Top 10 Best Day Trips from Split (Croatia)


Do you know that there are also other beautiful places to visit outside Split? We have compiled the top day trips from Split you must check out when you visit this beautiful city in Croatia! Discover more gems and read this post for more information.

The second-largest city in Croatia and Dalmatian Coast’s capital, Split, has one of the biggest European harbors, and it is a hub to the rest of the country. It is located around the beautiful Roman Palace. However, it is mostly a suburb to the rest. If you are considering it as a typical Croatian coastal city, keep in mind there is nothing much to do here.

But it is still an excellent opportunity for you to book some day trips from Split to explore its nearest landmarks. You can have a scenic drive or thrilling outdoor experience along the coast, hike in the mountains, or check out a couple of closest islands on the speedboat. You will stay occupied with a lot of things to explore.

One can get along these locations alone or also book a tour guide who has proper knowledge about the sites. It is better to have a guide as they can organize the ideal boat trips from Split, manage the transportation, and guide the tour while giving a lot of insight into the history and local life of Croatia.

Split is still the best destination to prepare you for a lot of day trips along the southern coast. The perfect island day trips from Split cover a lot of national parks, islands, and nearby cities.

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Top Day Trips from Split, Croatia

top day trips from split croatia dubrovnik port


If you have been to Croatia, it is not believable that you haven’t visited Dubrovnik. It is known as the pearl of the Adriatic Sea and a must-visit destination on your day trips from Split, Croatia. The town of festivals and museums, the place of beautiful landscapes and mild Mediterranean climate: it is enough to confirm that it is indeed a paradise on Earth.

Though it is not recommended to stay here for a long time because of the high prices and crowd of tourists, you should still visit here. It is ideal to have a trip for one day here, so you can have enough time to discover the town before you feel suffocated and anxious by the hordes of tourists. Around twelve hours are enough with a professional tour guide for best day trips from Split.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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top day trips from split croatia plitvice lakes national park

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The Plitvice Lakes is the most popular national park in Croatia and is one of the serene sights in Europe. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its natural and peaceful diversity.

Plitvice Lakes includes various waterfalls and sixteen connected lakes covered by the dense greens. A lot of trails and wooden bridges are built over the calm water, awaiting you in Plitvice. You can explore the park by boat, tourist train, or a quick walk. It is recommended to wear walking shoes or comfortable sneakers. You may not be allowed to visit all areas in footwear like flip-flops.

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top day trips from split croatia hvar


The biggest town on Hvar Island, Croatian Madeira, Hvar, gets more sunshine than anywhere else in Croatia, i.e., 2725 hours each year. It is a small medieval town located between the azure Adriatic Sea and pine-covered slopes. One of the most expensive tourist destinations, Hvar, is not affordable to visit for everyone.

But if you are focused on this town only, you can book a speedboat for up to 80 Euros, which is often equal to a one-night stay in a lot of apartments and hotels here. Usually, day trips from Split to Hvar include a famous beach Palmizana and a small village Milna. It consists of a lot of time for sightseeing on the best beaches in Hvar.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Hvar, Croatia

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top day trips from split croatia brac


It is a large island located off the coast in the Adriatic Sea. Brac is similar to Hvar with pine, rolling hills, fig trees, clear water, and isolated bays. There are two large towns, Supetar and Bol, where you can catch a boat to Split, Catamaran, or Hvar Island.

There are a lot of sights to behold here. It is advised to get around Murvica village to visit Dragon’s Cave on the south of the island. You can reach the Hermitage of Blanca from Vidova Gora Mountain or Blaca Beach.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Brač, Croatia

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top day trips from split croatia marjan hill

Marjan Hill

Split is the second-largest city of Croatia, and Marjan is a hill on the peninsula. Marjan is well stretched around Mediterranean pine woods and is surrounded well by the sea and the city, making it a panoramic sight to behold. The hill of Marjan is overlooking the town and has always been an incredible part of Split. It is a harmony between urban and natural charm.

The hill offers complete tranquility and peace to the visitors, along with entertainment and recreation, trim trails, and natural pathways. You can witness Split in its full charm from here, and also experience another side of this touristy and densely populated city.

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top day trips from split croatia omis


Located on the Adriatic Coast in Dalmatia Island, Omis is a tourist-friendly city you can quickly reach by local taxi, car, bus transport, or trolley. You can rent a moped or bike from tourist agencies. Most people will find it easy to get around by visiting the medieval churches, Fortica and Fortress Mirabella, Velika Plaza and city harbor and museum.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Omiš,  Croatia

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top day trips from split croatia biokovo mountain


The second highest mountain in Croatia, Biokovo, is located along the Adriatic Sea coast of Dalmatia between the rivers of Neretva and Cetina. It is one in the Dinaric Alps islands along the Dalmatian Coast. The hilly area in Biokovo, Zabiokovlje, covers villages and towns like Zadvarje, Gornja Brela, Grabovac, and others.

It is based on some of the economic activities like hunting, grape growing, and cattle raising. A part of its area is located in the Biokovo Nature Park. The Visitor Center for the hikers in Biokovo Nature Park is situated in Makarska downtown.

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top day trips from split croatia klis fortress

Klis Fortress

Being one of the best shooting locations, Klis Fortress is the destination where Meereen, a fictional city, was shot for Game of Thrones. Hence, GoT fans can’t resist without visiting this Fortress. Here, history lovers can also get a more in-depth insight into Croatia. You can exclusively start your day trip to Klis Fortress from Split. Well, even if you haven’t seen a single episode of GoT, you will still love the fascinating views here.

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top day trips from split croatia krka national park

Krka National Park

Established in 1985, the Krka National Park is lined along the Krka River from the source in the foothills of Dinaric Hills on the short route along the magical landscape to its end near Sibenik in the Adriatic Sea. The river flows with eight sets of rapids through a limestone gorge.

Followed by the rush and mystic noise of the falls, be ready to feel the tranquil surroundings of Visovac. It is a small island located in the old Franciscan monastery, which was founded in the 16th century. It now houses manuscripts and books.

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top day trips from split croatia korcula old town


An island in the Adriatic Sea, Korcula, is placed near Dubrovnik in Southern Dalmatia. It has been known to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. It is an easternmost town on the island along with Vela Luka, 43 km in the west. It is also located in proximity to many small villages, including Cara, Blato, Pupnat, etc.

It is the most populated island on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. You can access cycling facilities with a lot of beautiful tracks. It receives very mild winter and all seasons are best for cycling here.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Korcula, Croatia

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top day trips from split croatia solta maslinica


This island is famous for producing the best quality wine, olive oil, and honey. It is located only 45-minute cruise from Split by ferry, with both afternoon and morning trips. You will be accompanied by a guide when arriving on this island in Rogac settlement, who will guide you to an exciting tour of local manufacturers of wine, honey, and oil.

You will love Solta when you ride through the unexploited nature of the island and feel the soothing fragrance of herbs and grass. You will find 1000 years old olive trees which have remained unchanged for generations.

Here, you can enjoy some of the traditionally made olive oil and learn the making process. Don’t miss the free lunch and taste local wine.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Solta Island, Croatia

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top day trips from split croatia salona


Located in the Roman province in the middle of the eastern Adriatic coast of Dalmatia, Salona is a pre-historic metropole. It was the capital of Dalmatia until the time when a lot of people migrated from here and left it abandoned.

You can take local bus 37 towards the town of Solin when passing from Trogir, Split, or Kastela and make your way with a quick walk. You can find plenty of signs here or stop someone to ask for directions. It has a well-preserved theater, amphitheater, cemetery, basilica, and a lot of Roman landmarks.

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top day trips from split croatia trogir


It is a historic harbor and town on the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea, with a population of only 13000 residents. It belongs to the greater Split area or conurbation with around 400,000 residents.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the incredible historic and best-preserved European towns. It is a great place to wander, and it has a lot of accommodation for tourists. It is undoubtedly a worth-while trip for the visitors.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Trogir, Croatia

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