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Top 14 Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Facing the serene setting of the cobalt blue sea, Dubrovnik is a very worthwhile city protected by its old town walls with its architectural treasures. You will undoubtedly want to return once you visit this masterpiece on the Adriatic Coast. Two days are enough to explore all the major attractions in this walled city. But Dubrovnik should be considered as a base to explore the serene surroundings on day trips. This way, you can spend some more time in the old town in the evening.

What to do in Dubrovnik?

You can first start to visit some of the significant Dubrovnik attractions in this walled city. You will only need your own feet to visit all the Dubrovnik attractions. Initially, it may seem a complicated maze to get around, but trust us, it is fun to explore. You can hop on the buses which run between the central bus station and the old town.

With quiet, pebbly beaches, historical old town, small islands, and vineyards in Konavle Valley, there are so many things to do in Dubrovnik. It is one of the best known and most visited cities in Croatia.

Sometimes huge crowds and high prices in peak season annoy, but it is still an inspiring and lovely place to visit. Besides, the weather is also favorable than in other cities in Croatia. In this post, we will try to go beyond things to see in Dubrovnik. When you have planned to get there, you may check back this post to learn new Dubrovnik activities and other details.

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Experiences and top things to do in Dubrovnik

top tourist attractions in dubrovnik croatia rector’s palace

Visit Dubrovnik’s Old Town

The old town of Dubrovnik is located in the city walls. Despite being the most popular things to see in Dubrovnik, the city walls are one of several attractions in the old city. It is entirely built of white stones and polished with ages. The old townhouses the Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque churches, castles, and monasteries. You may walk around the main street, Placa (Stradun) in Dubrovnik.

Here are some of the main places to visit in Dubrovnik old town:

Rector’s Palace is the most prominent public building in the city as it was once the siege of the government.

The Sponza Palace, a former customs building, houses the town’s archive today and also stores the most prominent documents about the history of Dubrovnik as it was built in 1520. You can getaway in the back streets of the city or skip the crowd and relax, enjoying the sunset on the beach and take small boats in the old port.

Don’t forget to visit Dubrovnik churches, museums, and the oldest pharmacy operating in Europe. You can also walk around Dubrovnik yourself, or you can also check a guided tour to learn more.

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top tourist attractions in dubrovnik croatia banje beach

Enjoy the beach

You may not hear the most about beaches in the town. When it comes to Dubrovnik tourist attractions, we often think of its eclectic bars, historic town, its high prices, and museums. Dubrovnik is the southernmost town with plenty of sunny days to enjoy in Croatia all year round. Swimming at one of several beaches here is one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik.

Here are some of the best beaches to enjoy swimming in Dubrovnik:

Rocky Beach is something you can’t imagine as a beach. It is a rocky coast ideal for cliff jumping, which may have or lack metal ladders to get around the sea. Well, you may visit some pebble beaches across the city and even sandy beaches. But most of them are merely rocky areas to get in and out.

Banje Beach is another most famous beach in the city, especially amidst the tourists. It is placed on a serene location. Located off Ploce Gate, it is the closest beach to the old town. From the road to the beach, it has over 100 stairs, and most of them are going up after a day at the beach. The beach has gravel and small pebbles. You may need swimming shoes if you are not accustomed to this type of beach.

Betina Cave Beach, as the name suggests, is a small cave beach. Interestingly, it is a real gem like its name. You can get there only from the sea. Even during hot summers, the cave makes this beach cool and comfortable. It gets sunlight for just a few hours a day. It has beautiful and curved pebbles. Book a kayaking tour that stops there for relaxation and swimming to explore this beach. However, kayaking tours have somehow affected its charm a bit as it has made this beach a lot busier than it should be.

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top tourist attractions in dubrovnik croatia lokrum island

Visit the nearby islands

The evergreen Lokrum Island is located only a few hundred meters from the mainland Dubrovnik. It is a serene getaway from the mainland’s crowd and noise. Here, visitors can explore the remnants of the pre-historic Benedictine Monastery, capture the beautiful botanical gardens along with its habitat rabbits and peacocks, and relax in one of the swimming spots of the island. Lokrum Island doubles as a city of Quarth filmed in Game of Thrones with Benedictine Monastery, which served as a shooting location.

Elafiti Islands is yet another major attraction located off the Dubrovnik coast. This small group of islands has various islands, but only Lopud, Kolocep, and Sipan islands are inhabited. All of these islands are tiny, with just a few settlements in each. Both Kolocep and Lopud are free of cars. Elafiti Islands are a great treat to visit if you want to skip the crowd and noise of the city for a day.

If you are a fan of the sandy beach, Sunj Beach is one of the rare gems in this area. If you love hiking or are looking for a great place to eat out with your lover, Villa Ruza of Kolocep offers excellent seafood at the seafood terrace.

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top tourist attractions in dubrovnik croatia cable car

Go on a Cable Car ride

From the crest of Mt. Srd, which looms around 412m off the city, you can get the best view of the city. They built a cable car in 1969, serving the summit until midnight during the peak months of summer. You will surely want to capture the views of walls and towers of the city in the daytime, along with the evergreen offshore island against the Adriatic Sea and the baked clay tiles of the houses of the town.

You can even gaze out to the west at night to explore the sunset behind this city. You can fly towards the Mount Srd located 778m up the downtown Dubrovnik through a cable car. It takes only 5 minutes to complete the ride. You can get breathtaking views above the top over the old town. You can also have a drink at café/bistro or a bite when exploring the sights.

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top tourist attractions in dubrovnik croatia game of thrones tour

Join a Game of Thrones Tour

Dubrovnik has been an exciting shooting location since Season 2 of Game of Thrones. If you are a GoT fan, you must visit this Croatian city. After all, Dubrovnik is the capital of Seven Kingdoms, King’s Landing. The Old Town is loaded with filming spots, and it also has several other locations across the city.

Taking a Game of Thrones tour is one of the best Dubrovnik tourist attractions. This city is shown as Kings Landing in the TV series, and it has a lot of fantastic locations to visit across the town. You can spot them on your own or explore the organized GoT tour.

You can visit other locations filmed in the HBO series GoT with the walking tour of Dubrovnik. On these tours, even guides have been extras on sets, and they can tell a few insights behind the scenes. It is highly recommended to book Dubrovnik’s Game of Thrones tour in advance. You may expect to pay up to 45 Euros per person, but it also offers a beautiful cruise.

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top tourist attractions in dubrovnik croatia dominican monastery

Explore Museums in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is loaded with serene history, which can be seen in every aspect of the old town. But this town also has a lot of worth-visiting and exciting museums. The Ethnographic museum named Rupe is one of the best museums in the city. It is located in the back streets of the old town in the ancient granary. The museum exhibits around 5000 pieces showing the customs, social life, and traditions of locals in its history.

The Dominican Monastery also features significant artworks from historic Dubrovnik. This monastery features exciting architecture, including a cloister showing impressive stonework and landscaped garden.

The Gornji Ugao tower was primarily a cannon foundry. It is stretched over 600 sq. m. And it has preserved all aspects of production. The museum is fascinating, and Divo, the guide, really makes a visit memorable. The town has several other museums, but you must visit these three.

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top tourist attractions in dubrovnik croatia old town entrance

Dubrovnik City Walls

Stroll around the fortifications to have the most popular Dubrovnik itinerary. It must also be the first in your bucket list if you are getting there as you can get appreciation and bearings of the scale of this serene gem and admire the skills of designers and architects who created it. From the high-season masses, you can always get the breathing space here. You can definitely learn about the history in its elevated promenade.

As you visit the Old Town along the Pile Gate, you can explore the ticket office and the main entrance of the City Walls. You can take your time or afternoon and set your own pace. You can avail audio guides in English at the main entrance, but a lot of visitors are amazed by random views of red-tiled roofs, or even better, the serene blue Adriatic Sea, which is interspersed with white stones jutting on it down under the several angles. You may also visit a few cafes there which have pit stops at the end of the harbor where you can also capture the eye-catching backdrop in an open terrace.

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top tourist attractions in dubrovnik croatia sea kayaking

Spend a Day Sea Kayaking!

Sea kayaking is the official holiday activity for visitors in Dubrovnik and is organized for absolute beginners as a day jaunt with lunch thrown in the Lokrum Island. You only have to get ready, learn a couple of paddling techniques in protected, shallow waters, and you are free to explore the Adriatic. Sea kayaks are very comfortable as compared to traditional kayaks.

With additional cargo space, they are long enough, and kayaks can move quickly and smoothly in a single line. Veteran kayakers have covered Australia and Ireland at once. The calm waters of the Pile Gate and the serene car-free Lokrum Island are a doddle for lesser mortals under expert guidance. Sunset paddles are also offered by some companies with cheese and wine included. Even children from 8 to 16 years are allowed but under an adult’s supervision.

Lokrum Island is merely the tip of an iceberg. The complete paradise of islands is awaiting you off the Dubrovnik city, starting with serene nature reserves of the Elaphite Islands. At the marina, a lot of charter agencies would offer a motorboat to the visitors for the day or weight anchor for those who are on a sailing trip.

You could also go for a sea kayak tour if you want something closer to see the walls and towers of the city at another angle. You don’t have to be a professional kayaker or an Olympian to go for a kayak tour. It has a leisurely and slow pace, with guides who speak English to teach all the basics.

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top tourist attractions in dubrovnik croatia cliff jumping

Go Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping in this city has been attractive to numerous young tourists who visit Dubrovnik in search of some adventure. The spot around the Buza Bar is ideal for cliff jumping here. However, cliff jumping has been dangerous over the past years because many tourists started diving. So, Lokrum Island is a much safer and convenient option for cliff jumping. The whole coastline is rocky, and it has a lot of sites to perform cliff diving.

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top tourist attractions in dubrovnik croatia croatian food proto restaurant

Try Croatian Food!

Love eating out in Dubrovnik? This city has lots of best restaurants across Croatia. Enjoy the fresh and juicy seafood at Bar Bota, which offers the best Sushi and Oyster in Croatia. The Azur offers the unique fusion of Asian and Croatian dishes, the Proto offers delicious Mediterranean food, and Locanda Peskerija offers yummy seafood and a peaceful setting.

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Check out these activities in Dubrovnik


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