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Europe in March: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

Whether you are getting there in winter or summer, Europe is always gorgeous all year long. The key here is to know where you are heading. There are several best places to visit in March in Europe.

March brings the festive season in Europe, so there is a huge number of opportunities to meet locals, be it a street parade with giant puppets in Spain or a citrus-inspired carnival in the south of France.

We have listed the most popular (and some underrated) places to visit to help you choose the best places to visit Europe in March.

What is the weather in Europe in March?

Temperatures start to rise in Europe in March. Currently, the high temperature on average is just 6 Deg. C. The ice begins to thaw in areas that remain frozen all the winter round. Generally, winter is low season in Europe.

When you end up with freezing temperatures and snowfall in the north, you may catch the aurora borealis on clear nights.

Where is hot in March in Europe?

You should head to the Mediterranean countries for mild temperatures without much crowd of tourists. Along with ski resorts, no matter where you go, there will be limited crowds and a lot of bargains in accommodation and low airfare as well. Be sure to check the weather in Europe in March if you want to visit specific attractions or have limited time.


Europe in March: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

top tourist attractions in athens greece acropolis

Athens, Greece

It is the historical capital of Europe, Athens has a long-back history dating from the Neolithic age in its initial settlement, in the 5th Century BC. Athens is a hearty blend of edginess and history with equal amounts of grace and grunge.

Athens is rich in social and cultural life and is one of the hot places in Europe in March. The ruins of Ancient Greece are very appealing thanks to its democracy. Don’t overlook the centuries-old Byzantine churches. You can also spot the Ottoman traces in food and architecture. The neoclassical style in the 19th century truly adds elegance to its center.

Athens is widely regarded for the magnificent Acropolis which can be seen from virtually any part of the city. It is a hub through which Athens still evolves. Built in the 5th century BC, the temple city of Acropolis is a hub of the growth of Athens. It serves as a reminder of the Greek heritage and several transformations of the city.

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top tourist attractions in mallorca spain la cartuja de valldemossa

Mallorca, Spain

The well-known star attraction of the Mediterranean, there are some reasons why Mallorca is known as one of the famous places to visit in Europe in March. This sunny island is known for its azure views, remote hills, serene hill towns, and ravishing beaches.

This island is rich in soft golden sands, secret coves, turquoise-blue waters, lush green foliage, soft golden sands, the vibrant capital city, rugged mountains, and picture-perfect villages. Take a few hours off for this island in the sea as it is easy to access from most European cities.

You may want to get here for the beaches, sunshine, and G&T, furnished with lavish villas and hotels. Mallorca is one of the best sailing hotspots in the world. Mallorca has locally produced wines and foodie delights, and you can also check out some Michelin-star rated restaurants.

Mallorca is an island steeped in history and houses historical sights, charming villages, cultural scene and artisans, and also the popular events happening all over the year.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is well regarded for vintage shops, treasured museums and hyperactive design, dining and drinking scenes in the backdrop tilting buildings lined on the Golden Age canals. The canal-woven core of Amsterdam is laced beautifully by the narrow atmospheric lanes.

Once you get there, you never know what you will come across – a boutique selling Dutch-design and stylish homewares, a small hidden garden, and a Dutch gin distillery.

Amsterdam is easy to experience than to define. It has the feeling that will make you believe that time has stopped. It has the intimacy of now-and-here, which will make all your troubles forgotten, at least until the time you leave.

A brown café is one of the most comfortable places where you come across this kind of feeling. It is named for its walls which were once stained with smoke and wood paneling.

Brown cafes usually offer good beer and have ultimate coziness. Amsterdammers commute to work, meet date and go shopping with bikes. Cycling is part of life here. If not on a bike, locals prefer canal boats.

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Presidential Palace and Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki Finland schema

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is culturally rich and is well regarded for intriguing dining and drinking venues, magnificent design, and sprawling architecture. Its backstreets and boulevards are entwined strategically with Baltic’s inlets, bays, and islands.

Finland is well known for its functional, streamlined, and stylish design. Leaders like Aino Aalto and Alvar made an excellent reputation in the 20th century, and Helsinki remains the creative hub of the country.

The design scene in the capital is one of the most spectacular in the world these days, and it has a significant influence over the world.

Workshops, boutiques, and galleries rich with lighting, glassware, innovative homeware, and textiles reproduce in the Design District in Punavuori just south of the center. It houses an excellent Design Museum in Helsinki.

Helsinki is a culturally-rich urban center and is covered by the natural and sublime environment that connected to the rest of the city. There are lots of options to get active and adventures galore, including boating at its archipelago islands, walking along the beaches its extensive gardens and parks, and hiking in its nearby forests

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top day trips from zagreb croatia schema

Zagreb, Croatia

The largest city and capital of Croatia, Zagreb is well-positioned in the northwest, along Sava River, in the south of Medvednica mountain. Zagreb is located around 122m above sea level.

Zagreb is rich with a Roman origin. Zagreb is truly joyful and young by heart despite the centuries-old history of an old town. The city has the pulse of its ever-growing businesses. It is entirely a modern metropolis, but locals greet the visitors with their thousands of years old Croatian hospitality.

So come at Zagreb and feel the commercial, political, and cultural soul of Croatia. Its old town is a treat to visit. You can sample some of the most renowned coffee shops and restaurants in the heart of lush gardens, epic facades, and the historic Neo-Gothic buildings.

The broader area of Zagreb has been continuously inhabited since the prehistoric era, as seen by the archeological researches in the Veternica cave dated back to the Paleolithic era and the excavation of the ruins of Romans. The Kupa and Sava valleys are located in the south of Zagreb.

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most visited tourist attractions in europe colosseum rome italy

Rome, Italy

A thrilling mix of vivid street life, surprisingly awesome art, and abandoned ruins, the hot-blooded capital of Italy, Rome, is renowned for its inspiring and romantic cities in the world.

Rome’s cityscape has seen the ad hoc urban development for over 3000 years, which exude the serene spectacle. Ancient legends like the Roman Forum, Colosseum, and Pantheon, recall the golden age of the city, the capital of the world (caput Mundi).

Its several basilicas testify to its rich historical presence as Catholic Church’s seat. Lording with the city over the skyline, St. Peter’s Basilica is the historic church of Vatican City, as a skyrocketing marvel of Renaissance art. It also has showy fountains and ornate piazzas adding up a baroque flourish the captivating streets of the city.

Whether you have a plan to visit Rome for three weeks, three months or even three days, don’t forget to visit the world’s largest and ancient open-air museum. You can choose to go through the regular tourist trails or take off-the-beaten tracks if you are brave enough. Somehow, Rome will leave you stunned, charm you, and make you dream more.

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top tourist attractions in berlin germany museum island

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the largest and capital city of Germany by both population and area. It is also the second most popular city in the European Union, followed by London. It is one of the 16 federal states of Germany and is covered well by Brandenburg State.

Berlin is well regarded for its several cultural heritages, and most of them have a tremendous international reputation. The vivacity and diversity of the metropolitan city had set trendy environs. It has been developed in the 21st century thanks to its innovative, dance, music, and art scene.

International artists, young people, and entrepreneurs have kept on settling in the city and Berlin has been made a well-known entertainment hub in the world.

The ever-growing cultural vibes of the city were overwhelmed when the Universal Music Group relocated and then headquartered along the River Spree. Berlin as well regarded as the “City of Design” in 2005 by UNESCO and has been listed under Creative Cities Network.

Nightlife in Berlin has been well regarded as the most vibrant and diverse in the world. There is no fixed time on weekends for closing the clubs and a lot of parties last even throughout the weekend or till the next morning.

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most visited tourist attractions in europe leaning tower of pisa pisa italy

Pisa, Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pisa may not the only reason to get here. Generally, tourists who get here come with their minds set already that it is the only thing to see. But they usually miss the rest of the artistic and architectural masterpieces in this serene city.

The pedestrian street takes you from the Field of Miracles (Campo dei Miracoli) to the train station in a half-hour walk. Wherein you will see a lot of interesting shops, sights, and restaurants. Walking the streets is the best option to get there, as the center of the city is very small where you can enjoy the atmosphere and the sight.

The University is the only base of Pisa as the city is designed by the students who are behind the shows, parties, and cultural events, and the central street is full of the city at night. Out of its 100,000 residents, it has over 60000 students at the University of Pisa. Once you leave Campo Dei Miracoli, you will spot a full flair of students in the city.

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top tourist attractions in london Uk city center

London, UK

London is the largest and capital city of both England and the United Kingdom. Located in southeastern England along the River Thames, London has been the leading settlement for over two millennia and is 50 miles upstream from the estuary with the North Sea. The ancient core, the City of London, holds its historical boundaries.

There is so much to see and do in London, and you may easily get confused as to where to go first. You must add some of the major sights in your itineraries, such as the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.

No matter what you like, you will find something in this city. If you are an art lover, you can make a beeline for the Tate Modern and the National Gallery.

If you want to get more comprehensive details to its military history, be sure to visit the Cabinet War Rooms. It is also rich in the fabulous restaurant scene, leave everything behind you has come across about the mushy, boring British cuisine.

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spring destinations in europe copenhagen denmark castle of rosenborg

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has seen a lot of transformation from a dining dowager to a cooking inspiration. The capital city has not one, not two, but 15 restaurants with Michelin star rating, like no other Scandinavian capital.

Chefs from several leading kitchens have made their foray here in recent years while opening a range of exciting restaurants to prove their culinary prowess with an attractive price tag.

A range of restaurants across the city is offering organic, pure produce from their gardens, greenhouses, and farms. The reincarnation of Noma is one of the best among them.

The cultural offerings of the city are eclectic and rich from Viking treasures in a former palace to the dynamic Danish chairs.

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