Top 10 Day Trips from Dubrovnik (Croatia)

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Located on the scenic coast of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is blessed with wooded islands which are full of sleepy villages, clear waters, calm, time-worn churches, and pebbly beaches. These scenic attractions are making day trips from Dubrovnik a delightful experience.

You can explore these stunning islands with day boat trips from Dubrovnik. The red-roofed villas along the coast cascade the hillsides down in picture-perfect towns like Peljesac Peninsula and Cavtat.

Dubrovnik is located only a quick drive from Montenegro, a small nation where you can hike on the pine-lined mountain peaks and soak up the hypnotic scenery of its villages. So, here are some of the best day trips from Dubrovnik to explore this city at its best.

Top Day Trips from Dubrovnik That Are Not More Than 2 Hours Away!

top day trips from dubrovnik croatia sarajevo


You can discover the rich culture and history of Sarajevo by visiting various historical landmarks like Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque where you will learn the rich past of the Muslim community due to which Sarajevo became what it is now.

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is easily accessible by train from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo. Visit the exciting Sarajevo Tunnel after visiting the beautiful mosque. The locals initially used the Tunnel during Bosnian war period. It has a very informative and small military war museum when you get down the ground level. Be sure to have enough time to visit the old bazaar, Baščaršija.

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top day trips from dubrovnik croatia mostar old bridge


It is a typical cultural melting pot which has a diverse and rich history for you to discover on your day trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar. There are chances that you will cross the international borders in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The cherry on the top here is Stari Most, the most iconic landmark and a fairytale-worthy arched bridge built the way back in 1566. Discover the incredible history of the city in the Mosque of Mostar.

At the Muzej Hercegovine, you will learn whatever you want about the city and its nearby areas, as it has hundreds of ancient artifacts and photographs. You can have a flying visit to Medjugorje and Pocitelj if you don’t have much time to explore. All of these landmarks are worth your day trips from Dubrovnik to Mostar.

top day trips from dubrovnik croatia budva old town


Cross the international borders to visit Budva in the sovereign state, Montenegro. It is one of the most valued and hidden masterpieces of Europe. It is a tourist hub and the most noteworthy trip in Montenegro, and it is no surprise why.

Get amazed by seeing the terracotta-tiled roofs bouncing off the azure and contrasting blue backdrop of Adriatic Sea. This cozy town also enjoys the vibrant nightlife. The bays and beaches of Budva are also making it worthwhile and dreamy. Bring your beach towel and a sun hat to enjoy every moment of your boat trips from Dubrovnik to Budva.

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top day trips from dubrovnik croatia cavtat


The breathtaking town of Cavtat is located precisely the southeast of Dubrovnik. Sitting on the coast of the Adriatic Sea as well, the beautiful city of Cavtat is known for exotic beaches and iconic Illyrian necropolis sprinkled across the town. There are two beaches to walk along during your day trips from Dubrovnik.

Stroll down the Mlini Beach to start your relaxing morning and soak in the views of the bay when the sun is going down its peak. Move on to Cavtat Harbor and Srebreno Beach after a delicious lunch. Also, marvel at St. Nicholas Church and Rector’s Palace before leaving.

top day trips from dubrovnik croatia elaphite islands lopud

Elaphite Islands

Hopping a pristine island may be your favorite hobby reserved only for the Caribbean or Southeast Asia, but Croatia also deserves your attention for a great experience. This calm and soothing archipelago is one of the best island day trips from Dubrovnik. A lot of solo boat owners and tour operators will manage your transportation needs during the day. You should never miss the Koločep, Šipan and Lopud islands, the largest of all. Especially in summer months, the waters here are calm and warm, ideal for snorkeling, swimming, and even scuba diving, if you are licensed.

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top day trips from dubrovnik croatia kravice waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls

You can spot these waterfalls tucked off in the nearest Bosnia and Herzegovina. The tufa cascades of Trebizat River are genuinely one of the most serene natural wonders you will ever visit. The water seems to dance on a sunny day, and micro-rainbows appear in a spray from its mighty force.

The Kravice Waterfalls are one of the most iconic landscapes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You may have undoubtedly seen one or two photos of these falls in your life if you haven’t been here. There is no match of the feeling you get by dipping your toes in cooling pools on a hot day surrounding the forest area and the falls.

top day trips from dubrovnik croatia korcula old town


Croatia is the leader in winemaking across the world. The island of Korcula is one of the best destinations in Croatia to taste exceptional wine. You cannot disagree with the old saying in Croatia, “A day without tasting wine is like a day spent with no sunshine.”

Korcula is genuinely designed to feel like a fairytale land. The walled town of Korcula is believed to be the place where Marco Polo was born. Now, Korcula is home to the ever-growing wine industry, and it has a lot to enjoy and explore.

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top day trips from dubrovnik croatia peljesac trstenik town


Pelješac is your go-to town to get the best experience of the Mediterranean tour. The exotic peninsula has no lack of phenomenal oyster bays, wineries, hidden beaches, and secret coves. It is yet another hidden gem and wine region of Croatia, and it has some delicious beverages to sample.

Matusko is the most famous vineyard here. You can taste and buy some wine at Matusko Winery. A beautiful drive to Pelješac from Dubrovnik will fill your device memory with pictures and ignite your wanderlust.

top day trips from dubrovnik croatia ston


Ston is a small village and a hidden gem nestled on the Peljesac peninsula. You can get the best experience of Croatian tour at its best when you visit here. You shouldn’t miss Fort Kastio and Ston Walls Entrance. You can also pair a visit to Ston with Olipa, a nearing village.

Enjoy the oysters in Ston in a slap-up local lunch along with locally-made wine. You can also hop the Postup and Dingac vineyards in your day trip.

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top day trips from dubrovnik croatia kotor bay


This coastal town is located in Montenegro, and it is another hidden gem in Eastern Europe. Kotor is a fortified town with an absolute love affair to the labyrinth of winding town squares and stone streets. The city is located cozily between the moody mountains and tranquil Bay of Kotor behind, making it a photogenic environment.

You can visit the Maritime Museum and the Kotor Cathedral in the early morning along with the novel Cats Museum. Spend pleasant time sauntering along the stone streets in the afternoon soaking along the rustic feel of this ancient wonder.

top day trips from dubrovnik croatia medjugorje


It is the most sacred, divine and religious destination across Europe. Ranked second as the largest Catholic religious site across the globe, Medjugorje is a place where Mother Mary believed to earth here and talked to a group of six teens in 1981. No matter it is true or not, but it is sure that there is no match in this world of tranquility and peace of this site. You will love the wonder and awe of this holy ground. You can find the time when visiting this sacred spot to explore the village of Bijakovici to talk to locals about their lifestyle.

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top day trips from dubrovnik croatia konavle valley

Konavle Valley

One of the most exciting landscapes of Croatia, the Konavle Valley is located at the south of the nation. En route the valley, you may stop by the Falcon Fort or Sokol Kula. Take the stairs to the top of the fort to enjoy the exotic views of the cliffs above and below the mountains.

The route through this valley is also lined with the River Ljuta where you will pass a lot of beautiful homesteads and farms. You may even couple a Konavle Valley trip with the town of Cavtat in the afternoon if you want to.

top day trips from dubrovnik croatia mljet prozura bay

Mljet Island

It is located both the easternmost and northernmost of the Adriatic Islands, and it is one of the dreamy and exotic destinations. When visiting the Mljet Island, you will never want to leave its seductive, romantic and enchanting charm.

There is only one road here which connects the island to the port and the monastery. It houses the serene vineyards, olive groves, and the unspoiled forest. Don’t miss the incredible diving and snorkeling off the shores of this island which has abundant marine life and crystal clear waters.

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top day trips from dubrovnik croatia plitvice lakes national park

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Along with Dubrovnik, Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most visited sites in Croatia. In 1949, it was declared as a national park and was listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. It is stretched over 73000 acres and has 16 lakes, a lot of caves, more than 90 waterfalls, forest, and caverns.

top day trips from dubrovnik croatia split diocletians palace


It is one of the major cities in Croatia and sits on the Dalmatian Coast. It is indeed a captivating city you will love to explore, and it can be toured in a day with ease. Some of the major highlights here are the Cathedral of Saint Dominus and the Diocletian’s Palace.

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