Top 15 Summer Trips for Students Before School Starts

Want to schedule a few more trips before going back to school? Here are some destinations worth checking out

A new school year has arrived. While some students are busy making preparations for a new school year, why don’t you grab this short break to squeeze in one more travel? Student trips are an excellent way to counteract anxious feelings on the new school year ahead. These are some summer trips for students before heading back to school!

Traveling as a student does not necessarily mean that it is an educational trip. It is a chance to get away for a little bit to reset your mind and calm your intellect before classes officially begin. Here is a list of the top destinations for trips for students getaways before going back to school.



Top 15 Summer Trips for Students Before School Starts

Most beautiful city in Asia – Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the most popular tourist destinations for backpackers in Thailand. Located in the northern mountainous region of Thailand, this city is the last remaining vestige of the Lanna Kingdom.

In this city, you will find gorgeous white sand beaches and the Doi Inthanon National Park. It is also a place for a variety of cultural attractions such as Doi Suthep, Wiang Kum Kam, and Wat Phra Singh.

If you want the opportunity to interact with elephants ethically, the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai is the best place for that. Chiang Mai is filled with unique places that make it one of the top destinations for trips for students.

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Hanoi Vietnam
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Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, like Chiang Mai, is the cultural center of Vietnam. Whereas Ho Chi Minh City is a bustling metropolis, Hanoi is filled with centuries-old architecture, narrow streets, and old shops. The majority of the main attractions in Hanoi are located close to the Old Quarter.

Since it is the heart of the activity in Hanoi, make sure to start the exploration of the city in the Old Quarter. There are also plenty of hotels and accommodations in the area, making it easy to get to these attractions.

Other must-see attractions in Hanoi include Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Literature, Hoa Lo Prison, and more. There is a durable backpack industry in Hanoi, and for this reason, it is an ideal choice for student getaways.

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Underground River Palawan Philippines
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Palawan, Philippines

If you are seeking a tropical paradise getaway, there is no better choice than Palawan! This pristine island in the Western Philippines is among the best summer travel ideas for students. It consistently maintains its rank as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. If that is not enough to convince you to go, then what will?

In particular, the towns of El Nido and Coron are also some of the top destinations for trips for students before going back to school. If you are looking for unspoiled beaches and relatively pristine rainforest when you visit the island, make sure to see the Subterranean River, Secret Lagoon, and Seven Commandos Beach.

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Wat Preah Prom Rath beautiful temple in Siem Reap Cambodia
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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is the gateway to the world-famous Angkor Wat. This explains the growth in popularity of Siem Reap as a tourist destination in the past decade or so. While over one million tourists come to Siem Reap every year to see the temples, there are more attractions that you can find here.

When you visit Siem Reap as part of the college, student travel packages include the following destinations to your itinerary: Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, Ta Prohm, Tonle Sap Lake, and Pub Street. The attractions available at Siem Reap would appeal to tourists of all ages and for different travel styles.

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top tourist attractions in lisbon portugal lx factory
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Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is more than just the capital city of Portugal – it is a coastal and hilly city with a unique cultural and historical identity. Every corner of Lisbon is picture-perfect, making it perfect for college trips abroad.

From ancient ruins, white-domed cathedrals, and cobbled streets, it creates a captivating ambiance that is steeped in history. It is also a city for foodies, and young travelers cannot get enough of the adventure that awaits your taste buds.

A visit to Lisbon won’t be complete without including these attractions to your list of places to go: Tower of Belem, Jorge Castle, Bairro Alto, and Jeronimos Monastery.

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famous buildings in barcelona gaudi buildings and architecture featured
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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the cosmopolitan heart of Spain. It is also best known for its architecture and the artistic side. Many of the modernist landmarks in the city are the creation of the famed designer Antoni Gaudi. Aside from architecture and art, several Roman archaeological sites dot the city.

The following tourist attractions are a must-visit when you come to Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Mila, and Casa Batllo. Make sure you incorporate them into your summer adventures for college students while in Spain.

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Split Croatia
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Split, Croatia

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and is one of the favorites among tourists. When you are looking for a travel destination before you head back to school, there is no better choice than this. This city appeals to many because it provides a mix of modern and ancient.

This city is always exuberant with a thriving scene filled with shops, restaurants, and bars. To add character to the town, it has an impressive collection of Roman monuments and heritage sites.

To make the most of the Split Croatia experience, there are plenty of significant tourist attractions to explore. Among them are the Diocletian’s Palace, Saint Domnius Cathedral, Bacvice Beach, and Mestrovic Gallery.

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Chain Bridge on Danube river Budapest Hungary
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Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the fastest rising tourist destinations in Europe. This city has something for everyone whether you enjoy architecture, nightlife, and history. The historical past of Budapest is visible at every corner.

And if you consider yourself a foodie, this city will not disappoint. Hungarian food is famous worldwide, and a visit to Budapest is the best chance to sample the authentic flavors of the city and country.

Budapest has a variety of tourist attractions to offer, including Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion, Heroes’ Square, Szechenyi Thermal Bath, and the iconic Hungarian Parliament Building.

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Tatev monastery Armenia
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There are few countries in the world with as much history and culture as Armenia can offer. If you are intrigued by history and be seduced by the amazing landscape, this destination is what you are looking for.

This isn’t an easy place to explore because it is filled with rough roads and transport is not the best. But if you are into adventure, Armenia is the destination for you.

The following list of tourist attractions is a must-see when you are in Armenia: Lake Sevan, Khor Virap, Temple of Garni, and Tatev Monastery.

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top day trips from berlin germany schema
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Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the famous visited tourist destinations in Germany. There are no surprises here – this city is going to spoil you with cutting-edge architecture, gastronomic delights, historical monuments, and the loud nightlife.

Whether you want an active pursuit or want a more laid back experience, you will have something to enjoy in Berlin. Also, it comes with a host of tourist attractions such as the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, Museum Island, and the Berlin Wall Memorial.

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Key West Florida USA
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The Florida Keys, USA

The Florida Keys is one of the famous summer destinations in the US. Before you head back to school, make this destination a part of your itinerary. This region is known for its string of tropical islands at the southern tip of Florida.

The spot offers plenty of opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, and fishing. It is also home to many shops, bars, and restaurants. It is the ideal tourist destination if you are looking for a tropical escape.

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Grand Canyon National Park Arizona
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The Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the USA. If you want adventure, this destination will not disappoint. It is known for its geological formations and canyons that took thousands of years to form.

This rock formation was carved by the Colorado River and is one of the most stunning natural formations you will ever see. Five million tourists cannot be wrong in choosing Grand Canyon – that’s how many people visit it every year!

There are plenty of things to see or do when in Grand Canyon, Arizona. First off on your list of things to see are the Grand Canyon Village and the North Rim. You can also explore the Bright Angel Trail and the Rim Trail.

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The Grenadines Carribean
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The Grenadines, Carribean

The Grenadines is another popular destination that you can check out before going back to school. It is especially suggested for those looking for a tropical paradise filled with white sand beaches, palm-fringed shores, and crystal blue waters.

There are many other more popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, but the Grenadines are not as well-known. It is a great place to go to for that Caribbean beauty but without the crowd.

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Antigua Guatemala
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Located in Central America, Guatemala is a popular tourist destination in the region, especially for those seeking out the ruins of ancient Mayan Civilization. This country is home to pristine rainforests and volcanoes.

Lake Atitlan, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guatemala, was formed from a massive volcanic crater. These are the most notable tourist destinations to visit in Guatemala: Tikal National Park, Antigua, Pacaya, Semuc Champey, and Lake Atitlan.

There are also plenty of well-preserved Spanish colonial buildings and towns. Make sure to visit each of them as they are worth exploring when you are in the country.

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San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua Beach
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Nicaragua is another Central American destination you might want to consider before going back to school. This country consists of dramatic terrains that include volcanoes, lakes, and beaches. It is also rich in culture with many colonial towns and cities that are well-preserved until today.

And if you opt to navigate its many islands, you will encounter the richest collection of tropical birdlife. When in Nicaragua, make sure to stop by Corn Islands, Islets of Granada, and the Masaya Volcano. Exploring its many villages make for cheap summer activities for college students.

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