa until the 15th century. Ligurians probably inhabited ancient Pisa before getting under the control of Romans as a naval base. Just after 180 BCE, it turned into a Roman colony and later became Christian bishopric by 313 CE.

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unesco world heritage sites in europe old town of tallinn estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the largest city, also the capital of Estonia. It lies on the northern coast on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The town was called as Reval from the 13th century to 1918.

Tallinn, which was once ruled by Danish, Swedish, German, Polish, and Soviet powers, is now a proud and independent European capital with its allure and a worth visiting city in Europe in June. It is peaceful and lively, bursting with serene sights and photogenic with medieval streetscapes, medieval churches, and houses of noble merchants.

Enjoy the vibrant modern culture, and delightful food and many tourists love it. Despite the increasing development in the 21st century, Tallinn still retains its old-world charms of its Old Town listed by UNESCO, which is one of the entire walled cities in Europe.

While keeping some of the examples of its enthusiastic post-Soviet development apart, the city realizes the importance of being classy rather than brassy. Hence, visiting here is a breeze thanks to the boom of top-rated restaurants, well-oiled tourist machines, and atmospheric hotels.

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top day trips from monaco menton


Officially known as the Principality of Monaco, Monaco is a supreme country, city-state. And microstate on French Riviera, located in the West of Europe. France borders the country on three sides, and the Mediterranean Sea covers the other side. Monaco is also closely located to Italy, despite having no direct border.

Squeezed in only 200 hectares, Monaco is known as the second smallest country in the world. It is attractive to hedonists and high rollers and is also well-regarded as one of the best places to travel in Europe in June since the early 20th century. It also houses the Formula One Grand Prix every year and is one of the most notorious tax havens in the world.

Despite its significant wealth, Monaco is far from being the most beautiful town in French Riviera. Monte Carlo is well-known and an ode to glass and concrete, ruled by superyachts, high-rise hotels, and apartment blocks which rise in the hills. The bewildering street art attracts tourists located on the south of the port. The rocky outcrop of Le Rocher in dramatic contrast is crowned by an old town, houses the royal palace in the principality.

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most visited tourist attractions in europe acropolis of athens greece

Athens, Greece

Greece is one of the best European countries to visit in June. And Athens gets pretty hot by the end of June in the daytime, but it is still ideal for beating the crowds who flock to this city and the well-known islands during July and August.

You may also get the most reasonable hotel deals than in peak seasons. Spend just three days in Athens, and you will cover some of the main sights here. You can head to Piraeus port or the airport to fly off to the island you like. You can quickly flock at Mykonos, Santorini, or Rhodes by air or ferry.

Athens is the largest and capital city of Greece, which covers the Attica region, and it is also known as one of the oldest cities in the world. Its history dates back to over 3400 years, and it had seen its first human presence somewhere around the 11th to 7th millennium BC.

Classical Athens emerged along with the seagoing development of Piraeus port which had been a unique city before its 5th century BC with Athens. Athens is a hub for learning, arts, and philosophy, and houses Aristotle’s Lyceum and Plato’s Academy.

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Bridge of Sighs

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy is a fantastic city which you must visit at least once in a lifetime and is also one of the best European destinations in June. It is also incredibly crowded very much all year-round, and June is known as one of the busiest periods in a year. But you should still stay here for at least 24 hours or so as you cannot find another city like Venice anywhere else in the world.

If you prefer to stay on the main island, hotel prices are quite expensive in Venice. But it is still worth to stay a night or a few on the main island as it is small enough to visit in around a day or two. There is quite lighter traffic in the early morning and the evening. The crowds of day trips remain in their hotels or on buses reaching the next stop.

Venice is the capital city of the Veneto region and a city in northeastern Italy. It is located around 118 small islands in a group, which are separated by canals and connected by more than 400 bridges.

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things to do in budapest visit hungary hungarian parliament building

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the most popular and the capital city of Hungary and tenth largest in the European Union in city limits in terms of population. It is both a county and city, and it forms the hub of Budapest metropolitan area, with an area of 7626 sq. Km.

Budapest has a lot in common to share with Prague, and both of the cities are similar enough. So, you should carry a map of one to make way to the other.

The best part is that Budapest has a lot to catch on the way to Prague. Hence, the crowds don’t feel as overwhelmed here. The best part is that Budapest is cheaper to visit than Prague, especially if you prefer restaurants and hotels which are not in the tourist zones directly along the river. The weather in June is perfect. So, it is the best time to visit this European city.

Budapest has prominent buildings in different styles in terms of architecture and from different periods, from ancient times as Roman City, dating back to 89 AD, to the Palace of Arts, which is most modern.

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most visited tourist attractions in europe eiffel tower paris france

Paris, France

Paris is the most popular, and the capital city of France stretched over 105 sq. Km. It has been one of the significant hubs of Europe for commerce, finance, science, fashion, and the arts. It is a leading highway, rail and air transport capital served by two major international airports.

The monument-lined museums, boulevards, boutiques, and classical bistros in Paris are enhanced by a whole new wave of creative wine bars, multimedia galleries, tech start-ups, and design shops.

June is one of the busiest months in Paris for tourists, but it is not the excuse to skip this on a Europe tour if you haven’t been to this city before. Put, Paris is one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the world, and warm temperatures and long days make this city even more appealing.

Paris has a few of the beautiful outdoor attractions, including the Eiffel Tower and the gardens of Versailles. June is the right month to get here for ideal conditions and the most prolonged daytime hours to visit all of that. Be sure to spend one evening at least to visit Sacre-Coeur Basilica located above the Montmartre for amazing views and night.

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top day trips from malta schema


Officially called the Republic of Malta, Malta is a southern European island nation which has an archipelago of the Mediterranean Sea. It is located around 80 km south of Italy. It is one of the most densely populated and smallest countries at about 316 sq. Km. Valletta is the most modest national capital by area in the European Union at 0.8 sq. Km.

The island country of Malta is located along the Mediterranean Sea. It is a strategically vital and small group of islands. The archipelago has its turbulent and long-back history played an essential role in the battles of powers for ruling the Mediterranean and in the interplay between Europe and older cultures of the Middle East and Africa.

Hence, Maltese society has been molded by different powers by foreign rule for centuries, including the Romans, Phoenicians, Arabs, Greeks, Normans, Swabians, Sicilians, French, and British.

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top tourist attractions in bologna italy palazzo d accursio

Bologna, Italy

Bologna is the largest and capital city in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy. It stands seventh as one of the most popular cities in Italy located at the center of a metropolitan area of around 1 million residents.

The Latin Bononia or Bologna city is situated between the Savena and Reno rivers, located in the north of the Apennines on Via Aemilia, which is around 180 ft. Above the sea level. Bologna was declared a free commune after a feudal period when the emperor took its rights at the beginning of the 12th century.

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top tourist attractions in ljubljana slovenia tourist bikes

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Also known by various historical names, Ljubljana is the largest and capital city of Slovenia and has been the educational, cultural, political, economic, and administrative hub of the independent country of Slovenia since the year 1991. A Roman city named Emona stood here during antiquity, and Ljubljana was initially mentioned at the beginning of the 12th century.

Architecture-wise, the city has a blend of styles. Despite having sky-high buildings, especially at the edge of the town, Ljubljana has been known for an intact historic center. Even though the oldest architecture has been preserved well from the Roman era, the downtown Ljubljana has got its outline since the middle ages.

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