Top 7 Best Sailing Destinations in Europe for a Unique Holiday Experience


Looking for the best sailing destinations in Europe? Here are our top places on the continent you can have a unique holiday experience!

Sailing is one joyful activity that allows you to visit some of the most famous and beautiful islands and scenic coasts which complement the rich natural history and culture of the area. The smell of the salt from the sea as the wind ruffles through your hair evokes a sense of complete freedom and utmost thrill as you traverse the high seas.

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So irrespective of whether you just want to chill and relax or dance and party, these specially selected European destinations are bound to enhance your sailing holiday and work double time on your tan.

Top 7 Best Sailing Destinations in Europe for a Unique Holiday Experience

sailing destinations in europe best beaches to visit in europe podrace beach croatia

Croatia island hopping

There is something about Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast that emanates a charm of its own by taking one on a magical journey way back into time. The clear blue waters and the stunning beaches are what dreamy sailing trips are made of. Loaded with UNESCO World Heritage sites and endless miles of stunning coastline, stretching from Split to Hvar and Dubrovnik, Croatia has become a top sailing destination for more reasons than one.

Sailing holidays to Croatia are all about relaxing and meeting with some of the most awesome locals and having plenty of swims stops all the way. The islands are uncrowded, the nightlife a bit crazy but what will really make your eyes pop will be the chilling atmosphere as you sit on the deck of your traditional sailing vessel as it cruises down the Adriatic.

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Crete Greece

A private Greek Odyssey

Known as the land of the four seas, Greece has always been regarded as a popular sailing destination from time immemorial. The country boasts of vast natural hotspots, apart from the most charming islands chequered with a rich and interesting history, making it a mecca for sailing enthusiasts. The 6000 odd islands and islets, the out of the world food and beaches at par with the best – are the perfect mix for an amazing Greek sailing experience.

The Aegean sea Island of Kos is rich with Roman and Greek landmarks dominated by the Neratzia Castle dating back to the 15th Century. While the hills in the interior of Kos are great for trekking, the Southern part offers secluded sandy coves. Another less discovered destination in Pelion, which literally translates to ‘a place of pure beauty’. Surrounded by mountains with dense vegetation amid the backdrop of the crystal clear Pagasetic Gulf, Pelion is also a protected National Park, making this secret place a must on any Greek sailing trip.

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Amalfi Coast Italy

Cruise the Amalfi Coast in style

Nothing can beat Italy‘s glamorous Amalfi coast when it comes to sailing in ultimate style. Then there is the incredible coastline, the most photographed in the world, fantastic food and wine all which make for ingredients which make for a memorable sailing trip.

The stunning coast extends from Naples and passes through some delectable destinations like Positano to the lovely island of Capri, known the world over as a high fashion hotspot together with surreal natural attractions.

There are loads of good places to drop anchor and explore the lovely beaches that dot the coast. All types of sailors will enjoy this part of the trip, not to forget the vibrant nightlife, picture postcard beautiful towns and pretty villages on the way. The Amalfi coast is truly a showcase of the best on offer in the Mediterranean.

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Get enchanted with the French Riviera

Nestled right in the heart of the picturesque Mediterranean, the enchanting French Riviera is undoubtedly the most popular place for sailing. In fact, sailing here is in a class of its own. This iconic stretch of coastline touches such gems as Cote d’Azur, Saint Tropez, Nice and Cannes, all redolent of romance and much bonne vie. No wonder that noted masters like Picasso and Chagall, among others, were drawn to this seductive place.

Once you have had your fill of sailing there are National Parks to explore, with places to see where time stands still even today. If you need a respite from the high life of the mainland, head to the unspoiled island groups of Toulon to the west or Iles du L’erins just off Cannes.

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unesco world heritage sites in europe city of valletta malta

Eye the pristine shoreline of Malta

It may not crop up on many sailing radars, but experienced sailors consider the tiny beautiful island of Malta as real gold for some idle cruising between hidden coves and lovely coasts. Malta sees no large cruise ships, hence good anchorage is available at the peak of the season, even on the most popular islands of Gozo, Cominotto, and Comino. Do not forget to dine at Ir-Rizzu near the popular fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

Once you have had your fill head to St Peter’s Pool, one of the most picturesque beaches in Malta to watch the stunning sunset. The lucky country enjoys nearly 300 days of sunshine amid placid waters, making sailing to Malta a year-round option and the longest in the Mediterranean.

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Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe sardinia

Join the jet-setters at Sardinia

The 1100 miles of the rugged coastline of Sardinia is a top favorite of the super-rich and big boat racers for three months extending from June to August. Sardinia is the second biggest island of the Mediterranean and enjoys wind gusts of a constant 20 knots, making sailing here a bit of a challenge.

Sailors flock to the medieval villages to immerse themselves in the rich culture left behind by many a generation. There are plenty of good harbors and anchor spots on the gorgeous island of Costa Smeralda in the northeast. Though they come at a price, it is worth the price, especially at Porto Cervo. Travelers are strongly recommended to make a trip to the northeastern tip of Sardinia to explore the lovely Maddalena islands.

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Port Calvi Corsica France
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Get fascinated by Corsica

The birthplace of Napoleon lies just to the north of Sardinia and has some of the most dramatic mountain scenery to be seen in the Mediterranean. The shoreline not only boasts of good marinas and anchorages but houses such jewels as Bonifacio, the longtime abode of the French Foreign Legion, an unmissable attraction. The western part of the island, though exposed to prevailing winds, has some very impressive scenery with long stretches of uncrowded bays and coves ideal for anchoring.

Chartering a vessel for a sailing trip around Europe is on the wish list of many who are looking for a viable value for money options during the summer break. Apart from the plethora of destinations, good sailing conditions, and the beautiful Mediterranean climate, these amazing spots attract thousands of enthusiasts every year. After all, nothing personifies the spirit of freedom better than a bright sailing yacht cruising above the waves of the crisp blue seas.

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Amalfi Coast Italy


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