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Top 10 BEST Day Trips from Sarajevo (BiH)

The heart of the Balkans and the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, has been appealing to the travelers for the rich, long, and unique history of its cultural and religious diversity.

It is a place where east and west converge, and both belfries and minarets intrude the skyline. It is both a vibrant and lively city which offers the authentic experience of Europe tour with its traditional café culture and food, and with an irresistible environment which reminds you of a mini version of Istanbul.

After visiting all of the principal tourist attractions, visitors can expand their thrill by driving out of the capital for complete day trips from Sarajevo. It will unearth the incredible and serene beauty of exotic mountains and canyons, ancient Ottoman towns, unspoiled nature, and culinary experiences. Here are some of the best options for day trips from Sarajevo.


Top 10 BEST Day Trips from Sarajevo

top day trips from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina mostar


Train from Sarajevo to Mostar is the best option for getting there. The town is known for its cultural diversity, and it is placed in the Herzegovina region. The Ottoman Stari Most or Ottoman Old Bridge is the most popular spot in this city, which splits the town into its Catholic and Muslim sides; one is a Croatian neighborhood, and the other one braches the Ottoman alleys.

According to the side you go, you will sense the authentic feel of culture and lifestyle. You can also enjoy the traditional food of Bosnia on a terrace in front of the Neretva River. Getting there is fairly easy. You can take a bus from the central station of Sarajevo or a train from Mostar to Sarajevo.

The bus is available every 1-2 hours, and the journey takes around two and a half hours. The ticket costs around 8 to 10 Euros per 16 to 20 km.

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top day trips from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina travnik fortress


The most Oriental Bosnian City, Travnik, is positioned in Lasva Valley, i.e., around 90 km from Sarajevo. If you are a history lover, Travnik is well known as the birthplace of Ivo Andric. He is a famous author who won the Nobel Prize. Travnik is also diverse in Ottoman architecture. There are the 15th-century old Travnik castle, clocks, and mosques.

You can also enjoy some affordable meals with ćevapčići, the best cuisine you will ever taste in Europe. For thrill and adventure seekers, you may visit the nearby Mt. Vlasic, one of the tallest Bosnian peaks and an excellent spot for hiking, skiing, and sledding. You can also take buses to get there from Sarajevo.

They are available every hour from the bus station, and the journey takes around 2 hours. The ticket costs around 7 Euros per person for 13,50 km.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Travnik

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top day trips from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina srebrenica memorial center

Srebrenica Tour

Layered in the valley of two small hilly ranges meeting the steep valley, Srebrenica is a picture-perfect town. It also houses the Srebrenica genocide, the worst atrocity in town. Under General Ratko Mladic’s orders in 1995, the troops killed over 8000 Bosnian Muslims with machine guns in the UN safe zone. The small town ironically got the title as the worst massacre in Europe since the Holocaust.

You may prefer to take a bus from the central station in Sarajevo. Every day, there are two buses to hop on. You may take a bus at seven every morning and another one at 4:30 in the evening. The journey takes over 3 hours to get there. The average ticket costs around 18 Euros for 35-50 km per person.

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top day trips from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina bosnian pyramids

The Bosnian Pyramids

You may also have a chance to visit the mystic hills, called the most massive humanmade ancient pyramids in the world, according to the locals. Some are even believed to have healing properties.

Though scientists won’t believe these are real pyramids, you may still visit the archeological park, explore the tunnels, and join meditation sessions. You can take a bus from Sarajevo central station to Visoko, available every few hours, and it takes around one hour to complete the journey. The ticket per person costs around 2 Euros for 4 km.

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top day trips from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina sutjeska national park

Sutjeska National Park

Sutjeska National Park is the Mecca for most nature and history lovers coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In an excellent display of guerrilla warfare, Tito’s Partisans beat the German army in the hilly terrain of eastern Bosnia during World War II.

The national park is still flocked by tens of thousands of tourists every year. They come here to pay tribute to the fallen, who were responsible for securing future success and the birth of Yugoslavia. Few people know that Sutjeska National Park is the stunning and the most pristine produce of Mother Nature in Southeastern Europe.

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top day trips from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina visegrad


The enchanting and ancient Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge is the best part of Višegrad, and it is listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was mentioned in the novel “The Bridge over the Drina” by the Nobel Prize award-winning author, Ivo Andric.

The bridge is located on the Drina River which surrounds the nature and makes it an ideal scenery. Mimar Sinan, a well-renowned architect in the Ottoman, who is known for the architectural marvels like the Suleymanye Mosque of Istanbul, designed the bridge.

You can take a trolleybus around 12-14 km from the Old Town in Eastern Sarajevo. Every day there are four buses from there and a one-way ticket costs around 8 Euros for 16km per adult.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Višegrad

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top day trips from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina lukomir


The magical mountain village, Lukomir, has genuinely maintained the typical Bosnian lifestyle. It has never been isolated because of its huge popularity and the increasing number of travel operators, making it the best day trip from Sarajevo. You can’t find this experience in too many places in Europe.

Being in Lukomir is like living life in an ethnological museum where people still follow the Dinaric highlanders and nomadic tribes. It is an essential part of the cultural, historical, and architectural legacy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it offers a different heritage environment. It seems that it was inhabited by the stecci people who are scattered since the 14th and the15th century.

There was only Donji Lukomir initially, which was around 3km from the village. The Gornji Lukomir was built in the 20th century as a summer village where Donji Lukomir residents bring their cattle to graze. By 1950 they moved to Gornji Lukomir to have a better connection to the outer world.

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top day trips from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina konjic

Go on one of the best day trips from Sarajevo to Konjic!


Being a house to Stara Cuprija Old Bridge from the Ottoman era, Konjic is an exotic and a well-preserved village. One of the best-kept military secrets in the Yugoslav history is nestled in its hills: a 6500 sq. m. nuclear bunker of Tito, ARK D-0, which is now open for tourists.

Bitovinja, Bjelašnica, and Prenj mountains are making the triangle in which this village is tucked. Located in Northern Herzegovina, Konjic town has significant canyons, exotic architecture, alpine peaks, and lush green meadows.

It has rivers, lakes, and streams stretching through the countryside. As you travel into the heart of the Dinaric Alps and over the Prenj mountain foothills, you will explore the world of pure, raw nature. Nature and adventure rule the scenic panorama, which is accessed through the narrow and curvy pass from merely a half-hour drive.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Konjic

top day trips from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina blagaj tekke

One of the best day trips from Sarajevo includes heading to Blagaj Tekke!

Blagaj Tekke

Located 8km away from Mostar’s backyard, Blagaj is one of the most captivating and photographed destinations in the nation for all the right reasons. When freshwater is flowing through the Buna River springs in various shades of cyan, and well-preserved tekke, Blagaj is a graceful little spot where you can have delicious lunch or Bosnian coffee.

Blagaj Tekija or Tekke is a Dervish monastery which is around 600 years old. It is located out of Mostar, Bosnia, next to the source of Buna River at the base of a cliff. It is a picture-perfect and unique series of complexes that look more exciting live than in photos.

The Tekke was initially founded during the Ottoman Empire. The rock slides and time have been responsible for the reconstruction, and the revamp of the buildings. Thanks to Turkish tourism, Tekke today looks as it did before.

It is located a quick drive from Mostar, and the route leads to the beautiful single-track roads near Buna. There is more than just Tekke to explore. You can enjoy the breathtaking views from a couple of riverfront restaurants.

After capturing the picture at the top, you can take a quick boat ride in the cave at the source of Buna. Here, the water is clear and pure enough to drink. It even tastes better than bottled or tap water.

top day trips from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina kravice waterfalls

Best day trips from Sarajevo includes a trip to Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls

Finding the Kravice Waterfalls in Bosnia is very difficult. They are located around 40km from Mostar. But if you are getting here for the first time, it is not advised to drive yourself, or you may be lost. Even Google Maps cannot track it from Bosnia, it seems crazy, but it is a fact. It is better to take a taxi or a tour to reach Kravice Waterfalls.

The taxi from Mostar to these waterfalls costs around 40 Euros with a driver who can wait for around an hour. It is too expensive for Bosnia, but you have no other option to get here. But it is worth to pay for the mesmerizing view of the waterfalls and the vast lake around it.

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